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Man burns himself to death to avoid US debtors prison.

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posted on Jun, 19 2011 @ 04:09 PM

Originally posted by sonnny1
reply to post by Forevever

The U.S. Census Bureau has reported that fathers with joint custody pay 90.2% of all child support ordered; fathers with limited visitation rights pay 79.1%; and 44.5% of those fathers with NO visitation rights still financially support their children.

This might answer it for you. Question, Do you think FATHERS cant raise children? Seems the courts agree with that premise,as MOTHERS get the majority of PRIMARY PLACEMENT.
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These courts are the same courts that embarrass America on a daily basis with all of their confusing, agenda driven laws. Go back one page from here and look at all of the Census and other government statistics that I have furnished en masse....and you will clearly see that the courts don't know what the hell they are doing. Monkeys could embed better laws in our country than the Supreme and federal courts that Bush put in place. Clearly the real statistics (ONE PAGE BACK)........tells the true story according to "actual studies" done by other branches of our government and the Census Bureau which were paid for by tax dollars. The studies suggest that women alone........are doing a horrible have never even been given a fair chance. Women have always gotten EVERYTHING in court against a man.

I am not sure (by your statement) which side you are supporting...but I just thought I might direct your attention to the stats that I have provided , on page 7 of this post, backed up by the source. the courts are wrong on this one, AS THEY USUALLY ARE, and I believe their laws are designed to corrupt the American Judicial System and to split America into yet another 50% vs. 50% battle ground, which divides our country right down the middle into a "divide and conquer" dichotomy ......which allows the government to proceed in destroying freedoms and usurping our rights thus marching our (once fine) country into a cold and sterile police state. Look this not exactly what's happening? Emphatically....the answer is a yes.
This divide and conquer scheme is no new thing in the states and they have been doing it since the American establishment began.

Gay rights vs. Christian Morals

Every other religion vs. Christianity

(Bush's' version of) Christianity vs. Islam ....much like King Richard and Saladin and the 3rd Crusade in the 11th century.
Whites vs. Blacks - still raging on today despite the attributes of Condoleezza Rice, Oprah Winfrey and Obama.

(in 1838, The Trail of Tears) The American Government vs.The Cherokee, Muskogee, Seminole, and Choctaw nations which resulted in near genocide.

Feminists vs. Males
- currently ongoing in the U.S. and Europe (yet to be fully recognized as a pertinent issue, by many, as a real problem) despite the heavy statistics and degradation of the family structure, morals and suicides....of only the children and men..women seem to be just fine.

Right-wing vs. Left -Wing - all other ideologies such as Constitutionalists, Liberals or Patriots are considered "Anarchists, as per a government test that I took online".

Pro-life vs. every child has a right to live - on going battle.

Women's Rights vs. ??.. , There is no aren't even considered here as we have no Hero Organization such as Feminism, to protect us from government/women tyrants protected by government.

International Bankers vs. Everyone in the world except the elites who work for them.

upper class vs. lower class vs. middle class

Of course the tired old America vs. Every other country in the world
"we are the best country in the world" (blah, blah) ...all reinforced daily by brainwashing us with Football, Baseball, Tennis, Hockey, and every other type of sport where one team is pitted against another team to reinforce the (My Team vs. Your Team) or (My Country vs. Your Country) mentality...the only difference wears jerseys...the other wears a flag. But sports are an indoctrination of this "divide and conquer" mentality that we are being brainwashed with daily, despite how fun they are. Very often, they also result in violence when one team loses...just like with disputing countries.

The United States Government and the UK Government vs. Conspiracy Theorists

Anonymous Group vs. The U.S. Government and Scientology

Hackers vs. Those in the American Government who want to seize the Internet from the people....Looking in your direction Jay Rockefeller..."Champion of the people", LOL, I still can't get over that.

Husbands vs. Wives - which has resulted in a current divorce rate (as of 2011) of 68%. Not counting all of the new-founded "liberated women" who don't want to get married to a man because they believe that they were, at some point in time, slaves to men...although there is absolutely NO PROOF of this and it's an old microwaved tale that you will only hear from ugly, ticked off women who can't get a man anyway.

