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Have you ever seen a alien with your own eye,have you ever seen a ufo?Whats your story?

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posted on Jun, 23 2011 @ 12:54 PM
If you ever seen a ufo,alien,ect... Say your story here.
The first time i saw a ufo i was 6 years old.It was night time and i remember look outside the car window looking at the sky.We were listening to the radio but then the noise turned into static for a few seconds then back to normal.Then out side in the sky i remember seeing a black triangle.It was Huge from where i saw it but i couldnt tell the size.I told my parents and they looked out the window.They saw it and grabbed the camera as fast as they could but it zoomed away.

Not much but that was just the first time i seen one.Whats your story?

posted on Jun, 23 2011 @ 12:58 PM
I saw a TR-3B up close and personal 3 years ago. It stopped on a dime right above me for a few seconds. Had 3 different colored lights in each corner of the triangle shape and a ball lightning type of plasma energy in the center of it. It was very cool!
They are 100% real, but I suspect they are our toys not alien.

posted on Jun, 23 2011 @ 01:28 PM
I've had a couple of sightings but one i had a couple of years ago stands out as a definat UFO...

Me and a few friends were just chilling at my flat when i happened to look out the window to see a oval bright orange light slowly moving towards us. I got my friends attention and got them to have a look, but to my surprise, they couldnt see it! Or were just ignoring it, i dont know.

This object was now starting to move over my house and out of sight from where i was watching it at the window, so i ran downstairs and outside to get a better look. It definately was not a plane as it was way to low, and it was not a lantern, superman or some kind of radioactive bird. It just slowly moved away until it was gone.

The next day, i couldnt understand how my friends couldnt see this object as it was blatently visible against the night sky. It felt weird, like it hadnt happened almost. Really hard to describe the feeling but anyway, the pic below is the best i could find that depicts what i saw (very accurately)

This gets me thinking that maby sometimes, ufos are only visible to believers or people who have been looking for them, i know i had been and still am. Anybody else?


posted on Jun, 23 2011 @ 01:49 PM
When I was about 12 years old was the first and only time I have seen a UFO, I have never seen an alien. It was probably about 10pm and I always had problems falling asleep, and my bed was right beside the window so I used to do alot of stargazing. The UFO I observed was flat and triangle shaped like many have reported, but very different in appearance. It was flying fairly low, enough so I could see a metallic texture to the craft. Every surface was rounded off. Its general color was like an orange/peach. In each corner was three white round lights that were fairly large in proportion to its total size. I have no idea if it was a government project or off-world, but it definitely changed my perception of the world around me.

posted on Jun, 23 2011 @ 01:53 PM
Yes. Both crafts and two different ways, one direct, of seeing them. When you're an experiencer, and most of this occurs, night time,sleep time, slices of memory, though the beginning can often be tangible, in that your covers move, its still not the same, as directly seeing one. Twice I've directly seen them, but the first is at 4, so that memory itself has faded. But again, prior to having the masked dream of aduction for the family, during which my son experienced a jolt and what he only could describe as, it feels like I was just dropped off, when I awoke at 1 17 am, and he has had missing time episodes too in the past. This happened after opening the glass sliding doors face to face with what could only be called a grey, but not your normal grey. I had asked numerously for them to just come to the door, for more natural encounter, so to speak, and yet was always really concerned with how I would react. So it was almost like a gift, and my reaction was a mixture of fascination and worry, deep worry.

These weren't the black op ones, this was ET. Some of the other beings, the other way, its not as tangible, yet I've had them reveal they're there, while a checkup is taking place, in which you're meditation is hijacked, or rest time, even in the daytime, and once in the bath, suddenly a physical examination is taking place, but things are offf. You may feel like you're on a cold hard surface, instead of your soft warm bed with covers, and its surreal. And initially, you had sensed a craft was overhead, for I can sense of that.

Yet, during those exams, I've had whoever was guarding the technician, flash down what looked a viser, and appear, partly there, while communicating, telepathically. I have no idea, who those ones are.

We saw many crafts, some in my childhood, but then with my children, roughly 3 years ago, for 1 1/2 years. They only curtailed off, when I finally started to trust what was happening and the contact. Every time something would happen, I would know it was real while still shrugging it off, and simply wasn't convinced enough, it was so odd, and when I shrugged it off, rejecting it in my core somehow, then the crafts would show up with a greeting. My oldest son witnessed them. When that acceptance finally happened, that part seemed to be unnecessary.

