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Russia Calling U.S. out on its Nuclear disaster

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posted on Jun, 20 2011 @ 06:29 PM
reply to post by -W1LL

Cooper was near flood shutdown

Operators of the Cooper Nuclear Station near Brownville said they are optimistic that floodwaters will not force the plant to shut down — at least in the next few days.

The southeast Nebraska nuclear station came within about 18 inches of shutting down early Monday, when the Missouri River level at the plant rose to 43.8 feet.

The Missouri River must reach 45.5 feet (902 feet above sea level) before officials will shut down the plant, which sits at 903 feet.

Becker said a problem with the National Weather Service gauge at Brownville led some to conclude that the plant was within 3 inches of a forced shut down. “We're operating at full capacity,” Becker said. “What we're seeing is the river leveling itself off, but we continue to watch and add protection around the plant.”

More that 5,000 tons of sand was brought in for constructing barricades, such as Hesco barriers, around the station's switchyard of transformers and other electrical equipment.

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers said the river at Brownville had surged about 2 feet from Saturday morning to Sunday due to a combination of factors, including heavy rain over a Missouri River tributary, the Nishnabotna River in southwest Iowa.
It was the second time that a Nebraska nuclear power plant has posted a notice of an unusual event with the NRC due to flooding in the past two weeks.

The Fort Calhoun Nuclear Power Plant, operated by the Omaha Public Power District, posted such a notification on June 6. The Fort Calhoun nuclear plant, 20 miles north of Omaha, has been shut down since April for refueling. It has not been restarted because of the flooding.

The river has risen at least 1.5 feet higher than Fort Calhoun's 1,004-foot elevation above sea level. The plant can handle water up to 1,014 feet, according to OPPD.
In northern Missouri on Sunday, water was flowing over two levees choking off two more routes for people attempting to cross the Missouri River.

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I found more doing a search on their site

Rare alert triggered at nuclear plant
Published Wednesday June 8, 2011

Smoke in an electrical cabinet triggered an alert Tuesday at the Fort Calhoun nuclear power plant north of Omaha.

No flames were observed, and there was no damage to the plant's nuclear reactor.

The plant shut down April 9 for refueling and has not been restarted because of Missouri River flooding.

David Bannister, the plant's chief nuclear officer, said the smoke was caused by an overheated electrical breaker in a secondary building away from the reactor.

A fire alarm sounded at 9:30 a.m. and non-essential workers were evacuated from the building.

Fire briefly knocks out pumps at Neb. nuke plant
Published Wednesday June 8, 2011

OMAHA, Neb. (AP) - A small fire briefly knocked out the cooling system for used fuel at a nuclear power plant in Nebraska, but temperatures never exceeded safe levels and power was quickly restored, federal officials said Wednesday.

The electrical system running the pumps that cool spent fuel in a pool of water was disrupted by a suspected electrical fire Tuesday, though one pump was restored shortly after the incident and another was running Wednesday, utility officials said.

The pumps are a key piece of safety equipment because if pumping systems fail for several days and are not fixed, cooling water could boil away and eventually cause radioactive releases.

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posted on Jun, 20 2011 @ 06:30 PM

Originally posted by Rockpuck
I hadn't even heard of anything about this. At all. Not once in the news. And after going through what news articles I could find and reading the Russian report I have to side with Russia. This is an obvious nuclear incident that is being covered up blatantly to hide it from the public.

You haven't read any actual Russian report, you read a report that has no confirmed source and could have been authored by anyone.. the report also seems to not line up with reality.. There have been photos of the plant itself, it's not flooded.. and it's still running at 100% capacity.. That Russian report has all the halmarks of a hoax unless someone can provide a credible source, Faal is not a credible source and so the report isn't either.

posted on Jun, 20 2011 @ 06:32 PM
reply to post by Swills

I posted a summary of that same exact information.. near shut down by about 18 inches.. 18 inches of water is still a lot of water short of a shut down... unless of course a levy truly were to break.

But the water has receded a bit since then, and they are fortifying with sand bags.. this is hardly the "disaster" that the OP's post discusses.. the plant is still running along just fine..

posted on Jun, 20 2011 @ 06:33 PM
reply to post by -W1LL

This has already been debunked. The Fort Calhoun power facility was shut down prior to the floods to change out fuel. When talks started about flooding, the governing body decided to just leave the plant clased until the flooding subsides.

