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Two men arrested for plot to attack Seattle military recruitment center

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posted on Jun, 24 2011 @ 06:14 PM
reply to post by violence=answer

lolol wheres the crime?
what did they actually do?

It is illegal to attempt murder.

"But they didn't actually attempt it."

Well - I suppose we could have just let them pull the trigger and fire blanks. Or we could just wait until people like this go on killing sprees before we allow our law enforcement systems to act.

What if they had shot a few times before being brought down - and missed everyone with those shots? They didn't hurt anyone - the most they did was damage some property. Is that all they should be charged with - destruction of government property?

plot? talk? wrtie? think?

I really don't like your type of person. To be blunt - had I access to the right networks, enough time to plot and talk it over with accomplices - I'd simply eliminate a large chunk of people ideologically incompatible with myself.

Do you want the cops to come get me before I start shooting up your home, or after?

Before you start pulling out your e-peen; I am an expert marksman with precision and assault rifles, as well as small arms (documented in my service record). You'll be dead before you know you're under attack. It's an assassination/extermination - not a sadistic display for amusement that is the basis behind many murders.

I'm fairly certain you will try and make the assertion that you can handle yourself - but that's really not the issue. Like I said - my goal wouldn't be to appeal to an inferiority complex. It would be to eradicate you - I'd hit you while you're at the drive through, set your house on fire and take you down while you're running out with your kid, slip nightshade extract into one of your drinks. I don't want you to fear me - I want you dead.

Would you like me to be prosecuted for the crime, or the intent to commit that crime?

At some point - you have to blur the line between black and white with a bit of gray. While, ideally, we could prosecute people only for the crimes committed - it is a rare opportunity in law enforcement where a crime can be -prevented-. Again, ideally - law enforcement could interrupt the crime and prevent it from happening - and the crime would simply evaporate. .... But not in reality - the persons with the intent -and means- to commit such a crime still roam free unless apprehended and sentenced. But then we are stepping into prosecuting people without their actually committing a crime (aside from ones involving conspiracy to murder and other such things).

And what it boils down to is this:

"9/11 was a false-flag! How else could terrorists get through our security!?"

"The underwear bomber, New York Bomber, Recruiting-center shooters, etc are all false-flag! How did the FBI KNOW these guys were going to do what they did!?"

So - really, the people of that mentality can go get bent in hell. Anything and everything is justification for the notion that it's a "false-flag" operation. I'd rather the asshats that plot this sort of crap get arrested and publicly executed for preparing, with full intent, to take a massive # on everyone else.

*NOTE: While I do disagree with a number of people here, and do get quite frustrated at times - my "plot-to-exterminate" was for rhetorical purposes, only. Killing people the right way takes more time and money than it is often worth, considering the risk. Honestly, I'd rather spend my time on here telling people they are stupid.

posted on Jun, 25 2011 @ 01:53 PM
reply to post by HomerinNC

I posted this story a full 24 hours before the link you provided...

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