....well, look at most's true. Statistical Source of a woman's divorce

I could go on and on but i think you get the hint.
America is divided right down the middle in so many different makes you wonder why they call it American Pie. That's exactly how we divide it up........but our government seems to get every single piece of it while leaving us with nothing but a full stomach of empty promises.

Hey Kids! Wanna be president? Eat your vitamins and do your homework and nothing is impossible. HA HA!
Remember those words from your government and your teachers?

Here is a list of the traceable bloodline of the United States Presidents who are all traceable by their bloodlines to each other. I know, I know we are all related by blood throughout history all the way back to Adam and Eve or Noah...whatever, shut up. I am talking about since the establishment of America and since we were promised as children that the American Dream included us having a chance to be wealthy and to be able to become President.

According to this list ...there never was a chance unless you had a direct blood link to royalty or another President.

(You count them...too many for my time)
In short America is a divide and conquer country....we are all lied to....for some reason we all keep believing in the same old lies over and over and never learn from the horrible results of them. The American Dream.... is just that...a time to wake up.

This guy is just another victim of the 50/50 split and the ex-wives should be tried in court because they knew full-well what they were doing...and did it all for selfish reasons at the sacrifice of their children and the husband, all for her own personal financial gain. Now all she has is a guilty conscience. Actually, I doubt very seriously she has a guilty conscience.....women are innately able to make justifications for anything they do to a man or anyone else and can easily blame their misdeeds on others without a second thought. Like, for instance,....oh, I don't know....."I have absolutely no doubt that this man was mentally ill"
Nah, it wasn't the woman's fault that she screwed the guy so much financially or kept his children (which he probably missed a lot) away from him and took him to court and in and out of jail constantly, assuring that his life would not be worth it's HIS fault for wanting to get away from a world which had nothing left to offer him..ALL BECAUSE OF HER! As for the burning man stunt.......well, men are rough around the edges and we make points on a more violent level, self-inflicted or otherwise, it's just our nature and it has always been that way........women tend to be more passive about it and kill by poison or by chloroforming their baby and putting tape over their nose and mouth, you know....the more deceptive way.......but as Marilyn Manson said "killing is killing whether done for duty, profit or fun". She still was the cause of this man's death....and should be tried the same as an Internet bully or someone who bully's gays....which ultimately ends up in suicide and all of the sudden BECAUSE IT'S NOT A MAN .........suddenly everyone cares.

BTW, whats up with the ribbon for men and prostate cancer? You know, like the Red Ribbon Society for breast cancer that you see in all the parades and signs and all of the commercials? You'd think after 80 or more years of equality between man and woman that we would have support for something as simple as OUR LIVES.I guess men dying of prostate cancer and have commercials and ribbons for ourselves, to support our continuing existance is asking too much. I guess that's equality for you. A womans version of equality is slightly different from a man's, men think of it as women and men being equal with each other...women think equality is, dividing men's possesions equally amongst themselves! Then they just tell the world everything is equal and just because they say it.....somehow, makes it so. Feminists and women who support feminism are nothing but big liars....and that's it. They contribute nothing to society that isn't self-serving.This is called a leech.....and these women are the true deadbeats.

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posted on Jun, 19 2011 @ 08:16 PM
reply to post by Frira

Wow bro you really got taken for a ride, but like you said you should of seen the forest for the trees. If I were you I would forget about your kids and especially that thing you used to call your wife. You really need to move on, getting stuck in the past wont do nothing, and trust you me, your family, and ex wont even spare a second thought for you.

Really the last people you can trust on earth is females when it comes down to it, unfortunately all the bad things they say about them is all true, and then some. And this whole thing with the feminism wont end well me thinks if it keeps going on like this, and really it's not about them anyways, but as a means to other things which really ultimately has nothing to do with humanity in general, or males or females. The future is more bizarre then anybody can even imagine or dream of.

And truth is harsher and more bizarre then fiction, that's why the one of the worst things you can do, or tell somebody, is tell them the truth.

And the truth is you were a fool, and to keep thinking on the past such as you do, is a continuation of that foolishness, and I would worry about your ex, as you no doubt know by now females have there ways and really they don't have it that hard when it comes to certain things no matter how much they whine or say things are not fair for them. Its all bull# dude. If anything they have way more options then male types, and always had it so.

