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The Sabbatean/Frankist recreation of Judaism.

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posted on Jun, 17 2011 @ 11:56 PM
Sabbateanism in its most basic, philosophical form, is gnostic and secular.

I have been able to note three developments in the post-sabbatean period that reflect their desire to "recreate" Judaism, but in a secular, humanistic and atheistic mode.

The man who first articulated the need to 'recreate' Judaism, in response to the enlightenment occuring in Europe, was Moses Mendelsohn. Thus, Moses Mendelsohn became the chief architect and "law giver" of the new Jew.

Moses, of course, was the Law-Giver

The man who founded Reform Judaism - a heresy in itself - was named "Abraham Geiger".

Abraham was the founder of Judaism.

Likewise, Abraham Geiger was the founder of the new, heretical brand of Judaism.

Some 130 or so years later, the first, renewed Jewish state was founded, and its first leader was prime minister "David Ben Gurion" - a leftist, labor politician with socialistic/secular beliefs.

Israels First king - who unified Israel - was David.

Here again we have the appearance of the name - David - of the first prime minister of Israel.

This is strange to say the least.

Its not exactly chronological (Abraham came before Moses) but conceptually speaking, it is completely coinciding.

Moses - Moses Mendelsohn
Abraham - Abraham Geiger
David - David Ben Gurion, the dwarf (just had to mention that he was 4'10)
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posted on Jun, 18 2011 @ 03:20 AM
Duly noted.Syncronicity my friend, time and life is a spiral.Everything is set to repeat on each rotation.As we get closer to the center you will note how it gathers speed.

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