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How to help stop the crazy Police in America

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posted on Jun, 23 2011 @ 10:53 AM
Day after day, police video after police video you see some police officer breaking the law.

I read a post that made me think and ask my friends and found the following. First the post I read was someone was making fun of the person that called 911 on the police. Which I think is the right thing to do but I do think you need to do the following.

When on the phone with 911 stay on the phone tell the person the badge number of the office and you’re afraid for your life. You want his boss called and tell 911 he is breaking the law not you. If you can get it on speaker phone its better because you will get the officers words to use in court.

The reason you use 911 is because in the system its one set over the officer when you get to court. But the bigger reason is it pisses off the officer that your calling him out he will go mad and show he is unfit to be a police officer.

Remember if you don’t stay calm this will back fire. The reason I know this works is because friends of mine have used it. The police officers got in so much trouble in one of them that they gave them a ride home from the bar instead of jail (long funny story with the office computer in the car being used for porn).

Hope it helps someone.


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