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Prank Lands NZ Teens in Trouble With Military

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posted on Aug, 9 2004 @ 08:55 PM
This is pretty funny. Does anyone know what the name of the web site these girls posted on is? I wonder if Waihopai base is part of the echelon listening system. Netchicken, are these your daughters?

Police will meet the girls' families tomorrow after the teenagers posted fake information about the spybase on a website about UFOs.

It is understood the girls set up the website as a joke, but authorities have stepped in to curb their internet antics and an evening stalking game that had begun to worry Waihopai staff.

Staff have previously called Blenheim police, complaining about cars following them home at night.

The website contained photos of the girls inside the spybase's roadside fence posing beside a Ministry of Defence sign warning against trespassing, and false theories about what goes on at the base.

When a parent rang police complaining about some of the information on the site, police visited the girls' parents. The girls removed the information and photos.

However, the site still features a $500 reward for information about a "mysterious van" that leaves the base every Friday at midnight and photos of the girls outside the base.

The vehicle is registered to the Government Communications Security Bureau.

The girls have not been charged but will tomorrow discuss their involvement in the website with police.

Located 30km southwest of Blenheim, Waihopai's two satellite interception dishes are said to intercept a huge volume of telexes, faxes, email and computer data communications.

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posted on Aug, 9 2004 @ 09:09 PM
Heh, that is a mark of success!
I can't find it anywhere, it may be a "free" site so not indexed in google...


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