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my first thread on humanity! :)

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posted on Jun, 18 2011 @ 03:07 AM
its best to read the thesis in a positive light.


by zulu

Human society is no different than the formation of a fungus mass. The only change in formation is size and the scale at which things are done“we are bigger we can think more we spread our mass faster” that is it that is the only difference the design of society is exactly the same to that of a fungus mass. But humans should not be sad because species on earth is EXACTLY like this there is no individual there is only the mass sadly not even us humans can escape the inevitable we are here simply to reproduce and move our species forward as much as possible. We are for the cause of the many even if a person does not acknowledge it .For those who don't add to simply die off leaving only the offspring of ones who aid the mass thus by default and heredity making the majority willing “slaves” to the larger purpose.

Everything in a man was created with the sole purpose of moving his species forward , even his highly evolved brain which he admires much is no more important to the larger society than a nucleus of one cell!Like that cell within his body he too is trapped within humanity only to do one thing and that is successfully breed. His sole purpose is to breed and reproduce successfully . It is only when the last nutrient of a planet he is currently occupying is sucked dry will he cease in his mindless operation because the only things that can stop his process is death or death for his future offspring.

I fear that is the only reason man will enter space which is to relieve the pressure caused by overpopulation .Kind of like fungus sucking the last drop of nutrient out of a slice of bread then when realizing there is no more food unto which to reproduce it immediately creates millions of spores. The spores are akin to spaceships that will land on new frontiers and begin the act of reproduction all over again. This bought a thought to my mind maybe I have been looking at life all wrong ,we don’t eat because we are hungry or because food tastes good we eat because food is fuel for reproduction!!We are simply eating to build mass up to become a cog a wheel a cell a supporting structure of the mass. Its kind of weird because that means not even the act of enjoying a meal has any human qualities to it. It simply is something we have to do. Food is simply fuel and our instincts coax us to favor what is necessary for the body.

That is how I sum up human life “we are simply a swarm of organism with no greater goal than the virus and bacteria we so despise” humans form the biggest organism on earth the accumulated mass produces an intelligence that many cannot comprehend its intelligent must be akin to the one produced by the billions of nerve cells within our head ,heck it may even be conscious of itself thinking it is the “one” and relating the importance of a human to that of a skin cell. We may never know, our consciousness may reach out no farther than that of our own cells making us blind to the bigger picture that is reality. That is how life is that is why the great ancient Egyptian philosopher Imhotep once said “eat drink and be merry for tomorrow we shall die” which is one of the closest things to the truth. Enjoy life for that is all there is to this world.

this whole idea just came to me one day so i tried to put it into word as much as possible

dont be afraid to point out where im wrong " constructive criticism is good"

So tell me ATS what are ur thoughts

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