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Should internet users file a lawsuit aginst Google for usery?

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posted on Jun, 20 2011 @ 06:07 AM
The information collection has reached into ever corner of sponsored web sight activity.Trade and Commerce Laws require a fair and balanced equatable code of commerce. Google has collected statistics and have used your information for servery superposes.

Should Google pay for utilizing the server and user for unwarned and unregulated information collection.
They don't pay for your electricity the don't pay for you internet service. They don't pay for maintenance on your computer for collection programs and back door and I.P. spam conflicts or civil conflicts that occur there of.

I know their ads are posted at websites but that is the point of sponsoring web pages. Not to infiltrate services.
In the past they bought double click services they have taken a saboteur effort instead of an accusal social service.

Facebook, Wiki, Yahoo, and various others are pushing against the consumer in the shadows. Is it time for our intellectual rights, commerce rights and privacy rights are enforced instead of being sold?

Where is the fair commerce laws? Tax payers upkeep the services where is our due?
Internet is the new form of commerce according to the Chamber Commerce. So shall we form a group lawsuit for Violations?

Almost all Statistic collection groups need to pay aswell. Don't let intellectual content be continually placed in a jar to control your future!

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