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The Justice of Revenge

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posted on Jun, 21 2011 @ 04:55 PM
"I am the Justice of Revenge..."

The cops had the building surrounded, and no one was getting out. The man in the Mask and the cape laughed at the cops, "You backwoods idiots have no clue do you..."

"Sir what ever your problems are..."

A scream broke as the gathered crowd realized that a body was flying... Splat... it hit the ground with some force...

"The Future That Awaits the Powers that Be..."

The agent on the scene turned to Swat Officer, "That's is the third body... Your assault plan is a go.."

As the SWAT team moved into position, the Agent laughed. " Backwoods huh?" He lifted the mega-phone and proceeded to attempt to distract him...


three hours later

It was a nightmare for Agent Boothe...

All but one of the SWAT team members had been tossed off the top of the roof. To top it off they had been recorded killing the hostages. This Justice of Revenge had gotten through all the jammers the feds had brought...

Who was this man?

His cell phone went off.

The Sargent knew he was the last man. What ever this was they had got all the others. "Damn," as he jammed the last clip.

"Sargent... Sarge..."

Why did that voice sound so familiar? "Do I know you?" As the figure removed his mask...

"I am everybody you screwed over, Corporal!"

Shock went through the Sargent, "You died... in the fire..."

"Wrong, I am an inventor by trade... My robots saved my burnt form and did their best to heal be."

He emptied his clip into what he thought was a ghost... "Your haunting me?"

"Oh no I am quite alive... She died as I tried to carry her out of the fire you know."

"What are," the Swat Sargent asked...

"The fire you set," He turns to the rest of the hostages, "Go run for your lives before I change my mind."

The scream as his UAV deliver slight shocks and the run for the stairs...

As they cleared off the roof, "But you mined the ground floor," The Swat Sargent spoke...

"Yep... It is about to go boom..." The mask returned, "I have a message for the corrupt and the evil... You will deliver it Sargent... " His UAV sprayed the Sargent with a foam... He stuck a recorder in the foam...


The local police held back as did the Agents, their heart had enough time to fill with hope. They saw the people fill the exit to the building.

Their reports all include the same thing, the world was shook by the biggest explosion they have ever seen. A day later in the rubble, the foam encased SWAT Sargent was found. The recorder was accidentally played as they were rescuing the Sargent...

"The former corporal knows what he did... I am letting him deliver this message to T. P. T. B. for me then he can run..."

the first few seconds of the song played then the cops went looking for the off button... They hit the fast forward..


From his underground Facility

"Well John we all would like to think these were heroes, but this reporter has had information delivered to her. It appears that every person who died had committed various crimes... From these files," She holds them up," It appears that the SWAT team members were a personal hit squad for the feds... These documents came with a note not to worry... Copies are flooding the net now.... From the looks of this it is possible that one American is fighting back."

"So what you are saying is that All the deaths, were some form of vigilante justice?"

"John the only one who doesn't have a record here appears to be the rookie SWAT Sargent who lived..."

The JoR.laughs in his life support suit, as he waves his hand shutting down the Viewer.." You hear that they think he is innocent... So when he runs they will know something is up.."

Evil Laughter....... "He is going to tell them who I am and he will get laughed for stress...." More evil laughter, "And by about the third person they should realize he was telling them the truth...."


Somewhere else...

"You do Realize this represents a threat to us right?"

"No it is merely an insane man at max..." The older member of the shadow council spoke up...

The Elder Ruler of the council spoke, "Why does our junior member, forget his place?"

"With all due respect to my esteem elders I am not challenging anyone just letting my thoughts run allowed and I do apologise for that..."

They all nodded, but the elder spoke, "Wisdom is not always from age. It is from the experience of being able to tell which stacks of smoke are in fact from fire. It is why two slots every generation are held open for the abled of body and mind..."

The other members turned towards the center and looked at the Elder Ruler.

"Do you think it is even possible? I ask because before we decide on whither it is Iran or Mexico the US goes into next I think it might be important to make sure we have no robin hoods running around.."

"But sir, the Newest member cant really believe that This JoR could really defeat all our security."

The youngest member simply stood up and smiled. He pointed to the screen, "This is the process we used."
The council watched as SWAT members went flying over the wall and crashed down to the ground... "Mind you the autopsy result where the same all death via impact." He let that fact sink in, " They where alive and wounded but cold bloodily tossed over as a message to us."

The other elders were nodding, but the older member who spoke up... "Next your gonna tell me that zombies are going to kill us.."