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posted on Jun, 19 2011 @ 08:22 PM

Originally posted by Wrabbit2000
reply to post by gimme_some_truth

Suicide is a cowardly act in my belief system. Fair on that and most religions agree. However, shooting yourself in the head is a world different from burning yourself to death. I'm not a martyr. I'll admit, I see myself as screaming like a school girl to the last breath in this..the worst of all die. This man was like the Vietnamese Buddhists who died silent and stoic. What does that require??? I sure don't have whatever that takes and I dare say, few if any here do. Mental Illness doesnt even cover it...I don't think being nuts would hold past the first waves of pain from head to toe and right into the body core from the lungs. Nope...

What kind of mindset does it experience full body pain beyond out worst nightmares...and not utter much, if anything...but just be there and die.

This man is not like those Vietnamese Buddhist's at all. Saying so is an insult to those Buddhist's. Those old monks who would set them selves on fire were protesting great atrocities... This COWARD got out of paying child support!

They are not even remotely similar, so don't you dare try to compare the act of a hero, to this man's cowardous acts...

Who cares why he didn't move? Drugs? Alcohol? Too crazy to care about pain? He most certainly was not a life long monk who was able to meditate to the point where they felt no pain and he most definitely was not trying to stick it to the man, or to even protest something that truly needed protesting.

He was a coward looking for a way out.... Plain and simple.... he killed himself to avoid prison and child support payments..... That's it....

He is NOT a hero. Shame on anyone who calls this man a hero.

If that is the kind of behavior you reward.... Abandoning your children and loved ones, not paying child support and killing yourself, then you need to get your priorities straight.

posted on Jun, 19 2011 @ 11:40 PM
reply to post by chrismicha77
Dude, it can get much worse. Try 3 years not seeing your child and $1200 a month for the next 6 years and being out of work for 2 years due to the economy. And not being able to find a job because of a past arrest when I was 17 I am now 36. I feel your pain deeply and people just don't understand what that does to a person mentally. It's easy for other people to sit back and say man up and take care of your own but it is a lot more complicated than that. These women want our money but don't want us to have any contact or rights with our kids. Where is the logic in this? I would not wish this on my worst enemy. I'm sorry you are going through this and I wish I had answers but I'm at a loss. Peace!!

posted on Jun, 20 2011 @ 11:08 AM

Originally posted by galadofwarthethird
reply to post by Frira

Wow bro you really got taken for a ride, but like you said you should of seen the forest for the trees. If I were you I would forget about your kids and especially that thing you used to call your wife. You really need to move on, getting stuck in the past wont do nothing, and trust you me, your family, and ex wont even spare a second thought for you.

Really the last people you can trust on earth is females when it comes down to it, unfortunately all the bad things they say about them is all true, and then some. And this whole thing with the feminism wont end well me thinks if it keeps going on like this, and really it's not about them anyways, but as a means to other things which really ultimately has nothing to do with humanity in general, or males or females. The future is more bizarre then anybody can even imagine or dream of.

And truth is harsher and more bizarre then fiction, that's why the one of the worst things you can do, or tell somebody, is tell them the truth.

And the truth is you were a fool, and to keep thinking on the past such as you do, is a continuation of that foolishness, and I would worry about your ex, as you no doubt know by now females have there ways and really they don't have it that hard when it comes to certain things no matter how much they whine or say things are not fair for them. Its all bull# dude. If anything they have way more options then male types, and always had it so.

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It is not women-- it is the system, and the system does what it does because most persons are sheeple.

Sheeple, for example, will be told to believe that a father CAN forget his children, and when a sheeple hears that, thinks it must be true. The sheeple, then say, "Oh, just get on with your life."

So, for the non-sheeple, or for the sheeple who would like to become more fully human-- a short Primer:

* When a person faces an intolerable situation, the mind will automatically began searching for and constructing possible solutions. If no solution can be found, the mind continues to dwell. THAT dwelling without viable solution (often for simple things like, no one else willing to help) we call "Depression."
* Therefore, one does not "move on" when a child or children have been kidnapped either by a court or a stranger. Psychologically speaking, the effect is exactly the same as kidnapping.
* Therefore, one does not "move on" when one faces prison for being poor, and yet the court insures the person cannot afford a car to go to a job or a suit to interview for a job, or a roof over his head to store a suit, or for that matter, a place to bathe.

