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A note for those on the move with something to devulge

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posted on Jun, 19 2011 @ 09:25 PM
Due to some recent U2U's I had and other conversations Off site with people i know, I felt this needed to be said and yes I'm sure some if not most of know this already but for the 80/90% of non computer literate people out there ok people need to understand that when you feel you have something of importance or something that someone might not want out there you need to be slicker and quicker always try your best to stay one step ahead which may not always work out for you but trying is better than not. For those that know ask your self how many people in your life really have no idea how fast they can be found if it was needed. If you have anything of true importance and i'm not talking just nonsense but true evidence of anything so important you think you may be watched get it viral ASAP people get taken down all the time for little to nothing so if it's big I believe the saying is Go Big or Go Home... And don't think your being slick grabbing hotel wifi or going to your local coffee shop ok because it doesn't matter what network your on your networking equipment on anything whether it be a PC/MAC/Laptop/Netbook/Tablet has a MAC address from the manufacturer and once those are created those lists are turned over by LAW to the FCC or in other words the government you can be found no matter were you are getting on at whether it be your home internet/someone's wifi/any other access point. Yes there are thousands of ways to spoof that but this post is for the people that have info through other sources and have no idea to cover there A** and there are alot of them out there that's why for some reason the government always comes out shining like a diamond and these peoples stories are never heard. If you dont know how to cover yourself Learn or find a trustworthy friend who does if your rerlly in a position where none of that is available to you then still trying anything is better than not trying at all to get the truth out and take them down, at best try a library where the equipment stays at thier location and doesn't leave with you get on and get out or like a best buy or walmart where you can try the equipment and NEVER return to that location again because you can bet they blanket that area for your return. Be smart people and you will live to fight another day.

I'm antisipating replies asking what info or what or who has what and needs to get it out. Not gonna happen because I obviously don't have it or I would would follow my own advice and get it out there and devulging anything with said proof would be inviting a flame fest and I also won't play any part in giving up names or locations of people who can barely hide themselves who happen to stumble across stuff they may never have, that would kind of be counter intuitive to the whistleblower movement. This post is to remind the masses that DON'T know how fast they can be found and or erased should a problem become big enough.

For those and I believe most on this site that do know what i'm talking about or that do have people in your lives that are just as I've described make it known and for the millions of people in the lives of the thousands that are on this site maybe more REAL info would make it to the surface and the little man might win for a change and things won't have to be tossed off as a HOAX because the proof was grabbed in the nick of time and not just flat out made to disappear

TEACH those in your life to think things through, in an information age for anyone even those who don't care about conspiracies can stumble across something all it takes is an OMG WHAT DO I DO moment and that fast it's squashed Teach them not to ask What do i do with this but rather Remind them of the instinct to see something and say EVERYONE NEEDS TO SEE THIS NOW and get it out even to those you may never meet again.

Because in these strange times where even a neighbor can be an enemy you can bet there are people all over the globe who could care less if you ever see the light of day again if your going to live on the edge for truth don't make in vein



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