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I had an "enhanced" TSA pat-down, and I cried..

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posted on Jun, 23 2011 @ 01:43 PM

Originally posted by ofhumandescent
reply to post by StevenDye

Right and I guess you would have been one of the corpses saying, go ahead matey load my bod into the oven, you are just doing your job.
Do not go down without fighting folks.....................stop being compliant sheep.

Too many of you are lined up (traitors) and teaching your children this is now acceptable.


Sorry but, this is a million miles away from the situation you are describing. Nobody is being hurt or tagged or moved or marked or refused entry or ANYthing. I set off a metal detector so I am being searched to see why.

I would not stand to see my child strip searched for such an occurrance because it is not needed, a pat down search IS, they need to find why I set off the alarm and I knew that would be the case if I set it off when I bought my ticket. If I had been 'groped' I would have complained but I was not, my crotch was quickly searched just liked every other part of my body, just like normal. If you don't like that search then don't fly.

Now that is not to say that many TSA and other security agencies don't abuse their power, but in my case and the case on the OP this does not seem the case.

Don't try and assume what I would do in a situation based on what I did in a situation that is entirely different.

posted on Jun, 23 2011 @ 01:48 PM
I understand that some patdown scenarios can be tough or embarrassing for some, but I think, not to be rude, that your response was too great in regard to the situation. You set off the detector, and for all they know you could be lying about the plate in your leg. The whole contact with your children scenario was a bit too much in my opinion, but it does seem as if the agent was respectful and just doing her job.

I understand why you were crying, since you explained your situation, but the agent probably thought you were insane, lol. But everything is okay now, and that is the important thing. I feel bad for you, but the situation could have went way worse.

posted on Jun, 23 2011 @ 02:00 PM

Originally posted by MConnalley
I respect that you did not enjoy this, but i do believe that you had exaggerated the perception of what was happening, a 9 year old is capable of holding a child down if asked to do so, no contingencies were met by you to keep what had happened from happening ( by that I only mean your child touching you, not the metal plates). You were even asked if you needed a private room, you could've started a conversation with the woman who was patting you down while it was happening and had found her possibly quite personable. things could have gone in a very positive way despite the the negativity that is the TSA conspiracy.
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Agree with this.
Mountain out of a mole hill. Also it might be worth bearing in mind if you start crying for no apparent reason, then you are going to look suspicious, hence you are starting a vicious circle.
My advice would be not to spend so much time and place so much credence on what you read on a conspiracy website. Certainly not to the extent that you are worrying about something weeks in advance and prone to cry just because you set a metal detector alarm off and understandably need searching.

However having said this, on a more general note, slippery slope and erosion of personal freedom still applies.

posted on Jun, 23 2011 @ 02:32 PM
See if the government can herd people like cattle, feel them up, that's a psychological weapon who's design in my opinion, is to constrain the invididual from realizing their highest potential, power and freedom. Best to keep the people in line as cattle, lest they realize that they are all to a one, God's in the making. Too hard to manage a nation of fully self realized God-people I suppose, so this kind of thing is the answer, not for protection, but to foster INsecurity in the masses who are in need of Government "daddy's" protection, and where needed, disciplinary action.

It's about power and control moreso than "security" and on that score, the Bush-Cheney administration were complicit (highly so) in the 9/11 event.

posted on Jun, 23 2011 @ 02:50 PM
I am sorry to hear this upset you so much.
I have seen many TSA videos online, and they do tend to slightly cross lines, especially with children.

That said, I really think you are over reacting here, I mean , really, CRYING?

Would you rather people bring bombs on planes? TSA is MEANT to help, I know I know, they grope children, but if you were a terrorist, would you try to smuggle explosives on children? Children are NOT exempt from regulations when lives are at stake.

