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Ahnenerbe, the most secret service of the Third Reich

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posted on Mar, 30 2003 @ 01:53 PM

Ukrainian workers found strange graves at a construction in one of the towns in the south of Ukraine. The graves were found at a depth of two or two and a half meters.

At first, they thought that it was an ancient Scythian graveyard. Then, someone saw a medallion of a German soldier in one of the coffins. The finding was a grave of German soldiers. However, when archeologists arrived to the site, they were shocked with what they saw. Some of the human skeletons in the grave had their spines sawn lengthwise. Some of them did not have heads, while others had skull trepanation. Other skeletons had little holes drilled in their cannon-bones. After that, there were tens of other graves found. They were all covered with lime and calcium chloride. Some of the human remains preserved the vestiges of chemical impact. Someone was trying to find a third eye in the heads of several officers: their skulls were opened in several places.

Experts determined that the found graves were the vestiges of Ahnenerbes activities. This was the most secret organization of the Third Reich. The people of the true Aryan race were its victims. Ahnenerbes doctors believed that medical tests and experiments were supposed to eventually result in a new breed of a human being.

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posted on Mar, 31 2003 @ 05:26 PM
So lemme see if I got this right...the bodies found are thought to be the "master race" that Hitler and Himmler were trying to create?

[Edited on 31-3-2003 by ͢urt]

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