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Eden Saga Web Novel Discussion

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posted on Jun, 21 2011 @ 11:31 PM

Who are we? Where do we come from? Eternal questions ... Knowing it may help us to know where to go. Our forgotten history can enlighten us about our true nature, forgotten too. We are told a lot of nonsenses, sometimes we admit that crap, refusing to see the light that kept on shining deep inside of us. Why did we forgot our true nature? Above all, how can we get it back?

I recently came across and started reading this web novel, that even if one looks at it as fiction and entertaining, it poses alot of interesting questions, and seems to attempt to try and explain alot of the same subjects we dwelve upon here on ATS.

the most interesting aspect to me, is that as a story it has a non linear style of presentation, so as to read the whole novel everyone will mostly take on a different order.

i havent read the whole thing yet, as im still somewhat confuse on how the site fully works, and in my eargerness to devour the presented material, i always get the feeling i left something behind, or that im trapped in a non linear sequence of links that end up biting me on the backside.

now im not saying any of the material presented in this novel should be taken as canon, but never the less, i consider it a great read, and im sure many of you here will too.

i tried searching for mentions or threads about this web novel on ats, but my various searches provided no results.

but im sure that with the vast member base in ats, someone else must have come across this material aswell, if not ill be glad to introduce it to discussion, as it seems that even if purelly "fiction", the topics will please many here in ats.

so has anyone read it before?
if not i recomend that anyone interested takes a look at the material and give it a chance at least.

another snippet to spark some interest

From the dawn of time, amazing civilizations arose. They were already antique during Antiquity. Still before them were other worlds, and the more we go towards our origins, the more those civilizations look civilized. Amnesia that erases everything erased them from our memories. Gone with the history wind.… That was the destiny of Sumer, Babel and the Olmecs. And the destiny of Atlantis, of Mu, of Rama's Empire, not to mention all the people which names are unknown. Western science gives us such a narrow picture of our history, giving to Homo sapiens sapiens the age of 150,000 years only. Asian traditions make him a lot older: a million years old, or even more.

Note: the material is originally in french, there is an english site and translation, but some parts of the material are still not translated.

so if you don't know french you might miss some parts, but there are translators on the web, and for those of you with that sort of patience, your own translations can be submitted to be included in the english version.

now it's your turn ATSers, i can't believe none of you ever came across this before really.

i seriously doubt it.


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