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Washington Times - Won't post liberal veiws

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posted on Jun, 22 2011 @ 01:22 AM
This is the Washington Times post and my following reply that did not get posted; Hmm, wonder why? Hope
I'm not making any infringements here, Sorry if I did. Not sure of all the rules anymore. Anyhow, gays seem to be nothing more than rags that need to be burnt on fire according to all the folks that read this rag. Clearly biased and they will not post pro liberal viewsl

My response that did not get posted;

Conservative publisher = conservative remarks. So many folks here clutch a bible they never held and are quite capable in 60 seconds able to google a bible verse that supports their position.

Whatever! Gay people will quietly leave the mainstream once upon they receive equal rights. Not ..special rights.

Keep in mind that if gay folks were held to the same standard of marriage and moral values,..... Gay people would not be promiscuous and would be mainstream without...... in your face tactics.

BTW, why is the divorce rate with hetero's above 50%? Kinda shows you where the back yard needs to be cleaned up.

Haters and religion leave gay folks to their own destruction. Of course, haters make life on Earth hell for gay folks. Hope you all feel proud. Thank you for killing my friends and some of my family due to your hetero egotism. Ever been hit by a tire iron or baseball bat? Well it hurts if not deadly.

A little bit of love (or sugar) goes a lot further than vinegar.

There has not been one shred of spirituality shared on this forum. No solutions, no love and no compassion. Where do we begin? Nazi Germany?

Kill all the gays and in one generation there will be a mass produced equal number of homosexuals.

Gay is natural and it occurs in many species. Deviance is when one kills another for there superiority in their own self Righteousness

Grow up and beyond your fairy tale Gods

posted on Jun, 22 2011 @ 01:31 AM
reply to post by brilab45

Hello Brilab45. Replying to the title of your thread, the Washington times is a fringe conservative leaning media outlet, they cater to the conservative segment of the population and thats that, it's their audience. They won't publish fair and impartial views purely because, well, they don't have to. They are a private media outlet, it's within their right to lie, censor, whatever, and that's just what we have to accept and respect. The best you can do is hold them accountable of the various lies they post out, and often enough their articles are exposed from time to time.

As for this denial and hatred of the gay community among fringe conservatives, well that's just the reality as well. there will always have to be a segment of society that needs to be treated like second class citizens, unfortunately it is the turn of the gays this time around. Things will change, slowly. Don't ask don't tell was lifted, states are slowly allowing gays to participate in marriage because, well, folks are beginning to realize there is no justification for barring them from suffering like other married couples. The best we can do is hold people accountable over the garbage they spread out there. We cannot expect people to come right overnight.
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posted on Jun, 22 2011 @ 01:49 AM
reply to post by Southern Guardian

You sound rational. However, I got peeved at the whole deal. Your right though.

Never had a run-in with those folks before. They really want to string up gay folks on a tree like black folks in the past. Scary as hell. It is hard to believe people want to kill gay people in this day and age!

Thanx for the reply.


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