The Power companies wesbite, in addition to the NRC, have both confirmed this.

There is no meltdown, there is no damage, there is nothing going on at this power facility.

The article is running unconfirmed information.

People should do a search prior to posting. You will find several other exact topics with the debunked info.

ATS Thread - same topic - info debunked

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posted on Jun, 20 2011 @ 06:55 PM
reply to post by -W1LL

why does this hardly get any media attention?

posted on Jun, 20 2011 @ 07:13 PM
The reason why the United states is going through such turmoil is simply because we as a nation have turned our backs on god. The closest our nation is to god the more powerful it is ( think WWI - WW2 era ) and as we grow farther from god, things will only get worse, but i have NO worries because I have lived a clean christian life and am at peace with what ever my happen.

posted on Jun, 20 2011 @ 07:24 PM
reply to post by thorfourwinds

phew, I don't know about fearmongering - but that was one hell of a post
I don't stress over things usually... but after reading all that
you officially scared the crap out of me

especially with the ending...

To be continued...

Just wanted to say this before reading the entire thread changes my mind in some way

posted on Jun, 20 2011 @ 07:42 PM
Russia let the world know about chernobyl as soon as they saw it was not easilly contained.

Why do Japan and the US get to sweep it under the rug?

I'm siding with the Bear on this one.

posted on Jun, 20 2011 @ 09:07 PM

Originally posted by miniatus

Originally posted by -W1LL
reply to post by Chadwickus

you the other poster should have said this report was a hoax.

no matter at least this is getting attention it is a big deal and has potential to leak radiation into the rivers and air if its not already..
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The risk is there if the water level rises and actually floods the facility, however that hasn't happened .. they've sandbagged around the plant and are monitoring it, they are prepared to shut things down and take measures to prevent the problem.. this isn't a Japan situation where a tsunami rolled in with only 20 minutes of warning.. this is much different indeed.
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it did flood the facility and the pools were exposed. that link in my first response to you on page one shown the thread i postd that has absolutely nothing to do with Sorcha or a hoax.

there are many pics this is from that article and it looks pretty flooded to me,

posted on Jun, 20 2011 @ 09:42 PM

Originally posted by ..5..
Russia let the world know about chernobyl as soon as they saw it was not easilly contained.

Why do Japan and the US get to sweep it under the rug?

I'm siding with the Bear on this one.

Its difficult to claim something is hidden under the rug when there is nothing to hide in the first place.

The Russian claim is based on FALSE info. See my post a few up for the other ATS link and the debunking the story got in that thread.

There is no meltdown. The plant was shut down while changing out their fuel. The plant remained shut down when talks about the river flodding took center stage. The plant was NOT in operation when the flodding hit.

posted on Jun, 20 2011 @ 10:28 PM
I live just outside the emergency zone of our local plant (we have sirens and detectors) and I haven't flown a private plane in a while but I was under the impression that all nuclear facilities and plants were no-fly zones. Don't know if inside fence guard I know was BSing about having military ordinance, radar and devices to protect the plant from planes and ground attacks. I believe they have the ability to ask for jet response as well as escalating response from local, state and federal law enforcement Wouldn't be surprised if military response was included at some level because of potential hazard to area.

posted on Jun, 20 2011 @ 10:39 PM
Someone needs to thank the geniuses who condone nuclear power. "Hey! lets use a method that can damage the environment permanently to create.... Steam?"

Seriously, i dont get it.

posted on Jun, 20 2011 @ 10:50 PM
We the people need to create local communities and start having meetings, communicating with other communities and find out what's going on here in america.. There's something crazy wicked happening.. and people need to know about it..
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posted on Jun, 21 2011 @ 05:25 AM
Interesting little story. People in the US had been worrying about the Japan disaster.

Then we see this :

Radioactive tritium leaks found at 48 US nuke sites
'You got pipes that have been buried underground for 30 or 40 years, and they've never been inspected,' whistleblower says

posted on Jun, 21 2011 @ 09:38 AM

Originally posted by Forevever
reply to post by thorfourwinds

phew, I don't know about fearmongering - but that was one hell of a post.
I don't stress over things usually... but after reading all that
you officially scared the crap out of me

especially with the ending...

To be continued...

Just wanted to say this before reading the entire thread changes my mind in some way


Thank you for your participation.

