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posted on May, 11 2005 @ 09:53 PM
Hi everyone

I was dying to get in here.

The antichrist is just getting on the scene now.

His name is SaadEddine Hariri

He is from lebanon and fits the little horn prophecy .

He also fits all theother prophcies perfectly.

also, numberin the alphabet from 1 to 26 'his first name comes to 66 and his last name is a 65, so put them together gives a 6665,


posted on Dec, 2 2005 @ 11:21 AM
seems like qa nice guys so far. Though the anti christ does apparently seem nice for the first few years doesnt he. Thoug I cant see how he would rise to such a huge posiion of power anyway. I think Colonel Saunders of KFC had more influence on global affairs than Lebannons new cheif would.

posted on Sep, 20 2006 @ 03:36 AM
I still don't get it why people associate the number 666 with the antichrist? 666 is the number of one of the beasts in the Book of Revelation, not the number of the antichrist.

posted on Aug, 16 2007 @ 04:24 PM
I awoke this am and had to turn to the national news (yuck) because without a doubt my animals are acting very strangely especially my cats. They are jumping up on anything they can and fighting and this is unusual for them. Well I saw that a hurricane is headed for the Texas coast line again. I hope that this will turn out better than the last ones. Or is it something even greater like a major earth quake? We will see.

posted on Aug, 16 2007 @ 04:27 PM
I have the global conciousness meter on my igoogle page and it's been flashing red on and of all day long. Maybe something to do with the earthquakes or hurricane?



posted on Oct, 5 2007 @ 05:25 PM
Hmm... Old post

[edit on 5-10-2007 by JbT]

posted on Nov, 12 2007 @ 09:25 PM
Wow---only posts linking to Ed Dames and Silvia Brown types?
This otta be a hoot! Serious predictacators only.
Of course I don't agree, but then again, I don't own the place. With such serious postings of soul catchers on the moon and underground submarine bases in the desert, I can see how member predictions might throw a bad light on the place from google searches.

posted on Dec, 16 2007 @ 01:57 PM
there's a person who calls themself "The Street Psychic"

the site lists a list of things predicted and fufilled already,
then the latest update lists things for 2007
(a mid west earthquake in december '07 starts a string of quakes)

then there is a continuation from 2008 predictions on thru 09, 10, 11. 12

if this predictor is actually viable, then the 2007 notable earthquake
in the American midwest that occurs in December has only 15 days
to happen in this year... and if something like a new madrid quake
does shake the land in the area the size of the Lousiana Purchase...

then i will be impressed enough to re read the forecasts/ predictions
the site list for us to read.

footnote; [[ this guy looks like me, except my braid is down to my waist,
the image shows only a mohawk length which requires low maintenance,
oh well,]]

posted on Jan, 27 2008 @ 01:49 PM
I have a way to solve this. I know allot of us are tired of seeing the newbies go straight to making a new thread about their crazy predictions that have no Merritt or one piece of evidence to back it up. Why don't ATS set a point limit to make a thread on a prediction like say 5000? Anyone here long enough to get that many points is usually groomed enough to make sure there is something to what he or she is stating. Just an Idea.

posted on Feb, 2 2008 @ 06:50 PM
reply to post by SkepticOverlord

Hello, I posted a message here, as another forum at this site suggested it was more appropriate for this section. Now after posting it I read your info about posting being for and about certain predictions or from certain sites. I'm sure you can determine whether or not it's suitable for here. Hope I didn't jump in too quick. If so, is there a more appropriate spot for this type of thing?



posted on Feb, 2 2008 @ 06:51 PM
reply to post by d60944

Yes, and the beast is a government, not a man or person.