Another thing I have noticed in my life, if you have nothing to worry about, or if you have done nothing wrong, usually these types of things would not drive someone to tears. This scenario seems to be just hate mongering. Albeit, the part about your baby touching you seems over the top. I would say, stay inside, dont watch the news, you might end up getting upset

posted on Jun, 23 2011 @ 03:01 PM
Wow, you most recent posters are really off the mark in your judgment's of me. I will let it slide because you are basing it solely on an account that I wrote about and described on a conspiracy website.
That being said I don't feel the need to explain all the situation's I have been in and what I have dealt with to prove that I am a tough individual.
I cried because it is a break down of the nation that I love, my home, my country, that I believe in!! This is a regression to a country where we no longer have any liberties! If you think the rub downs aren't invasive, then spend some time looking at pictures online, look at people's faces and they're reaction. Then look at those people's faces and tell me if you see a terrorist.
It's ridiculous that so many people are replying that I asked for it with my crying and showing my scar. I NEVER SHOWED MY SCAR. All I said was that it was obvious that it was there after she asked why I was alerting to the lower left extremity.

posted on Jun, 23 2011 @ 03:05 PM
TSA changes pat-down procedures on kids

Why do you think that is? Too many complaints? It's too invasive? It's borderline sexual molestation????

posted on Jun, 23 2011 @ 03:40 PM
This is just absolutely horrible. WTF has this country come to? If ANYBODY thinks this has anything to do with terrorists, they are just naive. This is Big Brother reigning in the masses, plain and simple. They are getting us accustomed to the upcoming police state and martial law.

It is clear and obvious the path that has been made. It all started with 9/11 and the patriot act. It proceeded with the adoption of the term, "enemy combatant". It sunk even further with the passage of laws that allow the "authorities" to detain "enemy combatants" indefinitely, with no formal charges being filed and no Miranda rights, suspending habeas corpus. Finally, they passed a law allowing for the assassination of suspected terrorist.

This all explains why the authorities have refused to profile. They didn't want to draw a distinction between normal, law-abiding citizens and the real terrorists. This is a perfect example of that; we all know that it is the Islamic extremists that use children as suicide bombers, but they are treating WASPs, law-abiding citizens the same as they would treat a far more likely threat. This political correctness isn't an accident and it's not to protect the feelings of Muslims; it's to open the door for the kind of treatment you are now seeing perpetrated against Americans.

I love this country and I have always respected authority. I've always believed, "If you haven't broken any laws, then you have nothing to worry about", but not any longer. I despised what our "protectors" have turned into. I despise the egotistical power-mongers and control freaks. We have law abiding citizens being treated like terrorists every single day, en masse at our airports and even on the streets and in their own yards. Cops now claim to be "threatened" by somebody with a video camera. Well, how about this, pigs, if you're not doing anything wrong, then you have nothing to worry about.

posted on Jun, 23 2011 @ 05:11 PM
I think the elite are desperate to maintain status quo in the face of what Tillhard de Chardin called Omega Point, which would represent the undoing of their centers of power at all levels. Their behavior on everything from 9/11 to present day abuses of power strongly suggest that this is the case. It's not just about money, but power and influence, and what we are dealing with, is a psychological war, nothing less. Ironically, those same elite are not as smart or as aware as many of us, and this too probably scares them and makes them want to assert control over whatever temporal power levers are left to them.

I think they fear the coming of age of the human being as a historical causal agent of change, at all levels.

Our "job" then, isn't to oppose them in kind, at their level, but to continue in our increasing ascent to ever higher levels of conscious awareness while uplifting our fellow man, and overtake them in the sphere of the psyche, which is the domain within which and through which this war is being waged.

So while they are trying to dumb us down, we will smarten UP, and then at some point, we will take back all those levers of power, and harness all our energies, at all levels, for the sake of Freedom, Life, Liberty and the Pursuit (realization) of Happiness, and then "they" will discover in themselves a degenerative and corrupt principal brought to light at every angle, and wherever they turn, and then their power pyramid will slide directly into the abyss.

Remember, it's a battle of the "mindsphere" of the psyche, in pursuit of domination over the emerging noosphere of mankind as a global phenomenon, that's what's REALLY going on behind the scenes imho, and all these things are only symptoms or signs which betray the true M.O. of the so-called elite (degenerates is more like it).

Nail, hammer - BING!

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posted on Jun, 23 2011 @ 05:21 PM
Can't help it, I have to say, there are a lot of idiots, assholes, dumbasses, and just plain fkd ppl posting negative blame the victim sh*T.