This is not about fearmongering, this is about providing relevant information regarding the continuous bombardment of radiation on the U.S. on a daily basis, so that, we, the people, have the ability to make informed decisions that may be crucial to our survival as a species.

The interesting thing about what we have been posting is that there has not been the usual attacks by those with a vested interest - why?

Possibly because it is difficult to debunk the truth.

We invite interested parties to view more of this information here:

America's Being Nuked - Can we Together Stop the Madness?

And here:

Is This the Beginning of the End of Nuclear Power in the U.S.?

And here:

Will America's Nuclear Power Plants Fail in an 8.0 Earthquake?

Thank you for your participation and comments. We sincerely appreciate all who take the time to voice an opinion.

Why are there so few?

It does seem from the lack of participation on this forum that more people are interested in the foreskin discussion or Dancing With the Stars than the [color=limegreen]possible poisoning of our children, land, waters, atmosphere, etc. forever!

Perhaps, after partaking of this post dealing with only a few of the headlines from only the first two weeks of May, you may be able to offer additional opinions.

As you may readily discern, we are carefully setting the stage for our call to action.

We look forward to a lively discourse.

2 May 2011
Fukushima forecast shows Cesium-137 and Iodine-131
Over Northwestern US on May 5 (VIDEOS)

These forecasts are (were) an interesting source of information that the USGOV/EPA does not provide in any way, shape or form to we, the people, of America.

Go figure. The EPA shuts down radiation monitoring in the U.S., and now, NILU is off the air.

Here is one of the last forecasts of Xenon-133 from 16 April 2011.

Norwegian Institute for Air Research (NILU)
Fukushima Potential Releases, Xe-133 Total Column for April 15-April 19, 2011,
Norwegian Institute for Air Research (NILU), April 15, 2011.

This what one gets now when looking for the forecasts.

Our apologies...
The item you requested does not exist on this server or cannot be served.
Please double check the web address or use the search function on this page to find what you are looking for.
If you know you have the correct web address but are encountering an error, please contact the Site Administration.
Thank you.
404 Not Found

What is really going on that TPTB do not want us to be aware of what is being monitored? Why is no one else sounding the alarm? Does anyone else really care? Is anyone reading this? Why do we feel so alone in this quest for the truth? It does not matter.

Our side will continue to shine a light on the darkness with the hope that others will join in the quest in time to make a difference. The quality of life and the future of humanity may very well be in question at this point in time.

What we may or may not do will be the difference.

It is now time to take a stand and make a choice.

As we are all here "to catch fish," it is now time to decide if you are a Fisher Person - or a Master Baiter.

Only time will tell.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch...

2 May 2011
Highly Radioactive Sewage Found 30+ Miles From Fukushima Plant

Cesium levels up to 334,000 becquerels per kilogram
Local officials in Koriyama City, [color=limegreen]50 kilometres west of the plant, said they found sewage sludge containing 26,400 becquerels of radioactive caesium per kilogram, Jiji Press reported, from reduced sewage, had 334,000 becquerels per kilogram, Jiji said.

The caesium could have been released by explosions and fires at the nuclear plant after the quake and tsunami, and been washed into the sewage system by rain, the officials were quoted as saying. [...]


Remember the torrential rains that inundated the West Coast a few days after 3/11?
(If the discerning student is interested, we can search the archives and probably find the readings of iodine, xenon and cesium for those dates and locations. Westcoast are you there? Ellensburg'65 calling fellow Bulldogs...)

One might wonder what the readings might be in the sewers of San Luis Obispo, San Francisco, Portland, Vancouver and Fairbanks, Alaska.

How silly to even comprehend such a thing. After all, the EPA has informed us that there is "nothing to worry about" and all is well... move along... this is not the radiation you seek.

While the MSM is making good their campaign to make the sheeple comfortable with the idea that the situation in Japan is "stable," we are faced with not only the Fukushima disaster, but yet possibly another crisis in the making in Japan.

2 May 2011
URGENT: Radiation leaks from fuel rods suspected at Japan’s Tsuruga nuclear plant

Radioactive Xenon up 75,000%
Leaks of radioactive materials from fuel rods have been suspected at a nuclear power plant in Tsuruga, the Fukui prefectural government said Monday, citing a rise in density of the toxic substances in coolant water. [...]