Going back to the grey at my door. This was end of May 2010. That morning I had the kind of telepathic contact, that I would shrug off. Quite a prolonged one, and a kind of assignment given, and with all the earth changes and plans that the shadow government was carrying out, I didn't see how there would any time to do this, it would take years to polish up my art skills again, its been put off for the 5 boys, and it takes a quiet home to feel creative, so much was put on hold after the last 2 boys were born.

So, I had kept asking, is there time, all day long? Then in the evening, I opened the glass sliding doors, and a muted, deep dusky rose colored grey, the same height as my 9 year old son was there. Not typical for a grey, a much finer,narrower head, long and narrow, in fact alot like my sons head shape, though slighly rounded top and bald. Very very delicate features. The eyes were like a lense, like he was wearing shades, but not as huge as the ones online.

His body, was almost twig like, slighly more fleshed out than a twig, so beyond thin. And again, very delicate, but, kind of different, wirey, impression of superhuman strength. He was there for a couple seconds, not even 2 feet in front of me, then he did a rapid twist leap the side and vanished.

The way he moved, surreal and elongated, as if his limbs flowed like liquid mercury, is not really describable and we can't do those moves.

I've had shadows like that here at this current address, in our back yard as well, and tried to stay up all night, worried. But there is no point to this, they can access us anywhere, and keeping high frequency, unconditional love and peace, is what really helped me, no longer have 3 X a week or so, of being messed with, and seemed to turn the channel to more positive and even quantum experiences.

For example, that night, in this surreal dream of the abductions, 3 members of the family where abducted, including my son who thought he was dropped off. My oldest and I were outside, my oldest, a skeptic, saying he didn 't those crafts in the sky were ufo's until one unusual one flew by, and landed.

He quickly ran aboard. In my dream I was shaking my fists at the skies saying, Bring back my family now! When my son ran aboard, I cautiously approached the craft, now worried about how to get him out.

The craft was see through top. A blond woman, very tall, came out, she was one of 4 identical clones. She said, "You might as well come on board and fill out a questionaire, it will only take 15 minutes"

I was seated at a huge circular table with the 4 on both sides and my son opposite. The first question asked, what was the date of the first time you knew for certain you'd seen a craft or ufo.

I looked across at my son, and said, this must be your first. He asked me for the date. I looked at the woman to my left, and she shrugged as if, they don't do time (time is a measurment and in Infinite Energy, Infinite Void, does not exist.) Everything is at once, unfolding in the now, no time.

She then said this, "I will tell you this, This Day Took 9 Days To Complete". Groundhog Day?

Perception, Higher Ups have the remotes we don't.

And my question asked all day after the contact in the morning, was answered. We have the time to help others, and shine our lights and use our gifts.

I just want to add this: In my dream,when my second oldest son, 19, and my brother and father were dropped off, it was like they landed on the ground with a jolt from the sky, when my oldest son and I were aboard the craft, but I could see them.

They were wearing blue uniforms, almost like a mechanics outfit, navy, and brushing off this dusty rust color grit, dirt, it was all over them. Just shaking it off.

Lou Baldin/Sleeper has told someone else, who had shared an experience/abduction with us, that his case sounded like the Salt Mines,so that is not going to happen with my son. I say Not On My Watch!
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posted on Jun, 23 2011 @ 01:57 PM
I don't remember ever seeing a UFO in person, but a lot of people in my family claim that they have seen them... going all the way back to the 1940's when I guess there were a lot of sightings of a "cigar-shaped" craft, rather than a "flying saucer".

I've always been really fascinated with ANYTHING paranormal, ever since I can remember. But as far as seeing anything alien or UFO goes, I've only ever seen them in dreams... it's just really weird; I have however had several experiences with "ghosts" and "demons", mainly as a child... but a few of them happened with other people around - it wasn't just me experiencing the same things.

All of these things happening to me in my past is pretty much why I still bother reading up on this kind of thing despite the fact that I'm 30 years old. There's just too much out there that we have no idea about, to simply ignore it all.

posted on Jun, 23 2011 @ 02:27 PM
I have never seen an ET that I'm aware of (outside tv, that is)
But, I DID see a UFO, in plain daylight, a perfectly pitch black circle zipping around, stopping in mid-air and then "hitting the gas" and going away in a few seconds... It's not much, but from my perspective it was all I needed to confirm my suspicions that something was/is going on.
I don't know if it is an alien transport or a man-made machine, there's no way to know that.
But I know that what I've seen blew my freakin mind away...

