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What's the best way to astral project ??

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posted on Sep, 29 2004 @ 07:47 PM

Originally posted by DaTruth
I think the easist way to AP/OBE is through lucid dreaming. This has been the only way I have had OBE's. Mine have only lasted for a few sec but I can tell you there is a diffrence between dreaming and OBE's in the past year i have had 4 all in the same manner.

I think this is an easier method..It is a "way out". Like another pathway..kind of a short cut...I found this out when it happened to me..I have gotten out a few times thru this method and you can just "be" somewhere instead of trying to fly there once you have projected...

I was in my reocurring dream that I ve had for 15 years..I m lucky for this, because it is a familiar trigger to tell me I am dreaming ( I dont always know, but about 1/2 the time). I exited The dream "neighborhood" and simply projected from this state. Truly amazing and incredibly easy and lacking concentration...No vibrations. The vibrations are very uncomfortable for me, like my whole body is waking up, you know, pins and needles and it feels like a damn seizure.- But this method had no discomfort.

I had a very quick one the other night with this method, it was pretty cool...I forcefully shot myself "out" from a lucid dream and I was like a rocket..The speed scared me and I woke. I was about two feet over the river going I dont know how fast. so cool man

posted on Oct, 6 2004 @ 01:40 AM

Originally posted by acidhead

your quote about being able to run marathons actually backs my post up and goes against yours. once 1 person proved he could run the 25 miles then everyone wanted to have ago and guess what - they do - they have marathons all over the world with 1000's of people all running them
maybe im just missing groups of people floating around past my window at night.

The majority of the time when I mention I have run a marathon, people think I'm insane or lying. There are very few people that would say "Ah, cool, I did one two years ago," or something to that effect.

If you told someone in 1904 that you've run a marathon, they would not even know what you're talking about. If they saw you running down the road training for the marathon, they'd think you're mentally defective.

Average people in 2004 consider Astral Projection to be the product of mental defectives. But if you have an interest in it, go to this site:

There are very good instructions there.

posted on Oct, 6 2004 @ 07:20 PM
I thought it was bogus too...but I have to say, once you do it...You are a believer...It takes incredible concentration and at other times it has been spontaneous...I cant blame anyone for not believing because I certainly did not believe..';.....That is until my first AP which was spontaneous...I eventually passed it off as some type of seizure because it began with sleep parylysis night after night ....I went through the time after saying, "that must of been an out of body experience" to "it had to be some incredible hallucination", to "Im just over tired" to "it never happened at all"...I was in denial because I did not believ in such things..Then I spoke to a medical doctor...Since then I have had many such experiences thru meditation and self awareness training..

I have a degree in mathmatics and science and am not religious at all...I have sought throughout my life evidence of the paranormal and was still able to pass 99.9 experiences as scientifically explainable...I believe that Astral projection will be scientifically explained..but in time.

posted on Oct, 8 2004 @ 02:04 AM
Just because "Science" doesn't acknowledge something doesn't mean it isn't real.

In truth, to demand that Science recognize something before accepting its existence is to limit one's thought in the most tragic of ways.

Science is a wonderful pursuit, but a terrible religion.

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