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What Is Infinity?

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posted on Jun, 22 2011 @ 09:02 AM

Originally posted by 11I11
Infinite applies to size too. 300 years ago people probably thought you couldnt get any smaller than a grain of sand, but now we can observe a quark as the smallest thing. I bet 300 years on from now we will be observing even smaller than this!

This should help explain... prepare to be amazed!

I don't think infinity can apply to size. It would mean that it would have to be a certain size and thus finite.

posted on Jun, 22 2011 @ 09:05 AM

Originally posted by Xtraeme
Infinity is a circular concept, technically it's the end that's not the end. Think about that. The fact that it's non-discrete is what allows it to behave in such odd ways.
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Rather than circular, I would describe it as paradoxical. It is everything and nothing. Alpha and Omega. Beginning and End. Big and Small.

It is immeasurable.

posted on Jun, 22 2011 @ 09:08 AM

Originally posted by smithjustinb
If infinity was the pre-big-bang scenario, since kinetic energy arises from a potential energy, Infinity was the potential energy.
Before the universe of form became manifest when there was no-thing, what was it like?

How does something come from nothing?

Infinity as potential energy.
Potential energy as infinity?

The universe of form as kinetic energy arising from the potential of infinity.

Can nothingness be classified as infinity?
I think it can. The potential for nothingness to become somethingness implies that nothingness is a realm of infinite possibilities and thus infinity. In infinity, there is potential for nothing to become anything. That is what I think is infinity.
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If something has existed for an infinate amount of time then it doesn't have to come from anywhere. The human mind will never truly understand infinity because it struggles to understand things that go against our very nature, we believe everything has to have a start and an end because everything around us including life has a start and an end but this just simply isn't the case.

My opinion is that all the big bang is a cycle, once this universe finishes expanding it will eventually reverse and come tumbling back on itself creating another superstate mass that will get too hot and explode again.

Just my opinion mind and it doesn't mean there isn't a god.

posted on Jun, 22 2011 @ 09:09 AM

Originally posted by maccascfc
The universe is everything, there are dimensions within the universe that we cannot percieve, I believe that time is one of the dimensions that we are not equipped to percieve. We can measure the effect time has on the earth and nearby galaxies but I think that certain parts of the universe could either be running backwards or completely frozen.

Atoms are programmed to percieve time in a linear and forwards fashion. As we and everything is made up of atoms then we cannot tell if we are going forwards, backwards or if we are frozen.

Free will is an illusion. Time is not on a loop however the big bang + the resulting big crunch + the absence of free will = the fact that conciousness is eternal, we live this life over and over in the exact same way on a loop. Concious energy may be finite, so after we die we could live another billion lifetimes as different humans, pets, or even extra terrestrial beings before the big crunch and the next big bang.

To sum up my thoughts I beleive I have written this post countless times before and will do it countless times again. I have been and will be writing this post forever.

I agree. Everything happens simultaneously. I've already had kids (which I don't) and am already living my next life. I'm just in an experience of time but I don't believe its as real as we think it is.

posted on Jun, 24 2011 @ 08:17 AM
the quantum Zeno therom! if you keep dividing 5 by 2 it will never stop being divided because your always going half the distance of where you want to go for example:if you go half way across the room then half of that then so on it will never stop

posted on Jul, 1 2011 @ 05:02 PM
Infinity is Infinite Void and Infinite Energies, Intelligences, in Infinite Variety. They discovered that the so called void or fabric of space was comprised of such a huge infinity of energy it was called an "ugly" infinity, ie. one couldn't just round it off in equations and they had to create a way of cheating in math.

They've also discovered fractals in nature and in computer programs and mathematically they're infinite.

Energy and matter and intelligence does not equate finiteness. What equates finiteness is limits. There is No One, there is no Law of One. We are not the universe, the universe is not All, and it is not God. There is Not ONE. One is a boundary. If its one in location/person/thing, even if one were to imagine it as infinite, then it would have a definition as self, or a limit. A limit, would mean, draw a box, even an infinite box around it and you have a problem, for that is Finite. There are Infinite energies, Infinite intellects, like fractals expanding forever, all at once.

Fractal Mathematical Rabbit Hole


Now there could be an Infinite God, if God is Infinity itself and Energy and Aware, however, not aware of Self and limits, but infinite One-11111111111111111111111111111111111111.........'s and infinite varieties contained within this in terms of universes, intellects, and Beyonds/homes, outside the metaphorical tv screen universes.