Nice post!

posted on Jun, 23 2011 @ 02:28 PM
In 1989 I was cooking with the kitchen door open. When I turned around to get something out of the fridge I saw a large object hovering over the back yard. I ran and got my mother-in-law who was there at the time and asked her if I was crazy or did she see it too. She did, and we went outside. The UFO was hovering soundlessly about 100 feet over our heads. We stood directly under it. It was HUGE, appx. 150-200 feet long and shaped like the skinniest football you ever saw. It was a dark gun metal gray in color and matte not shiney. It didn't make a sound. We stood underneath and could see no openings or seams of any kind. No markings or windows either.

We stood there looking up at it for what seemed like a short period of time, say 15-20 minutes. Then it just disappeared! I mean blink and GONE! We looked all over the sky and then out of the blue it blinked into appearance over the tree line appx. 5 miles away! Iasked my then mother-in-law if we should call the police or something and she said no- they will just laugh and call us crazy.

I'm not saying this was aliens- didn't see any. All I know is that I never saw anything like it before or since that day; and yes, it was daytime. Funny thing is what seemed like 15-20 minutes actually turned out to be over an hour when we finally went inside and looked at a clock. And no, we didn't have a camera onhand and there were no cell phones or digital recorders. I suppose we could have run in and dug around for an old camera but neither of us wanted to move. We were afraid it might do something and that we would miss out on something!

You can believe it or not, but that's my story. Only people I've ever told before now are my closest friends and family. Before that day I always thought UFOs were fiction for books and movies. Now I keep my eyes to the sky!

posted on Jun, 23 2011 @ 02:51 PM
reply to post by 3raser

back in 2008, as every night, my dog needed to go to the bathroom before 9pm nighty time.

i looked at the sky and saw part of a huge black triangle, only one corner could be seen, being partially hidden by clouds.

i looked away not wanting to believe what i was seeing.

it was too big, moved too slowly, made no sense.

then i looked up, and it was still there, had many rows of "windows?", reminded me of an ocean cruise ship.

it seemed to me to be just too big to be real, but it was there.

posted on Jun, 23 2011 @ 03:02 PM
in december of 2009 ,i was walking into a department store...out of the corner of my eye ,about 1500 feet up was a gray disk wobbling really was about 40 feet in diameter....after about a minute it disappeared then re appeared with a cloud around it...the cloud went away like steam....still wobbling for another minute, then some sort of cloaking took place ....this is hard to explain......dont know how to put this......if the sky was a sliding closed with the disk on the other looked like they were having problems with cloaking because it half disappeared then re appeared then it was like the door shut and it was gone

posted on Jun, 23 2011 @ 03:14 PM
I've seen three UFOS.

I've been plagued by sleep disorders all my life, including the hyperreal abduction thing, but i dont think its real in the same way a dog is real or a tree is real.

The most intense time was when i found myself in that place, no short term memory don't remember before this point, just after having sex with some girl and just sort of looking at my body and paying attention to all sensations and and thinking of how real everything seemed and suddenly having this overwhelming sence of "why don't i EVER remember this?" as if it had happened 10,000 times, that was the most intense part. Standing in this hyper-real indescribable room with the taller ones watching me, just like "WHY don't i ever remember this" everything right down to fine sensory perception realer than real, it was really weird.

The most recent one was i "awoke" to see a childlike grey type thing peeking out from behind my bookcase and i had the normal shock horror fear thing going on but then i telepathically sent "it" all the feelings of love and affection i had and he got so happy! I then asked it a moral question and it switched from me staring at him in the reality of my room to a dreamy courtroom, him in a judges wig on the bench and me where the defendant would be and he slammed a gavel down. It made a very loud noise but as it struck the top popped off and confetti and streamers and glitter flew out of the top. He thought this was very very funny, and it was funny but not as funny as he thought it was. After that something happened, i don't know what. My sensory perception of the something was being an evolving fractal creature made of light traveling down a tube is the best way i can describe it, that was intense too. I have no memory of what came next only a feeling that something more happened.