According to Japan Atomic, 4.2 becquerels of iodine-133 and 3,900 becquerels of xenon gas were detected per cubic centimeter Monday, up from 2.1 and 5.2 becquerels, respectively, during previous measurements conducted last Tuesday.

"Per cubic centimeter.." "Per cubic kilogram..."

It would seem that the persons responsible for writing these press releases or news stories are purposely attempting to befuddle the average reader.

Let's look at the above statement and the story preceding it.

2.1 to 4. 2 becquerels of Iodine-133 is easily understood as doubling - 200% of the previous reading.

5.2 to 3,900 becquerels of Xenon gas is 75,000%. Is that a lot? Compared to what?

What is the relationship of becquerels per cubic centimeter to becquerels per kilogram?

How many becquerels fit in a breadbox?

Why would there be two - so different - methods of sharing this information?

Do many people really understand what is being presented here?

Does anyone really care?

Back in the USA...

We offer the following statement from the EPA without comment:

3 May 2011
May 3 Statement by EPA

After a thorough data review showing declining radiation levels related to the Japanese nuclear incident, EPA has returned to the [color=limegreen]...routine RadNet sampling and analysis process for precipitation, drinking water and milk

As always, EPA's RadNet system of more than 100 stationary monitors will continue to provide EPA scientists near-real-time data on the slightest fluctuations in background radiation levels.

Due to the consistently decreasing radiation levels, EPA is evaluating the need to continue operating the additional air monitors deployed in response to the Japan nuclear incident. EPA will continue to analyze air filters and cartridges from all air monitors as they arrive at the laboratory and will post the data as available.

In accordance with [color=limegreen]normal RadNet protocol, EPA will be analyzing milk and drinking water samples on a quarterly basis and precipitation samples as part of a monthly composite. The next round of milk and drinking water sampling will take place in approximately three months.

It is important to note that all of the radiation levels detected by RadNet monitors and sampling have been very low, are [color=limegreen]well below any level of public health concern, and continue to decrease over time.

EPA continues to work with federal partners to monitor the situation in Japan and stands prepared to accelerate radiation sampling and analysis if the need arises. Data will continue to be available on EPA's public website.
RadNet Sampling Data

[color=limegreen]...routine RadNet sampling and analysis process for precipitation, drinking water and milk

(Insert appropriate expletive here!) We are, again, at a loss for words...

Meanwhile, back at the ranch...

Coincidentally, yes, Virginia, there are nuclear facilities in America that may be in some sort of danger too, although there has been little coverage of these events in the light of the importance of the "Weinergate" scandal. (This false flag was almost as stupid as the Charlie Sheen train wreck that gobbled up so much of the allotted time/space for "news.")

It's the economy, stupid. (Oops! Another thread, another time.)

3 May 2011
Radioactive release from nuke plant less than 150 miles from New Orleans

Nuclear Event – North-America
RSOE Emergency and Disaster Information Service, May 3, 2011:
• Event type:    Nuclear Event
• Date / time [UTC]:    03/05/2011 [May 3] – 02:56:08
• Area:    Grand Gulf Nuclear Power Plant
• County / State:    State of Mississippi
• City:    Port Gibson

Event Description:
The Nuclear Regulatory Commission is investigating after a radioactive element is found in the Mississippi river. Authorities say it started at the Grand Gulf Nuclear Plant in Port Gibson. They say they went to check for standing water in an abandoned unit, and found a build up of water. They decided to pump it out, and after taking a sample, they discovered the chemical “tritium” had been released into the river. Officials say the River has diluted the radioactive material, and is not causing harm to the people. Right now the incident is under investigation. There’s no word on how much Tritum was pumped into the water.

6 May 2011
Nuclear Expert: EPA Abandoning Radiation Monitoring To Ensure There Are No Measurements Above Levels Of Concern

The Bay Citizen quotes Daniel Hirsch, a nuclear policy lecturer at the University of California, Santa Cruz, as saying the EPA is [color-orange]purposely abandoning radiation monitoring to ensure that radiation measurements can be taken that will above levels of concern.

Hirsch is also quoted as saying “I really am horrified” about the “staggering” EPA announcement that the EPA will return to testing radiation levels in rainwater, drinking water and milk every three months.

That means the next radiation monitoring results aren’t planned to be released until August.

Would a class-action lawsuit and/or a court order force the EPA to release these results now?