Turning back towards the projector, he brings up the picture of the survivor... "No he is not telling us something, and its funny you should mention the dead coming for us... This former SWAT member had an ex-wife who died in a house fire."

"My god you read to many bathroom reading material, if you like..."

The Elder Ruler held up his hand, "What is so interesting about this?"

"Her boyfriend is assumed to have been killed in the same fire... He supposedly set it.."

"Draw the points together.."

"Sir," Turning to the elder, " They never found his body... Nothing, no Teeth, no bones, ectra..."

The elders set back as they thought over this, as did the older member.

"Also, the boyfriend was well trained in electronics. I went over over military records and they showed me little. I however found a witness from his time in service."

They all leaned forward...

"He kept a little black book near him. It had the designs for all kinds of weird weapons.."

The loudmouthed one spoke, "That would of burned up..."

"I know in the fire... I thought so to till I found the receipts at the base gate log for a UPS delivery for one get fireproof notebook."

The whole council looked from the young member to the older one. The older one realized his misstep...

"Perhaps I misspoke earlier." Grinning because of the trap he saw, "I suggest that our newest member go dig out more answers for us...."

The Elder Ruler looked to the other Elders and they nodded, "Very well we will go with this idea. Now to other business... Do we end the lockout or let it go on as is?"

As the various parts put in their input, the youngest member of the shadow council had a lot more on his mind.... So when he was asked he said postpone it a little more, "Money in our pocket.

*snip* Because the PTB felt like it
edit on 21-6-2011 by ripcontrol because: *snipping* Because the PTB felt like it

posted on Jun, 21 2011 @ 06:05 PM
That was really good, I want more! Im on my mobile so I cant type much, however I thought the begining scene was real until I scrolled back up!

posted on Jun, 25 2011 @ 06:31 PM
Quantico Virginia...
FBI Head Quarters

"Due to extreme negligence, until further notice Agent Boothe you are here by confined to desk duty..."

The words still echoed in his head. He had spent the last three hours in the gym working out. He walked into the showers area, "If I ever,"

"Yes Agent Boothe, if you ever what?"

Standing right before him was the man they were talking about putting on the most wanted list..

This was all he had the time to go through in his mind, because the last sound he heard before he passed out was the zit of a taser...


Waxahachie, Texas
inside abandoned Superconducting Super Collider building

"Agent Boothe, I know you are awake... My computer can tell.."

The agent did not respond....

"Ok we can play it this way."

Boothe screams as pain all of a sudden goes through his body.... "All right I am awake..." With his eyes wide opened, he say the director spread out cross-like... "What?"

A mechanical arm put duck tape over the agents mouth...

"Cant you read," he pointed to the on air sign...It was JoR with his burnt face... "As I was saying America, I found this funny." He looked into the Camera, "The FBI agent at the scene was honest... " Shaking his head, "I was more surprised then you where..."Then I heard what was happening to this Talkative punk... So I went and took a little peek at his boss..." Pausing again for effect, "I cant shake my head any more... Agent Boothe did you know what your boss was planning way before I visited the oil companies HQ? They where going to find a reason to let you go... It seems his opinion equates to the fact that you are too much of a boyscout to be able to be an effective FBI agent...'Agent Boothe takes to much time in regards to issues such as civil rights ect... After numerous consoling sessions I feel agent Boothe the FBI would be better having parted ways..."

The camera caught the half second glare from Boothe...

Laughter escaped from JoR, as he pulled the Directors side arm. The director started screaming, as duck tape was re-applied. "Now America I have to say this what I am about to do is crime. I make no bones about it."

He choked up and paused...He turned to the director, "She came to you for help, to prosecute her rapist. You said you would look into it... That was two years before he killed her. For that alone I am going to kill you..."

You could feel the tears as you watched the video, "If that was it... I released all the evidence I got from your system of the garbage you did... Not to mention you sang like a little beast on live feed..."

Insanely, he switched back to laughter... He turned towards Boothe, "Louisa, grab his head and make him watch this... Hey boyscout, this is justice..."

The whole world watched as he pulled the trigger on the directors gun... Brains splattered everywhere... The restrained agent got a wild look...

"Even after all this you would defend him... He pegged you right, Boyscout Boothe..."

Agent Boothe managed to break free... He Charged JoR, only to be layed out cold....

"Not bad boyscout not bad...." With a grin on his face, "Well america that was not to shabby... Agent Boothe broke steel chain to protect a guilty man... Will one of you do me a favor... When you see what appears to be an honest cop wakes up, will you tell the lawdog this for me... Me and him across the whole US... May the best man win.."


