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The Only Law We Need.

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posted on Jun, 20 2011 @ 03:08 PM
Our ONE and ONLY necessary law is TRUE freedom.

We think we as American's are free because we are democratic capitalists.

TRUE freedom happens when everything is free and there are no restrictions on creative expression. Then the social hierarchies break down and there is no more rebellion and no more greed.

Socialism? No! Humanity-ism.

Freedom is not allowed because we don't have faith in ourselves to be free. We think if humans were allowed true freedom, we would destroy everything ceaselessly.

If you think we're free here in America you are way wrong.

As long as there's someone in charge writing laws, you will never be free. The only law should be freedom.

And believe it or not, it is a strict law and is challenging even for someone who isn't high up in the governmental hierarchy to respect. Allowing freedom is an effort that goes deeper than simply not having laws.

We have two arms, and if you break someone's arm in a fight, well you have restricted their freedom of expression, and you broke the law. When you tell someone what to do, you have restricted that person's freedom of creative expression to conform to your selfish ideal. You just broke THE law. When you lock your dog in a cage, you break the law.

What about things that aren't covered here under the law of freedom like theft? Well maybe theft is a reaction to an oppressive society. In a world where everything is free, who would steal? In this way, theft is an illusion.

You might say, "If I let my child do whatever he/she wants, there would be anarchy and mayhem", but perhaps the child's choice to be destructive when allowed freedom is a rebellious reaction to oppressive parents?? Perhaps they are naturally, and illogically destructive. In this case, the law of freedom might need a slight suspension for disciplinary reasons until that child is old enough to make logical decisions with their freedom on his/her own.

In any case, you might think you're free here but you're not even close. When's the last time you went the speed limit in fear of being issued a ticket when you knew you could successfully and safely navigate that road at a much higher speed. If you counted all the time you would have saved at the end of your life had you not gone the speed LIMIT, you would have had much more opportunities to be productive and thus improve your quality of life. This is just one simple example of how restrictions and laws are keeping us from our potential and how we are not truly free whether you would accept that notion or not. There are many examples and you can ponder them yourself, and post them here if you think of one.

Freedom just might be the Rosetta Stone that could send our world into an age of peace and prosperity.

If we were allowed our God given right to true freedom, things would be better.
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