Can't one of these hackers lurking on ATS hack the EPA and/or EDi to provide we, the people, the information that we, the people, theoretically own? (Anon - do something about this travesty - after all, we are all in this together... radiation is non-selective and unforgiving.)

Why are more caring citizens/activists not stepping forth and lending support?

Where are the attorneys on ATS when they are needed?

Please step forward and give us some advice, please. Something must be done to retain our rights to this potentially life-saving information.

The future could very well rest on this actionable point...?

The abandonment of radiation testing by the feds also comes on the heels of an announcement from a top environmental scientists that food across the entire United States will be affected by the Fukushima nuclear radioactive fallout and an analysis from Japan’s top nuclear expert that [color=limegreen]reactors 1, 2 and 3 have all suffered a complete nuclear meltdown.

The EPA’s announcement was made even in the face of the fact that the levels of radiation being released from the Fukushima nuclear power plant have just hit an all-time high and radiation levels detected in independent milk samples in the US continue to rise.

The EPA ignored these reports from only two days before their astounding "denial of service" to the American taxpayer. Why do we, the people, continue to pay that company, EDi, when they are not monitoring radiation levels in all states in the United States?

There has to be an angle to swing the balance of power in our favor - or we run the chance of contamination on an unimaginable scale.

Where are the debunkers/shills/dis-info agents on this issue? Someone step up to the plate and prove our theory wrong. Please prove us wrong.

What happens if an EMP fries all electrical devices? Does that mean that all 104 active reactors in the U.S. suffer a meltdown at the same time when there is no power to run the cooling process? Is that the true Achilles heel?

When one takes the unsolvable nuclear waste issue and couples it with this EMP-Armageddon scenario, it becomes clear that nuclear power needs to be replaced ASAP with clean, renewable energy.

Something is very wrong here.

From our friend Alexander Higgins:
9 May 2011
Mislabeled XENON Forecast Map Shows Massive Nuclear Radiation
Fallout Cloud Over US

While playing around with the URL’s for Japan nuclear iodine forecasts I discovered a nuclear radiation forecast that was accidentally placed on the ZAMG website. The scientists inadvertently uploaded a radiation forecast showing a massive cloud of Fukushima Xenon radiation spreading over Japan and the United States instead of the iodine forecast for May 9, 2011.

One might ask why this type of information is being withheld from we, the people?

Onward through the fog...

11 May 2011
This is the last iodine-131 public forecast by NILU. Why?

9 May 2011
This is the last Cesium-137 public forecast by NILU. Why?

Perhaps because of pesky little stories like this:

11 May 2011
Japan: Compared To Radiation Dumped Into Pacific Ocean Today’s Release Of Half Billion Becquerels Is Nothing

Japan downplays release of 500 million becquerels of nuclear radiation by saying it is nothing compared to the amount radioactive material that has already been dumped into the Pacific Ocean by TEPCO from the Fukushima nuclear plant.

Today TEPCO was forced to release 500 million becquerels of nuclear radiation from the Fukushima nuclear reactor into the environment at the Fukushima nuclear reactor to lower the radiation levels inside the plant. In recent days, levels of radiation have been measured high as [color=limegreen]700 millisieverts per hour (which would be deadly to workers in just a few hours) over the course of the last few days.

Japan downplayed the massive release nuclear radiation into the environment by saying the levels are only a small fraction of the amount TEPCO has already to dumped into the Pacific Ocean. Almost undoubtedly American corporate news will try to spin the release of radiation from by running another headline saying the levels in reactor 1 have dropped once again. That is, of course, if once the radioactive dust settles the levels inside reactor 1 do actually drop.

Are these fine folk at TEPCO ever going to be brought up on charges for this deadly discharge?

METI’s Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency disclosed on May 8 that opening the double door between the reactor building and the turbine building of the Reactor 1 at Fukushima I Nuclear Power Plant will release the total of 500 million becquerels of radioactive materials into the environment.

The amount of radioactive materials this time would be 1/300th of the amount released into the ocean when 10,000 tons of water with comparatively low-level contamination was intentionally released; [color=limegreen]there is no effect on the environment, according to NISA.

Does that imply that (300 x 500,000,000 = ) 150,000,000,000 (150 TRILLION) becquerels of nuclear radiation was released into the environment?

Does the average person really understand the difference between million, billion, trillion?
(Jump in here, CLP or Phage, if you wish, and help us understand this situation, please.)

And there is no effect on the environment, according to NISA???