Waxahachie, Texas
outside Abandonded SSC

Agent Booth wakes up in the back of an EMS vehicle... He sees the Texas endowed nurse checking his IV.. She smiles at him, "Hang on boyscout, take it easy..."

He tenses...

"Relax honey, right now you are one of the two most famous men in America... All of America has reviewed your files... The president himself has called to check on you... Apparently you got put back on active field duty... You being the last boy scout in America tracking down her number one criminal..In fact as soon as you are done here..."

"Betty, give the man some breathing room..."

"Lt. James, I will address my patient as I see fit. If you dont watch it..."

"Betty, Nurse I promise I wont bother him..." He turned to the still groggy Agent Boothe, "Son, Lt. Bartholomew James, Texas rangers." He shook hands, "My pleasure agent, we have ourselves a FUBARed situation here."

As he sat up, Agent Boothe saw an argument going on between FBI agents handcuffed and Texas Rangers..."What is going on?"

Taking a deep breathe, "It appears our perp here has a little reach... We got here to the source of the signal first..."

"Where are we?"

"Son you really dont know do you?... Allright what you see going on out here is the fact that our perp has hacked the major news networks... When the FBI swooped in, their profiles ran on screen.. And.."

"Your kidding me?"

"Nope every single one has committed various crimes in Texas not to mentioned elsewhere... We got orders from the AG's office to arrest them.."


Swinging his legs over the cart he had laid on...

"Hang on boyscout!"

"Betty, I promise as soon as this is done I will come back to your tender ministrations..." He nearly fell as he stepped out of the EMS vehicle.

The Texas Ranger caught him..

He whispered to the ranger, "Stay close in case I fall.." He head straight towards the agents arguing with the Texas Rangers....



"The FBI does NOT have criminals working for it. No agent is above the law."

The news agencies panned as the Texas Rangers drove the FBI agents away

" In good faith these agents will voluntarily go with the rangers and be escorted to a federal hold facility." Agent Boothe turned to the Lead Ranger, "Where the AG's office can press federal charges against the Agents and let a court of law handle this part.. Is this fair enough Rangers..."

The younger member, member of the Shadow council, was watching this drama unfold. "How interesting, an honest man... I thought you were all extinct?"

The TV played out the drama as the rangers agreed to assist the FBI due to a man power shortage... The younger member snorted when Agent Boothe took shades out of his top bloody shirt, "The FBI always get their man.... Always."

He turned off the TV...

'So you choose your own hunter...'

The Secretary interrupted his train of thought, "Call boss, from heavy weights..."

"Put him through," The younger member of the shadow council smiled. "greetings Elder, what do I owe the pleasure of this to?"

"It appears, number 13, that you where completely right."

The younger member 13 said nothing as he waited for more from Zero..

"The rest of the council is quiet impressed with how you called this one... Privately a few are worried... After all he kidnapped the director directly from HQ... with marines present..."

Bowing his head even though the elder was not physically present he answered, "You can assure them that for now they are safe. My study of his personality reveals that he is not aware of us. All we have to do is play this safe and conservative."

The elder laughed," From you 13 that is hilarious advice.I would have thought you would suggest we put TSA roadblocks on highways across the nation."

"Sir, I do not recommend kicking this hornets nest yet. If we do something like that it changes the odds. My plan is simple... He wants this lawdog of ours to hunt him down, so be it. Lets give the boyscout what ever he wants to hunt down this terrorist?"

"I think I see what you are saying, Ill add a few things of my own but know this."

"Yes elder," 13 asked respectfully..

"To become an elder you need a lot more years, but moving up to a higher number is feasible..."

"Thank you elder," his head bowed a little deeper...

The elder cut off the communication...


posted on Jun, 29 2011 @ 08:51 PM
The former Swat Sargent was on the run, when they had found him. From inside his scifi looking cell, "Listen Why am I here... I told them multiple times, I do not know who this idiot was....."

A stern voice comes out, "Corporal Sam Johnson, USMC... Discharged honorably... seems you ran into a little trouble.."

"Listen, whoever you are..."

Thirty thousand volts went through his body for less then a second, the voice came back on. "Helga stop it... I did not say yet.."

Another thirty thousand volts went through his body, "Opps my hand slipped..." A husky female voice came through...

"Let us remember why we are here..." As he paused you could feel him change his tone," Corporal, I need your help. I have had to relieve all females dealing with your incarceration... After it made the rounds of talk shows they have all had it in for you."

"I didnt do...."

Another thirty thousand volts jolted through Johnson's body...