Free thinking helps-- platitudes do not. So, some more specific points:

* I've been living this nearly seven years, I know about Father Rights groups and have made use of their very limited resources-- they are no solution to this, but they do help.
* Filing papers with the court does not require the court to act on them-- that takes an attorney and the poor cannot afford an attorney and the courts and wife's attorney know this.
* Most people, including judges, assume an accusation to be sufficient to assume guilt. Ever serve on a Jury? I was one six chosen from a pool of 36. In the initial interview questions for selection, I was the only one who did not speak of sentencing. We had heard no testimony-- only the charges-- and 35 of 36 were talking about the maximum sentence to "send a message." So, when my wife falsely accused me of domestic violence, that charge shows up on my background check (the judge dismissed the charges and punished the prosecutor)-- and everyone who read it thinks, "Oh! He is violent!"

The question, then, is begged: Why is it easier to believe a man hit his wife with no motive for doing so, then it is to believe a wife lied about her husband with many motives for doing so?

The answer is easy, or easy for me: Most persons are sheeple, and unwilling to think for themselves-- especially if they fear their reasoning will require them to act-- to become involved or to take responsibility. Platitudes are much easier.

Lastly, that "thing I call my wife" is mentally ill. She deserves compassion-- probably will not get it from me-- but the court, if it did its job, would "in the best interest of the children" get her help, rather than cheer-leading and funding her psychosis on the children's back and on mine.

Four lives were destroyed-- irredeemable now. This is not a set-back from which moves on. This is destruction which one merely waits to be complete. Thomas Ball, was tired of waiting for the final blow. Me too.

posted on Jun, 20 2011 @ 11:45 AM

Originally posted by gimme_some_truth

If that is the kind of behavior you reward.... Abandoning your children and loved ones, not paying child support and killing yourself, then you need to get your priorities straight.

Which of course, is NOT what actually took place-- but then, who expects TROLLS to read anything complicated with any sense of understanding?

If you had empathy, understanding, or even reason skills-- you would not spend your days as an Internet troll, would you?

For the record, he had his children taken from him-- he did not abandon them. Thus, his grief (look up the word grief-- I imagine you to be unfamiliar with the concept).

Second, he had been paying child support, and fell behind-- knew he could catch up-- but knew he would forever be blocked from regaining his children-- it was that, and that alone, which caused him to break so totally that he took his own life. All it would have taken was someone in a position to help to actually help. None did.

But, for the stupid (willfully or naturally so), I do realize that it is much easier to go through life not facing the reality that people suffer needlessly because the stupid give impunity to tyrants. However, you might remember-- the impunity you give to tyrants is not extended by their victims to you. So, make sure you do not actually speak the things which you write here to another person face to face. But you knew that anyway. Cowards do know it.

You want to be seen as brave and bold? Then face the truth-- it will be more than enough to make a man of you.

I have a lot of rage, and you and your ilk are welcome to it. And thank you for volunteering to allow me to let just a little of it seep out.

posted on Jun, 20 2011 @ 11:54 AM

Originally posted by civilchallenger
James Ball burned himself to death on June 16, 2011 using a large amount of gasoline in front of the Keene, New Hampshire court house. Thomas Ball in a "suicide letter" stated he believed he would end up in jail, saying:

I am due in court the end of the month. The ex-wife lawyer wants me jailed for back child support. The amount ranges from $2,200. to $3,000. depending on who you ask. Not big money after being separated over ten years and unemployed for the last two. But I do owe it. If I show up for court without the money and the lawyer say jail, then the judge will have the bailiff take me into custody.

This is really sad. RIP.

I am one who has experienced this area of the system and it does get you down, WAY DOWN its sad he couldnt see beyound the financial strains and social strains to see better days may have still been in his future. I feel his pain and saddness from losing all he was working for, you just gotta when you get down pick yourself back up and keep it moving with what you got even if its not much and try to rebuild from that.

I am just amazed at how far he went to show his upsetness by doing this to himself...... Because I know the feeling when you can get overwhelmed financially and it can get ruff. the amount he owed was a large amount but he felt so afraid of prison and failure endured within the prisons that he took his own life sad.

