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Canada Post Lock Out

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posted on Aug, 8 2011 @ 10:19 PM

Originally posted by Toadmund
See, the main problem here is that very few people are in a union, and those few people do seem to make way too much money and get rich benefits.

Face it, other people get jealous and hate them for that.

Everybody should be in a union, those who make fat bank in the current unions should have their pay cut, then everybody else being newly unionized should all get a pay raise so that everybody can have a modest living wage that keeps up with inflation.
The vacations and sick benefits are a good thing, Most of us work too long and hard anyway, we should all only need to work part time, not like 40+ hour a week slaves that leave one with 1 or 2 days off a week, the better part of you gets exhausted working all day. I hate it!

Yes, I am an advocate of more free time!

Anyway, if you unionize everybody in one country it will not work; why, because a lot of jobs need to compete with poverty wages and poor human rights with no benefits at all overseas, and if they can't work they get nothing at all.

Only a worldwide revolution and invasion of a benevolent alien power from space would make that (world unionization) happen, I'm ready, you, you benevolent alien people you.

People hate unions when they are not in one.
Everybody should be, hell, It's my labour that I am selling is it not? What if everyone demanded a fair price for that?!
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Awesome idea. Everybody works for the same union, gets the same hours, and earns the same pay.
All members get equal pay, regardless of skill or work ethic. But why stop there? Why not have everybody wear the same clothes, stand in line for the same asswipe, ride the same bus to the same job, and live in the same apartment complex? Thanks but no thanks.

In unions the members all get the same pay regardless of skill or work ethic.
In unions, an employee who excels at his job cannot negotiate his own raise.
In unions an employee can get away with inferior work ethic with little or no threat to his employment status.

If you want a job with fewer hours, go get one. The description you gave above reminds me of a socialist country where individualism is being completely erased.

I like my freedom. I like the fact that I can obtain employment and earn a wage based on my abilities and not one that a union board of directors agreed to. I like the idea that if I excel at my job I earn the right to higher pay than my co-workers. Finally, I like working where there is diversity.
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