"Helga, please our benefactor requested he be left alive... Do you know what type of trouble you have caused Corporal? Do you really? Do not lie, please I beg you Helga has turned up the voltage to 60 thousand volts..."


Helga answered, "Why?"

He got hit with the 60 thousands volts, he hit the ground passing out.

"Look what you did, Helga. How am I going to get this done."


Thirty Minutes later...

"Wow, the FBI director..."

The lounge in the top secret facility, was full of a majority of females. What got the three males present was the fact that all females stood up and applauded JoR statements...

"Serves the good ole boys right."

One of the females in a white lab coat spoke up, "I could always use another rat to experiment on..."

One of the female MP's, "I still say we castrate the SOB in ...."

"Admiral on Deck," Came the call. All the military personnel in the room stood up...

"About face, NOW!!!! ," The female tinged command voice came out... As they turned they were greeted with a site.. A five foot three blonde, decked out in full navy officer attire...

They watched as two six-fish maybe six seven marines came out from behind her... They dropped batons hard...

"What was that crap Marine... Your orders where to and I repeat, 'guard the prisoner allowing no harm what so ever to come to him.' Yet I walk into one of my brothers admirals facilities and find the little ho's in his command both, enlisted and officer,not thinking an Admirals orders apply."

"Mam,but " was all the Mp got out.

The Admiral had hit her, surprised her, and dropped her down to floor as she gasped for air, "Boys, get those other little ho's on their feet in my presence." Her Two little thugs moved about a foot forward it seemed, as the non-military stood up...

"All right, I see that we are on the same page." She surveyed the lot of females, "I understand where you little wenches are coming from, but let me correct a fallacy in your thinking... I DO NOT CARE!"

Their faces showed the fear she was instilling, "This is a us military facility. And to be told that the females are revolting across the board."

The MP on the floor moved, only to be kicked by the Admiral...

"I was more pissed off then you can imagine. I was at my grandsons birthday party when I was told what was going on here. I picked up the phone and found out it was true... I choked on birthday cake. I came straight here, having to explain to a five year old that he and friends where better behaved then a group of grown-ups."

While she talked her two very big alphas, walked up and down the lines of females...

"So here is exactly what is going to happen here. Each of you is going to go right back to your duty, NOW..."

It took a second for it to dawn on them...

"As for the female DOD civies I have a much simpler message for you, the same applies. You want to quit... fine, I will see to it that you are blacklisted from every scientific community that receives money from uncle sam...."

She, looked around, "I said NOW... Boys!" The staff members both civilian and military found out that the two big thugs she brought could produce a mild shock from their sticks... The herd split up and headed out....

After they cleared out," Quietly take her to the infirmary, she reports directly to me as soon as the doc is done with her."

Her smaller thug picked the marine up and tossed her over his shoulder and head towards the infirmary....

"Now, the part I am going to enjoy... Sargent, Clear the hallway to this crap holes holding area..." She reached into her uniform and took out a set of brass knuckles.

Smiling, "Aye, Aye mam. Clear way to crap holes holding area..."


Holding cell 21

The whole base could her corporal Johnson screaming in pain...

"And because of you the whole bloody Core is embarrassed.."

A thwap thwap thwap, noise came to be heard around the base...

"Since your appearance on TV , thirteen more rapes have come up..."

"Not once marine," thwap , "Not Twice," Thwap, " But three times, you made the Marine core look like idiots.." Thwap, followed by a scream... "confused...First you commit the crimes you did, then you get you six handed to you by a non-combatant sailor causing hundreds to die, and because you couldnt stop this non-combatant he kidnaps the director of the FBI directly from their HQ with marines everywhere..." Thwap

Johnson wimpers...

"Oh quit crying pain is weakness leaving your body marine... Because of you a commandant, a good friend of mine, had to resign..." Pausing to reflect, "Although Navy enlistment has gone up," Thwap... "Relax nothing is being broken, yet..."

A thud sound... "Good their is some fight left in you... " Another thud was followed by a another thwap....

"So you better be listening closely, Corporal... I want you hung is that understood..."

An inaudible reply came...

"But what you do not understand is that somebody somewhere has decided since you have cost the core, and by relationship the navy, a lot of face... You get to work it off... Since you created this monster you get to put him down."

A hard Thwap, "We know everything, everything... So listen closely... You are going to try and find him. Please try and run yourself, recon is looking forward to putting a bullet in you..."

Another thwap, "Wake up... listen the best you can hope for is for a life sentence breaking rocks... so this little bit of freedom is temporary.. Some bright guy that is giving free advice thinks they can use you like bait and a hound...."


"I am done here, Open the door Sargent..."


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