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It was scientifically proven that nano-thermite explosives were used on 9/11

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posted on Jun, 23 2011 @ 07:14 PM
Weiner was a reprisal by a Koch operative Breibart for going after the Corporate Consiliere Clarence Thomas.

Clintons BJ was about standing in the way of Corporate Supremacy.

The Kochs, the Corporate Supremacists, and AIPAC learned how to do better next time from Nixon.

Actually I would put the corruption at less than 1%.

Building 7 had minor damage and a few fires when it collapsed in about 7 to 8 seconds into it's own footprint......? How it happened is covered by some reports filed under fiction.

Why it had to collapse is easier to figure out.

After a disaster like this, FEMA would normally run the show.

FEMA was in building 7.

Instead of FEMA Rudolph Giuliani would use NYC's Department of Design and Construction. They would contract out the removal of steel to be scrapped and smelted.

These people hit the ground so fast that they had been removing material for a month before the engineering investigators were allowed on site. Actually the engineering investigators weren't allowed on site, they had to take what was given to them.

By September 28, 2001, (17 Days) 130,000 tons (260 Million pounds) of debris had already been removed from the site, in what one journalist with unrestricted access to the site called, “the most aggressive possible schedule of demolition and debris removal.”

They were such a hurry they didn't care about the workers health.

Who was in charge for site security? Pasquale J. D'Amuro of the FBI. If those men who were dressed like FBI agents looking for the flight recorders, were not FBI, whose fault was it?

Mr. D'Amuro is Chairman & Chief Executive Officer of Giuliani Security & Safety LLC, a division of Giuliani Partners LLC dedicated to security consulting. Before joining Giuliani Security & Safety, Mr. D'Amuro served as the Assistant Director in Charge of the New York FBI Office, where......

New York City’s Department of Design and Construction (DDC) took control of the site as a result of Mayor Giuliani’s “back-room decision to scrap the organization charts, to finesse the city’s own Office of Emergency Management (OEM), and to allow the DDC to proceed”:[vi]

We had to wait until they were vulnerable to hit them, that and a hell of a lot of luck!

posted on Jun, 24 2011 @ 04:12 AM

Originally posted by hooper
reply to post by pcrobotwolf

Ok hopper explain how professional pilots with 30 years flight experience cannot reproduce what happened at the pentagon on a simulator.

Because they are con artist that simply hope to drive people to their phony website so they can sell advertising space.

Nothing about the flight patterns, speeds and manuvers known to have happened on 9/11/2011 were impossible. Thats all you need. Just remember, just because someone can't "reproduce" a moving path does not mean that it cannot be achieved.

I can throw a baseball from the mound over the plate. If we are able to check the exact path of the ball and then ask 20 professional ball players to EXACTLY reproduce the path none of them will be able to do it. They would get the ball from the mound to the plate, but never exactly on the same path as my pitch.
Lol really people you gave this guy more stars then me amazing. Yea the pilots had a conspiracy website
Sure i will take your base ball theory into effect if you can pitch 557 mph and i want you to have a motorcycle helmet on with the visor down and i want you to hit an object with 5 metal poles in the way

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