Is this the referenced 10,000 tons "of low-level radioactive water?"

Tokyo Electric disposing of low radioactive water in Pacific
TOKYO, April 5, Kyodo

Tokyo Electric Power Co. on Monday took the unprecedented measure of dumping 10,000 tons of low-level radioactive water in the Pacific Ocean from a facility at its crippled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power complex to make room for the storage of more highly contaminated water, which is hampering restoration work at the plant.

With the total amount of water to reach 11,500 tons, including contaminated groundwater from near the No. 5 and No. 6 reactors, the government said the disposal was unavoidable in order to secure safety. The level of radioactive substances in the water is up to 500 times the legal limit permitted for release in the environment.
As for the impact of the disposal of the 11,500 tons of water, TEPCO said an adult's annual dose would be around 0.6 millisieverts if the person ate seaweed and fish caught nearby every day for a year, which is still about a quarter of the annual dose a person is usually exposed to from natural sources.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch...

TEPCO estimates the added radiation because of the operation will be 0.44 microsieverts maximum within Fukushima I Nuke Plant. NISA, using SPEEDI, estimates 0.77 microsieverts of added radiation if the wind is from the east at 1 meter/second. Both numbers are lower than 1/1000th of 1 millisievert (1,000 microsieverts) which is the annual allowable radiation limit for the general public.

According to NISA, 500 million becquerels is the total of radioactive iodine-131, cesium-134 and cesium 137. The number was calculated by multiplying the amount of radioactive materials inside the reactor building that TEPCO measured on May 7 by 25,000 cubic meters (volume of the building). NISA assumed the radioactive materials to be released from the height of 29 meters (upper part of the reactor building) for 8 hours.

12 May 2011
NILU ends public forecasts as map shows large radiation clouds now over US, Canada (VIDEOS)

Thank you for your interest in the FLEXPART products for Fukushima. The Forecast system is no longer running.

“These products are highly uncertain based on limited information for the source terms. Please use with caution and understand that the values are likely to change once we obtain more information on the overall nature of the accident.” -NILU.

Well, isn't this a fine kettle of fish?

Wonder who leaned on NILU?

12 May 2011
TEPCO: Bigger Breach in No. 1 Reactor Core Than Expected

Serious setback” to stabilize Fukushima
One of the reactors at Japan’s crippled nuclear power plant has been damaged more severely than originally thought, officials said Thursday — a serious setback for efforts to stabilize the radiation-leaking complex. [...]

The findings also indicate a greater-than-expected leak in that vessel. Radioactive water pouring from troubled reactors has pooled around the complex, hindering work to bring the plant under control. [...]

The low level of water indicates that the core of Unit 1 had a bigger breach than expected, said TEPCO spokesman Junichi Matsumoto. [...]

13 May 2011
Fukushima Radiation Plume

The Norwegian Institute for Air Research is NO LONGER posting the plume maps below with the surface concentration of the different radioactive materials (Iodine 131, Caesium 137 & Xenon 133) from the nuclear disaster in Japan as it dispersed across the Pacific Ocean.

Why? Is it because of radioactive forecasts such as this?

This is one of the last screencaps of the FLEXPART Fukushima Potential Releases: Xenon-133, 16 April 2011.

Although the Iodine 131 & the Caelsium 137 plume has been dispersing throughout the Pacific, traces of I-131 have been found already in milk in Washington State on 3/25/11.
I-131 has an eight days half-life so it decays pretty quickly although the longer this situation lasts, the more the accumulative effects.

Surprise, suprise:

Fukushima Radiation Plume Forecast
last modified 2011-05-13 11:26
Thank you for your interest in the FLEXPART products for Fukushima.

The Forecast system is no longer running.

We have discontinued our Flexpart forecast of the atmospheric dispersal of radionucleides from Fukushima. This due to the fact that we do not have access to reliable release rates reflecting the current situation at the plant to be used as input to our simulations.

It is likely that the release of radioactive material is significantly reduced compared to the initial period, and ...that [color=limegreen]levels no longer pose a health risk at distance from the plant.

We thank you for your interest in our FLEXPART products.

"... levels no longer pose a health risk at distance from the plant."

All is well... move along... go back to your homes ... there is nothing to see here...
...this is not the radiation you seek...