From how I interpreted the story, the TSA guys sounded like cucumbers. I'm surprised they didn't yell out "shoot the moon!"

I hope the one who had the cojones to share her private story (on a heckling forum) does not need to fly at all anymore. Lucky for me I don't need to fly. And I sure as hell have no need or want to fly to the states for fear of being called child soldier terrorist just cause I think a situation like that is redonkulous.

ps. seriously guys... you see a scar on a moms leg and first thing you think is "ooooh fk me she has a bomb in there, she did surgery on herself! Shoot the moon!"

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posted on Jun, 23 2011 @ 05:29 PM
The sad reality is that we allow this to happen. This is the nation of John Wayne, George Patton and Muhammad Ali. We should tolerate none of this. Have the Men of this nation lost all back bone. When are we going to stand as our Grandfather would have and make this stop? There will come a time. We are not theirs yet. They simply have the allusion of control. We are still Americans and the blood of our forefathers is still there.

posted on Jun, 23 2011 @ 05:53 PM
reply to post by dl2one

And to top it off, the idiots are braindead and spiritually dead if they cannot recognize in her writing and sharing what an awesome person (and American) she is. Their responses and reactions ought to serve as a mirror to them. Compared to her, well, I don't want to move to the negative, but she's just awesome, what a wonderful human being!

posted on Jun, 23 2011 @ 05:57 PM
These "feel-ups" are very wrong.

But there is nothing you can do about it. The government does not listen to what the people want. No matter who gets in it is "same old, same old".

The only thing you can do is to NOT fly.

Other than that, have fun with it!

I never fly but if I did I would embarrass the hell out the those damn TSA idiots.

Try moaning and saying things like, "A little more to the left.", "Was it good for you?", or "Can I go through again?"

posted on Jun, 23 2011 @ 05:59 PM
I just look at the ceiling, roll my eyes, then when it's over push it out of my mind like it never happened.
Yep. I'm a big girl.

posted on Jun, 23 2011 @ 06:34 PM

Originally posted by Anonymous Avatar
reply to post by MConnalley

I respect that you did not enjoy this, but i do believe that you had exaggerated the perception of what was happening, a 9 year old is capable of holding a child down if asked to do so, no contingencies were met by you to keep what had happened from happening ( by that I only mean your child touching you, not the metal plates). You were even asked if you needed a private room, you could've started a conversation with the woman who was patting you down while it was happening and had found her possibly quite personable. things could have gone in a very positive way despite the the negativity that is the TSA conspiracy.

WTH does that have to do with the Government sexually assaulting people and violating the 4th amendment of U.S. citizens?

Not a thing, not one bloody thing, it's distractive elements within a statement, it's political speak.
It's oatmeal passed thru a colon, loose in substance and integrity.
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posted on Jun, 23 2011 @ 06:43 PM

Originally posted by The Baby Seal Club
It's interesting to see the number of people on this thread that think it should be ok for government employees to violate a person's 4th amendment rights.
These same people will also be in agreement with cops being able to pull you over and drag you out of your car and pat you down because they want to.

"Your papers please Comrade".

Sorry for what you went through Christine76. The best advice I can give you is to remember this when it comes time to vote, and find out which of your congressional candidates support this and then vote them out.

I don't believe anyone feels it's right for the government to be doing this, but what people have been commenting on is the OP being surprised and shocked to the point of tears over something she knew would happen, and then commenting on it in such a lengthy manner.

Granted, everyone loves to complain. It's human nature (even the self-proclaimed optimists love it). And just about everyone I've ever met these days has that special "issue" which causes them to cry, get defensive, attack others- their personal "high ground" from which they've built a fortress and use it to attack others. It's an ego buff. Frequently people engage in activities, or conversations, which they know will lead to one of these moments. If the person is unable to attack, then they become the martyr. We see it multiple times a day here at ATS. It's nothing new. Make a general statement, someone gets mad, melodrama starts, quarreling, etc. Same thing here.

OP knew what would happen. Fact. To then share such a lengthy tirade on it is melodrama. She knew this would happen. The anger and indignation were pre-formulated.

And that, good sir, is why people are incredulous and insincere towards the OP. Not because they believe the government should engage in a violation of our rights.