1 can only hope many others caught up in the financial issues can overcome them somehow and not feel that self sarifice is a worthy solution.

$$$$$$$$$$ smh
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posted on Jun, 20 2011 @ 07:37 PM
reply to post by soconfused

Because of a misdemeaner at the age of 17 you can't find a job yet you've just been out of a job in the past 2 years?

Manning up and taking care of your own is not complicated really. If you are out of go take on jobs whereever you can find them even if it means scrubbing dishes, making burgers, cleaning toilets or some other menial job......and there's PLENTY of these jobs available all over the USA in every state. go in to the Family Court and get your child support altered and explain your circumstances with proof to back your claim. Now how simple is that?

These mothers don't want your money for themselves.....they want your money so they can help support YOUR children. A majority of mothers are not callous as you make out. They are fighting for their children so they can have a reasonably decent roof over their heads, decent food in their mouths and clothes on their backs. Should we strip naked all women and children from broken homes simply because their marriages failed? Thats called economic abuse, one of the most viral things a man and father can do.

I know it's tough out there, it is for EVERYBODY right now but sometimes we have to lower our pride and grab whatever respectable job we can find....even if it means we have to work for minimal wage to stay afloat until a better opportunity comes along.

posted on Aug, 16 2011 @ 06:44 AM
First off I am old enough to have been discliplined with corporal punishment at home and at school.
My father and all the men in my family were military. And back then when you got paddled , had to stand up for hours holding stacks of books and other things in school there was less violence, less gangs, less teen pregnancy, less bullying, and less foolishness. Not saying corporal punishment was the only factor but when it was taken out things got worse really quickly. (Just speaking of my local area).

Funny how psychologists say spanking your kids will cause all types of damage but they will be the first to presribe Ritalin and other brain altering drugs when they falsely diagnose kids with ADHD. No small children I know of sit still or are quiet for very long unless that is their nature in the first place.

And I do understand why he did not want counseling at the center which told his wife to call the cops.
Because more than likely they would have made things even more difficult than they already were.
And this after a not guilty verdict. (What?)

And the guy was tired. The court system is all about money. Think this is a story, there are a lot of men out there who have to pay child support on kids that DNA proves are not theirs , if the child was born within the marriage, even if the test was done on a child 18 months old. And it takes a lot of time and money to reverse it because the courts say "the child needs financial support." Why should any man have to be forced to spend his hard on money on a child of a dude his wife cheated with. I digress......

I do not blame the guy. He did not blame anyone in the letter he just explained his situation and the unfair way he was treated by certain formerly trusted institutions. She also went on a contempt charge after he lost his job. How can anyone pay something when they are out of work? Everyone cannot afford to put even a penny away as one poster mentioned.

And if he did go to jail his chances of getting a decent job would be very low no matter what his education. Every unemployed person is not lazy. And there are not enough decent jobs to go around. Who wants to work and not even be able to afford their own decent place to live. Eventually that will wear a person down anyway. Not to mention child support obligations taking a nice chunk of the little they have.

So had I been in his situation I would have done the same rather than be imprisoned and have my life screwed up even more. It just is not worth it.

Warning tothe young men out there. The human population is not in danger of dying out.
So please if you are not abstaining, use condoms and/or get a vasectomy.
Unless you are really sure you want a lifetime obligation and sacrifice do not have children.
As far as picking the right partner, people change and people will do a complete 180.
So that is no guarantee either.
Be careful or you may end up like Mr. Ball and other men who are jacked up by the system.

As for me I am never getting married again or dating. Not sayng all women are like my ex wife, but unless a woman has a hysterectomy to match my vasectomy, no way I am getting married ever again.
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posted on Aug, 16 2011 @ 06:50 AM
Ah the day's when we still had Debtors prison in the UK.
Apparently one of my great grandads loved it. Him and the Bobby who rounded folks up were on first name terms.

