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Lets just say none of your predictions come true...

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posted on Aug, 9 2004 @ 07:48 AM
Lets just say that no predictions on this site will ever come true. Will people on here admit that they are not as "psychic" as they thought?

I'm only asking this because I have seen a lot of post on here recently saying "something bad will happen....." Also, I believe in psychic powers and all that so Im not trying to disprove psychic ability, however, if one's predictions never come true do you think they would admit they are not a psychic?

Understand that Im not saying everyones predictions will not become true, as they very well might. Im just saying "what if?"

posted on Aug, 9 2004 @ 07:52 AM
Not at all. Someone on here said on another thread that the actions of man have an affect on future events. If you knew you were going to get into a car accident, would you take a different route? Or not drive at all?

If you knew you had a vision that you were going to falll down the stairs would you not hold more tightly to the bannister?

I'm sort of sick of all these threads, post in the other ones so we don't have to keep saying the same thing.

posted on Aug, 9 2004 @ 08:02 AM
Yes...but if you never take the chance then how will people know they are psychic? How do you know thats its just not "a feeling" and nothing more if nothing ever happens. Some people just need to feel like they are special in some way, and this may be just that.

So, has anyone's predictions come true? Has anyone that said something to the effect of "There will be a terrorist attack on August 7,2004 in NYC" admitted that they were wrong?

posted on Aug, 9 2004 @ 08:09 AM
Good luck getting anyone to admit they were wrong in predicting things.

I know a woman. She is elderly and very pius. She says things like 'I have a strong feeling that such and such will happen ...' She is wrong 95% of the time. However, when those few 5% of the time that she is right come up ... everyone around her hails her as a visionary.
They say the other times she would have been right, but that people prayed and the future was changed due to prayer.

It's a win/win situation. She can't ever be wrong.

posted on Aug, 9 2004 @ 02:06 PM
Doesn' it in fact say in the blurb for this topic forum that member predictions are not to be discussed here and that rather previously made, ancient predictions are the subject?

And why is it that people think they can make a prediction and that no one is allowed to question it?

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