On the same note, and giving away from free High Ground: If people really wanted to make a point, if they really cared and didn't want to cry, and get upset- simply don't fly. Does that seem impractical? Sure, but then most of our civilization is. And I speak as someone soon-to-be practicing medicine in the desert.

Have fun, be safe, but righteous indignation for the sake of ego buffing, or garnering some attention/sympathy is suggestive of a very lonely person.

posted on Jun, 23 2011 @ 06:47 PM

Originally posted by christine76
I cried because it is a break down of the nation that I love, my home, my country, that I believe in!! This is a regression to a country where we no longer have any liberties! If you think the rub downs aren't invasive, then spend some time looking at pictures online, look at people's faces and they're reaction. Then look at those people's faces and tell me if you see a terrorist.

Yes it is, it is the intelligence and backbone bleeding out of a dying infected government, not a nation, but a government, one abandoned for a while by its real leaders, the people. It is now a government held hostage by internationalists capable of buying and selling other entire nations, and those nations are no more immune to the end result, the final play in the agenda of world government than we are.
But it's NOT bad enough yet for either side to make its final move, and the populaces move, you know,
will be reactionary.
I hold little hope.

posted on Jun, 23 2011 @ 06:48 PM
The fact that so many people are siding with the TSA on this issue, even here on a website I thought was composed mostly of informed individuals regarding the problems with our government here in the US and elsewhere, just gives me more reason to give up any hope that our world will end up in a better direction.

This stuff is the classic scenario of citizens giving up their rights in the name of so called security. It's complete madness, like we're living in the twilight zone and the ones who stand up and say something about it, like the OP, are often rejected by the rest of the herd.

Some people reply, "If you don't like it, don't fly. Boycott." I guess if my grandma living too far away for me to drive to in time is dying and I wanted to see her in her last days, I'd have to stand firm in my rejection of the TSA's sexual molestation policies and not get a chance to see her one last time so as to prove to you people how firm my resolve is in sticking to my principles.
Also, what about people who have to fly because of their job?

I've been into conspiracies for quite a while now. 9/11, ufos, government corruption, etc and for some reason, this TSA groping issue has gotten me more fired up and angry than any other. I can actually understand how someone can't feel the same about 9/11 or JFK since these types of conspiracies are a bit involved but this TSA stuff is BLACK and WHITE.. They are invading our privacy and putting their hands on our and our children's privates all in the name of security (supposedly) and yet so many citizens don't even question that there is something wrong with this.

These types of practices will also be slowly phased into other areas of ground transportation and sporting events, etc. People will just put up with it. "You don't like some stranger touching your crotch and your girlfriends breasts before you go see the Red Sox? Why? What's the big deal? Then just don't go to the game anymore you paranoid complainy jerk face" will be their response.

I don't know if there truly are the ultra wealthy elite meeting behind closed doors plotting their continual power grab and slow removal of our rights in a totally sinister way (Bildgerberg? not quite I think). But if they were, I could totally see them saying, "Look, they've even let us infringe on their physical bodies in their most private of areas hahaha!!! All in the name of security hahah!! Fools, they are all stupid fools. They should be lucky we don't wipe them all out immediately they are so lucky to have us as their masters. They would be nothing without us."

I know enough about security, planes, airports, etc. from past experience to know with full confidence that there are much better and efficient ways to take care of this security issue on passenger planes. This sexual molestation of ordinary citizens is 100% not necessary and there is nothing that will ever convince me otherwise.
It's too bad that the OP took the time to tell an honest story and some people are so insensitive as to say that she was being a drama queen. These people obviously have no sympathy or experience with children because I understand how that would change the whole dynamic.

I'm not saying I know the perfect answer to terrorism, but the TSA's ridiculous, reactionary, profit motivated, and rights infringing tactics certainly aren't it.
I told my family back around Thanksgiving last fall when this issue first surfaced after the groping started that mark my words, this is a HUGE turning point for a America. If this is a beta test, we showed those in power just what they wanted to see; That our revolutionary spirit is weak, if not gone completely, and we as a nation are not capable or willing to stand up against the government sexually molesting innocent citizens.
Honestly, if they can get away with that, I shudder to think what's next on the list.

posted on Jun, 23 2011 @ 07:09 PM
reply to post by Jedimind

"Look, they've even let us infringe on their physical bodies in their most private of areas hahaha!!! All in the name of security hahah!! Fools, they are all stupid fools. They should be lucky we don't wipe them all out immediately they are so lucky to have us as their masters. They would be nothing without us."