And there is a lot more to come.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

In Peace, Love & Light


posted on Jun, 21 2011 @ 09:59 PM
reply to post by Swills

reply to post by miniatus

thank you both for your patientce and info... as you can see it is hard to get a straight answer on what the actual status of the plant is....I am still uncertain.

but things are much more clear now, hopefully with this short thread people will read the first 3 pages and know whats giong on.

I still feel that the plant isnt running at 100%. I will look for the article I think it is in the link to another thread in my OP. but i remember it saying the drainage for the sludge they use to cool was clogged and that was posing a problem.. so that might be something to watch for next is drainage...
we still have snow up here in the MTNS and rain still to come,
I live at the top of the Missouri before it changes direction and heads west and we are having the same problems evacuations sinkholes bridges and roads are being washed away.
I am sorry to say this is most likely far from over.

I am still curious though why the no fly zone if everything is normal?

things Def. are not right.

posted on Oct, 11 2011 @ 07:45 PM

Meanwhile, back to the Fukushima World-Killer Nuke Meltdowns and the [color=limegreen]continuing radiation poising of our land, food and children - 24/7/365.

zorgon, what is your take on this?

Well, I spent three weeks following that Fukushima story doggedly... then in the end I found out three things...

1) Except for a handful of people and those that live in the area... NO ONE CARES...

2) We are still here... 1000's of nuke tests (especially near my home town) medical radiation, space radiation, CME's, cell tower radiation, microwave radiation... etc etc.. and we are STILL HERE.. and world population is increasing exponentially

3) Radiation is good for you


Thank you for your insightful and timely response.

1) We have been attempting to sound the alarm in the many nuke-related threads in our signature, and have come to the same conclusion: NO ONE CARES...

However, having spent the last six weeks on the road in the Hurricane Irene-ravaged areas of North Carolina, we were amazed - no, dumfounded - that [color=limegreen]NOT ONE PERSON we spoke with (including fellow First Responder Volunteer Firepersons) had any clue about Fukushima 24/7/365.

The Captain of the local department said that "there is no problem, or the USGOV/EPA would alert us, and it would be on television, right? (!???!)

Revised Conclusion: The people have been denied the basic information to make informed decisions as to how best "handle" the radiation poisoning nightmare.

2) Never thought that you would not be (there) "here" - after all, who would want to leave that pool? And whatever happens in "here" (there) stays in "here," (there), right mate?

3) You and Ann Coulter make such a great pair...

Glad to be back.

As we have been attempting to bring to light for over six months (!), there exists a world-wide conspiracy in the MSM to deprive the public of the facts regarding the dire consequences of the melt-throughs of the nuclear reactors at Fukushima-Daiichi.

Please listen up, people.

Your life and the lives of your loved ones may very well depend on your access to and use thereof of potentially life-saving information being kept from you by the EPA/USGOV.

The total number of days between Friday, March 11th, 2011 and Tuesday, October 11th, 2011 is 214 days.

The radiation poisoning of our people, food and land has continued unabated - 24/7/365 - for exactly 7 months.

For your edification and enjoyment (bewilderment), a few 'notable' stories that seemed to miss mass circulation and perhaps a peek at what might have been missed on the 6:00 o'clock news...:

Three days into the disaster, this FOR EYES ONLY memo circulated at the NRC.

14 March 2011
NRC ONLY Update – All 3 Reactor Cores Likely Damaged

15 March 2011
Fukushima Daiichi Units Degrading – Zirconium Fire at Reactor 4 SFP – Reactor 2 Possible Reactor Vessel Breach & Ex-Vessel Core Reaction

My goodness gracious! And we thought they (TEPCO/JAPGOV) said they had this "stabilized..." and presumably under control...

At least, that is what they (and the EPA/USGOV) would have you believe.

Fast-forward about six months to more headlines you may have missed in your local media:

21 August 2011
Fukushima Officials Worry New Discovery of Radioactive Beef Will Harm Reputation More After Farmer Confirms Cattle Not Fed Contaminated Rice Straw

21 August 2011
4,000 Potentially Radioactive Cows Without Radioactive Rice Hay May Have Been Shipped from One Farm in Namie-Machi, Fukushima

29 August 2011
Why the Fukushima Disaster Is Worse Than Chernobyl

31 August 2011
France Releases Map of Cesium-137 Deposition Across the Pacific – Shows the US More Contaminated Than Western Japan

[color=limegreen]Will this insanity ever end?

In Peace, Love & Light


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