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Brain implants and "smart chips" one step closer to reality

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posted on Jun, 20 2011 @ 04:54 PM

A new brain implant tested on rats restored lost memories at the flick of a switch, heralding a possible treatment method for patients with Alzheimer’s disease, stroke or amnesia. Such a “neural prosthesis” could someday be used to facilitate the memory-forming process and help patients remember.

Long story short, the more they learn about the brain, the more they are controlling (at least in rats) memory, the process of remembering or forgetting short term to long term mem.

Although this is a long way from being tested in humans, the research shows that if there’s enough information about the neural coding of memories, the signal patterns can be recorded and duplicated, and restored later through a neural implant.

Awesome implications

Get people used to these implants (see: Total Recall)...however, implanted memories could be problematic...(better demand these things recieve no wireless signals)

Although the concept of memory copying and "restoring" (other peoples memories copied and downloaded into your long term that restoring or simply downloaded anyhow?)

Too many to name...but I imagine "virtual vacations" will become a hot seller in the future once they truely start

Handicapped person can download and remember the time they won the olympics
High School flunky "remembers" years of university and suddenly knows how to preform complex surgery
(I know kung fu!)
Every adult entertainer from here to timbuktu raises an eyebrow (nuff said)
I wonder if this will lead to black market memorys being sold (imagine someone selling off his memories of a ufo/contact experience)

Yes, I know I am quickly going into sci-fi speculation of what may be still 40 years off, but hey, speculation is part of the game.

Some off the wall thoughts:
Murderer is sentenced to "remember" being a parent to the victim
Someone is recorded as they are dying...would you want to remember what happened pre-during-and post death until he was found? hmm

posted on Jun, 20 2011 @ 05:32 PM
Why need a smart chip when one can just raise consciousness naturally to increase mental capacity of their brain and their awareness. Raising consciousness comes with increased energy levels, and I'm not just talking exercise (although that aids in raising consciousness too) but also eating raw vegan foods full of enzymes (your body won't work as hard to produce its own thus wasting energy on digestion, plus its way more healthy than processed or cooked foods), yoga, meditation, sexual continence, breaking familiar habits and building new neuron patterns.

google "100 ways to raise consciousness", there are also several great threads about it here on ATS.

why wasting sexual energy depletes a human :

posted on Jun, 20 2011 @ 08:22 PM
go easy on your e.b.e's........

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