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FTC to subpoena Google in antitrust probe

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posted on Jun, 23 2011 @ 02:20 PM

NEW YORK — Google is about to receive the civil equivalent of a subpoena from the U.S. Federal Trade Commission as part of a probe into the Web giant's Internet search business, the Wall Street Journal reported on Thursday, citing people familiar with the matter.

The company, which dominates the U.S. and global markets for search advertising, has been accused by competitors of favoring its own services over rivals in its search results.

Ya know, As much as I hate the fact that Google censors search results all the time when it comes to information, I have to remember that it is a business. Should we sue McDonalds for not advertising Burger King? I mean come on. Yes it is a search engine but it does have its investors and they are legally liable to make them money. They cant do that by advertising Bing or Yahoo.

What do you think?

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