posted on May, 20 2008 @ 08:56 AM
reply to post by SkepticOverlord
i really dont know where to start, ever since i was a young child i have had horrible dreams that would make me vomit.... seriously. Ive also have gotten gut instincts, that also make me very ill. since i was a child the doctors can find nothing worng, especially with my ears. my ears are so sensitive i can feel the pressure change in the weather. its hard to explain. i can barlely here someone in the same room with me, but i can here a train, not the witsle, but the train from miles away...its really wierd. but to make along story short, i have had a prediction, two as a matter afact. but i will,never speak of them. People already think im crazy. all i no is im as normal as they come. what i want to know is how do you stop it. ive begged god to stop this, this what ever it is. all i know is my body is highly sensitive to things... i can take one look at someone and well you know the rest. please give me some advice.

posted on Jun, 7 2008 @ 10:26 PM

Originally posted by SkepticOverlord
From this point forward, this forum is for the discussion of predictions from modern previously-published clairvoyants (with links), ancient prophecies, and not the random posting of member's predictions.

Is this going to be reinforced? Or will we continue to get the pleasure of sifting through the membership's bad dreams, gut feelings, upset pets and arthritis acting up? If this stuff is going to be coming back from BTS, could you at least make a sub-form for discussing published predictions? Bible Code, Nostradamus, Revelations, Whomever C2C had on the previous night...

Being unable to predict the future myself, there is only so much time in a day to sift through all of the posts. It would be very helpful to bring this forum back on track or do a split between published and personal visions.

posted on Oct, 21 2008 @ 05:43 PM

I want to express my confusion about the decission to remove the following thread from your forum:

I found that first at all it is an interpretation of the prophecies of Mitchel of Nostradamus, showing that there are facts described by the famous viewer that correspond to our epoch.

In the thread there are a series of quatrains that clearly pointed even with references of experts in the subject that can be checked through multiple links.

Second as any interpretation it is irrelevant if the interpreter is or not a psychic too, but the trully important thing is that it contains enough references to multiple predictions of Nostradamus to be considered a good material for this forum.

Third important aspect is that the author of the thread is a very well known viewer that post his predictions not only in BTS or ATS but in other sites in the internet for various years, like

Of course we are talking about a person that actually has accomplished predictions that can be carefully tracked in any of the sites he used to post them.

I hope that a second analysis of this case can give light to the way in which the rules of this forum must be applied.

thanks for your attention,

The Angel of lightness

[edit on 10/21/2008 by The angel of light]

posted on Dec, 3 2008 @ 06:37 AM

Originally posted by d60944
I still don't get it why people associate the number 666 with the antichrist? 666 is the number of one of the beasts in the Book of Revelation, not the number of the antichrist.

The computer ...

posted on Dec, 3 2008 @ 06:51 AM
People can not understand real PREDICTIONS & PROPHECIES. Because they do not know about the 'secret witness'. And people can not clearly describe the 'antichrist'.

posted on Dec, 11 2008 @ 10:00 PM

Originally posted by d60944
I still don't get it why people associate the number 666 with the antichrist? 666 is the number of one of the beasts in the Book of Revelation, not the number of the antichrist.

666 is the number associated to the Beast, its "image", and the mark. The antichrist is defined as being anyone (or anything) that denies Christ, which does not exclude the Beast nor its image since they deceive the earth into following them and not God.

My prediction is that the Beast is the emergence of AI, the antichrist (or "image") an android or many androids that serve the beast, and the mark to be the forced implantation of humans by machines for the purpose of control. This could be 20-100 years off....maybe even the beginnings of which occur sooner than we think. Here's a video the ties it all together with my calculation of 666 as being indicative of binary, i.e. machine language.

posted on May, 23 2009 @ 07:56 PM

New prophecies found - same prophecie from 2 different person ( one in Brazil, other in Portugal )

Events regarding JUNE 2009 !!!!

READ THE ARTICLE in this site APOVNI ( Portuguese UFO investigation )

posted on May, 24 2009 @ 09:52 AM
Hello there!

Clicking in this link u can read a depiction of the world in 2028!

Have a nice read!

posted on Aug, 14 2009 @ 03:18 PM
Where is the Dreams sections about prophecies in dreams? I sometimes have dreams that come true.

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