Infinities within and without manipulations of energy which are also eternal in that every moment hangs some place in "time" forever like a clip in infinite rolls of film.
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posted on Jul, 1 2011 @ 05:07 PM
One can argue with me why such a thing is, and can talk about infinite void all they wish, but the fact remains, we're in an infinite something, not an infinite nothing, and even hinted at by some findings in science, so the debate of this is as simple as opening your eyes, and seeing the something all around you, whether its realistic or but a dream that infinite consciousness is having, we're still here. And if you can ask yourself this "Am I a person, do I exist, am I consicousness?" You exist, infinitely.

I believe this was the exact question my son and I were mullling over, with me saying, why, how can it be, and my then 18 year old saying, its the way it is, and it can't be any other way, it just is, and we both experienced the same Old Man guide stepping out of the sky, and laughing with delight at the students. We'd shared sitings of crafts, he'd call me out for some, and while he had a connection to some, knew when they were coming back, I had contact. This was the first shared one, of a guide. He looked shocked so I tested him with, "he laughed....!" And my son nodded with such a surprised look on his face.

This isn't an athiests dream either, by the way. The universe is more like a hologram, erected by light, stars/projectors. As such is a construct. By default if you reverse engineer the system around us, the school, the opposites, in all things, ie. we can see dog eat dog, regression or cooperation, progression in nature, birth/death, wellness/sickness, or our choice and outcome, patience/impatience, kindness/its lack. When we look at the two choices one towards greater awareness, understanding, love and frequency, one denser with less awareness love and denser frequency, we can also ask? Is it neutral, is Creator(s) neutral, or is about Love, and Growth, serving others ,kindness, equality. And if we study again in nature and even amongst animals, pets, our families, children, we will discover than happiness, and mental, emotional, even physical health is from Positivity and Love, humor, warmth, good communication and seeking understanding and patience, treating others well, etc etc.

You can basically sit down, deep think, and reverse engineer the whole school. And also when you do it, don't be surprised if the Old Man comes and encourages you, or your guides.

Hence out of discussions with my son, I wrote up my thread on the Holographic Universe and Space Time.
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posted on Jul, 1 2011 @ 05:31 PM
To be absolutely specific infinity means endlessness, without beginning or ending. It doesnt specify what item is being contemplated, void, matter, intellect.......

As for the idea of energies, that can be utlilized such as what formed earth's universe, plane or matrix/womb, enegies can be reshape and redesigned within. As an example, we could be in a grain of sand, where there is a potential infinity within that could have an entire universe nestled within, laying on the sandy beach of another infinity space, that yet again, is not bigger, for there is no bigger/smaller, no measurement possible, so when we think of stacking boxes, your forever open up, getting smaller and smaller, you must realize its the same endlessness within, as without, size is irrelevant except as perception.

Yet again this is the one, my soul remembers. Home, keep seeing and or feeling glimpses of it.

In this case, the infinities arranged in the worlds beyond, the many spirit realms or homes, only paradises or eutopias, where we existed before entering this school, are mirrored by the stars. They are both input systems, portals, (ET phone home! and To Infinity and Beyond!), and also, mirrors, of the Light of Family and this universe was not created, earth was not created as a prison or the hellish world is now. It was a shadow, a mirror of home, caught in the balance between light and dark, metaphorically, structure of opposites, so that we were given choices.

Because what was downloaded to me while contemplating infinity, was that this existence here, was the clip that holds the whole infinite roll of film of your life into being, from being birthed spirit to full soul/light being, and having made the choice finally, in the end, where there is no end, because they was no beginning, given infinite amounts of tries, we surely can't stay unhappy forever, even the cosmic bullies will wake up, and in the end, we choose to be Loving, Kind, Aware, Understanding, in short the children grow up, and can serve other children, and so on, and so forth, forever, progresssing and reaching new levels.

posted on Jul, 1 2011 @ 06:08 PM
reply to post by Unity_99

I'll tell you something, we never grow up, were all children, those that trive for power become old because power consumes, only by burning your self out you become old. Why become an old man, for what ? for glory ? or is it for honor ? Helping others and being kind from within your self does not involve glory nor honor, but I would say pity, mercy, compasion. We don't have to grow up, we really don't.

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