I've got more like that but i think those two are the ones i think about the most, really wild and almost unexplained experience but i don't at all believe in it's authenticity, even though it seems so authentic and real.

posted on Jun, 23 2011 @ 03:33 PM
The first time I ever saw one I was about seven or eight years old. I was over my grandmothers house playing in the sandbox(a childhood activity now given way to xboxs and nintnedo ds' it seems) as I often did, though usually I would be with my sisters. That time I was playing by myself, happily making a little castle with a pail and shovel squatting over my future kingdom when for no reason I know of I just had a compulsion to look directly above me.

When I did I witnessed a circular (i.e.,saucer) shaped craft fly directly over me. I watched it fly off and over the buildings out of view for about 3 seconds, then just went back to playing like there was nothing out of the ordinary about such a thing. Why I still remember that I have no idea but I do know that it was the first time I can recall ever seeing one.

Since then, on and off throughout my life and particularly within the last three years, I have seen many others.
These last few years in particular most likely since, as a night guard at an office build, I do a lot more stargazing now while stepping out for a smoke. That's probably the best part of my job now. I have seen long cylindrical craft lit up at both ends. I have seen many of the innocuous lights that are so common these days. I have seen what I thought were stars suddenly take off across the sky after staring at them a bit. I have even "played" with some as I would flash my flashlight at some and they would flash back at me.

For me, the sky, especially the night sky, holds a lot of wonder and beauty. I get a rush when I witness these unexplained lights in the air. I still, even as an adult, marvel at jetliners flying across the sky that we can do such a thing. I excite when I witness an iridium flare blaze into view. I smile while I watch the lazy journey of satellites or the ISS trek along it's path.

My favorite show to watch at night are the meteorites, particularly during a meteor shower. I've seen more shooting stars in the last three years than I have seen in my life prior. The coolest one I have witnessed, during one of the geminids or leonids I'm not certain, was one that burned so bright and large I would have expected to hear it boom. The best thing about that particular meteorite was it's color. Aside from being one of the largest ones I've ever seen, it was the first and only one I've ever seen burn green. I'll remember that shooting star as well as I remember my first ufo sighting I'm sure.

posted on Jun, 23 2011 @ 03:35 PM
I saw UFO's 3 times. Once as a child the Warminister, PA Air Force base was overflown by UFOs. The whole base was put on alert. Everybody for miles around saw them. Twice I saw a UFO parked on a medial strip. One was small and 2 cars were parked at the side of the road. No people or aliens in sight. The second one filled the strip and was seen by thousands of people. It was on I.95 near Philadelphia during rush hour. News helicopters overhead and bumper to bumper trafic.

The alien I saw was golden. He looked like perfect human with golden brown hair and wore clothes (brown pants and yellowish shirt) that seemed to glow. I heard him talk to me but my daughter standing next to me never heard him say a word. He had a yellow car that looked as if you could put your hand through it. He and his car just disapeared. As soon as I saw him I thought, "This is an angel."

posted on Jun, 23 2011 @ 04:24 PM
I am one of the few who have seen a rare box shaped UFO at daylight.

Here's the thread about my experience with am impression I made from what I've seen when I was a kid.

Never seen flying discs or lights in the sky though.

The downside of this experience is that all other UFO's now seem mundane.

And I hope one time a video of something similar pops up.

posted on Jun, 23 2011 @ 06:12 PM
I saw a black triangle when I was around ten years old, I was riding with a relative on the interstate leaving Charleston WV, as we got further out of the city I looked out the window and saw a black triangular object floating between the mountains. It was at night and you could see a dark outline of the craft against the sky. It had a bright white light on each corner with three small red lights going down the center towards the leading point of the triangle. That is the only one that I have ever seen and the very thing that sparked my curiosity for the subject.

posted on Jun, 24 2011 @ 03:06 AM

Originally posted by iksose7
This gets me thinking that maby sometimes, ufos are only visible to believers or people who have been looking for them, i know i had been and still am.

Sometimes people just see things that aren't there.
So many alien/UFO stories are based on different sorts of tricks the brain/mind does to ya, some are lies and others are misinterpretations, some are possibly some secret(??) military project and some, possibly, could maybe, in a freaky wild theory, be aliens from another planet.

posted on Jun, 24 2011 @ 03:10 AM
I didn't see any alien.But I have seen a UFO at about 3am in the morning.
It appeared to be a light which was dot shaped and was moving steadily.


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