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Why attempted control of The Net will trigger the Global Revolution.

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posted on Jun, 24 2011 @ 05:24 PM
"They" have utterly taken over the world.

There is nowhere left that "they" are not. Nowhere "they" do not control. This has truly become a prison planet.

To distract us from the theft of, well, everything - of the entire corporeal world and all our real freedoms in it - they gave us a toy. 'The Net'. This was intended to be primarily just another form of distraction and entertainment. We became addicted and by endlessly playing games, and watching porn, and buying crap, and updating our facebook status, we eased our gnawing pain and frustration - whether conscious or unconscious - at being slaves living lives we hated.

And so we were kept busy. Given another world, a virtual world, to distract us from the theft and destruction of the real world and the theft and destruction of our rights and freedoms. In that virtual world we could be who we wanted to be and indulge our fantasies and dull the pain with endless distraction. There, at least, we could feel relatively free.

Or so we thought.

The Net turned out to be more powerful and have more potential than many imagined. Of course it does. It's designed by humans, populated by humans. Now the Net has become a threat to the Masters of the Real world, the enemies of humanity. It threatens not only their real world control but perhaps the most important aspect of their control - their control of information, control of freedom of expression and so their control over our ability to think, to communicate, to orchestrate and to act. It turns out that freedom, even in a virtual world, is simply too threatening to the Masters of our planet. It terrifies them. And for good reason.

So they resolved to storm the virtual world and take control of the net, installing the same kind of controls in the virtual world as they had long ago installed in the real world.

Big mistake.

Virtual freedom was meant to be the painkiller to the agony of losing real freedom and opportunity, globally. OK, so we lived in toxically polluted concrete jungles, in decaying disjointed, violent, fearful societies, our family units were broken and dysfunctional, our jobs were meaningless and demeaning, we worked endlessly to pay taxes to support endless wars, we saw no hope for the future.....but at least we could go on the net and be free. This was our 'Second-life', and for many of us, without it, our real life would be intolerable, unbearable. Without this escape into relative freedom we would have to face the stark facts of the real world and our horrifying predicament as a slave species within it.

Woe betide anyone who tries to take full control of this world. The assault by the Masters of control on the net, which is coming, will trigger a backlash the like and scale of which they have never seen and could not anticipate.

Addicts can become extremely violent.

I believe this is our line in the sand as a species. The straw that breaks the camels back. This is the last bastion of relative freedom, the last frayed end of a rope that they have been pulling on for centuries, freedom slipping through our fingers. Our grip will tighten like never before, like iron, at that last precious inch. Desperation will see to that.

I can't wait for the assault on the Net to begin in earnest, because I believe that in doing that the Masters of Control will have signed their own death warrant and guaranteed the destruction of their system, the battle will spill out of the net into the real world, turbocharging revolutionary rage and action which is already rising worldwide, and this fight will be to the death - either the death of freedom or the death of the global systems of exploitation and control.

It's coming. I can feel it.
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