Well guess what! They are nothing without us too.
The reality is that they are heading directly to their demise without even knowing! They think everything is going according to plan when the reality is everything is slipping out of their hands.
They are delusional to think that this NWO thing was even remotely gonna work.

Remember the following line because it's the main reason they are about to collapse.

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posted on Jun, 23 2011 @ 07:19 PM
Ok what i am about to say may cause you direct anger or hatred towards me and well ok that's fine.

I want to illustrate a couple of things that i see everyday as a form of wide paint brushing that I see the general public do. TSA there one and only task is to ensure the safety of the aircraft to which you are boarding and the people who will be flying with you that is and will always remain their sole purpose I do not do this work my role is border control I care only about what comes in. Unfortunately the world is vastly different since 9/11 and it has changed a lot since before I was born I know we all as law abiding respectful citizens wish to travel unhindered and freely we all wish for a safer world to raise our children in but the world we wish for and the world we live in are far from each other this is our unfortunate reality I'm not going to argue that TPTB ruined the world I'm not going down the path of a conspiracy theory with this I simply wish to see common sense and understanding to run through the minds of everyone because unfortunately these have simply disappeared from the common psyche.

Now i want to illustrate something from a customs stand point because that's what i understand as it's similar to TSA in threat assessment to a degree.

Drug syndicates are operating throughout the world moving millions of kilo's of contraband across every international border in the world, Drug syndicates and Terrorist cells operate identically there is no real difference apart from what they are attempting to move across international borders or even within borders. What these organisations are always trying to do is make sure what they are moving will get past the controls put in place to stop them. At this point i am going to list known methods for drug trafficking methods.

False bottom suitcases
Restitched suitcase lining
Body packing (the method of taping packages to your body tightly under your clothes)
Internal concealment (swallowing pellets or placing inside your body)

These are common methods throughout the world.

In my career i have not witnessed these but i have seen reports about these from other international agencies through information sharing on such practices the following methods.

Live puppies with drug packets stitched inside their bodies this was actually a coc aine shipment moving if i remember rightly from Colombia to Miami this if i remember rightly occurred about 4 years ago.

Many years ago I don't actually know when but a woman was travelling across a border her infant child in her arms. It was discovered upon a face to passport check that the infant was in fact dead and on closer examination was stuffed full of codine tablets.

I am telling you all this because these horrific methods have been done and are still being attempted around the world. Even more methods are being attempted to find the easiest hole in the net to slip contraband through.

This in my experience means that regardless of the commodity whether it be human, drugs or weapons the ones who want to circumvent the law in this way will do anything and everything they have to.

I understand it's not nice when you know you are innocent and you are being checked whether it be a baggage search, strip search a body pat down. But the people doing this work they don't know you, they see thousands of people everyday and you are a face in the crowd, The best drug mule or terror suspect is the one who slips through unnoticed because they look like you and me. So you tell me how do people like me look for those very specific tadpoles in the large puddle of tadpoles.

Most officers in the world doing work like mine or similar are not interested in being power players, we don't do what we do just to make you cry we do it because we want to go home each day believing we did something right today because we ensured the border was safe while we were on duty, or the plane took off and all the passengers got to their destinations safely.

If we could do things easier and get all drugs and terrorists off the streets we would. If we could do this and not upset the innocent people we would go with whatever option would allow us to do that best.

We just don't have many options available to us for various reasons like they don't exist or there isn't any funding available from government to implement better measures.

Even the best body scanning machines in the world aren't perfect nothing works better than touch and your own human eyesight unfortunately those are our best tools.

I am sorry for anyone who does feel hard done by and upset by these measures but they are for your own protection from the harms that other people wish to do to you and others. There is no conspiracy in this there are no PTB that just want to make you suffer and control you like sheep.

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