posted on Aug, 16 2011 @ 08:02 AM

Originally posted by ThirdEyeofHorus
It's extremely sad that he saw this as the only way out of his problems. I do not judge people who commit suicide. I believe in reincarnation and a wise person said we have all dont it in some past life. I also believe that the Catholic Church has the wrong attitude on services for suicided people. That being said, I do not believe in suicide per se, but feel compassion for those who are lost in the way and feel utterly hopeless.
Considering that Christians are supposed to follow their Leader to death (martyrdom), if necessery, the Catholic stance is not quite all right in the head. Not all who kill themselves are suicides, per se. Now, killing yourself for no good reason? (Anyone remember the play written from the Salem Witch Trials? The man who was pressed to death by stones refused to confess, but stated "more weight" because if he died, he confessed to nothing. In the religious sense, he still stood by his faith in God in that he did not deny his Christianity to save himself from the torture. In the monetary sense, since he never confessed, his lands and prosperity was not confiscated, but went to his inheritors because there was no confession to witchcraft to enable the court to seize property.)

Even if plain old suicide is wrong (which I believe it is), let God be the judge of the dead, since they no longer have anything to do with the needs of the living. Even if there is no God, and life plain ceases to be, having an opinon over someone's self-inflicted death does nothing to bring them back, so it is still pointless. There's very little that the dead have to offer.


Now, I don't know if we jail them in Cajun country, but I do know from 2 coworkers that there's a wide range of results in custody cases. 1 is divorced, the other seperated seeking divorce eventually, but not able to afford it right now.

The guy: he and his ex are amicable, although she left him for another man. She has primary custody, so he pays child support, not because she and the new man can't afford it, but because that is HIS son, and his son is going to get financial support form his father, even when times are hard. She doesn't get on him when he falls behind because of job situations, mostly because he catches back up as best he can. They filed for bankruptcy after the divorce because legal council suggested it due to the fact that child support place breaking up of assets ensured that no one had enough money to be indpepndant of each other, at the time.

The girl: She lost custody of her kids during the split because she tried to keep her kids off the stand. The one that did not listen to her wishes sided with the father (middle child, daddy's girl, did not whitness the following). I don't know all the details, but the eldest walked in on her father cheating on her mother with another man. (Verified because I heard the story from a cousin whom the man is her son's godchild long before I ever worked with the woman. I swear this town is too small.) She paid child support, he left his job, moved back in with his parents, and spent his governemnt enforced check on his wild party life. He had several years of her getting on his case about the situation, his parents getting on his case about the situation, his eldest and youngest children getting on his case about the situation, and allowing his middle child's mental health get out of line because he was more interested in bribing her to stay on his side than being a parent first. (The girl got far enough in acceptance of sexual deviancy without boundaries to admit that she'd have no problem having intercourse in front of her father...don't know how that came up, but her mom stomped on that real quick. No, not a matter of homoerotic behavior, but of not setting up boundaries with your kids.) Not long after that, with his abenteeism as a father, and both the 2 remaining in his custody being teens that were threatening to become very undiciplined, he voluntarily went back to the court to give her back the kids, went got a job, and is paying child support to her now--jsut to get rid of the kids. Playing the martyr was less fun than having the freedom to not be burdened with the daily disicpline of his kids. Jerry Springer, anyone?

Neither one of these cases threatened jailtime. Besides, the only way I would be interested in the jailtime is if they were actually working for something in jail, and I got payment that way. Otherwise keep them on the streets where I have a chance of payment. Otherwise, when they are paying it off while in jail, what is likely happening is that their parents or grandparents are paying it off for them.

posted on Aug, 16 2011 @ 09:05 AM
Just an update.

Because of the lack of exposure to this news story, I half expected to find that it was not true-- all made up as a composite of the many suicides of such fathers. I did a Google Search today to see what there was:

There was this, typical American Reaction:
Man who set himself on fire had a history with courts

Yep, we are supposed to go-- "Oh-- lots of problems with the court-- so he wasn't like the rest of us. This could never happen to me. Nothing to worry about, nothing to see here, move along."

Then there is this article: New Hampshire man lights himself on fire to protest America’s decline which quotes:

The next day, life went on in America. There was no shocking front-page cover story or award-winning photograph to spark a national debate… let alone propel droves of fed-up citizens to flood the streets demanding change.

Rather, the New Hampshire courthouse cleaned up his charred remains and meticulously scrubbed the floors to eliminate all trace of the event. 24-hour news networks ran a quick blurb in their scrolling tickers amid more important coverage of the Miss USA beauty pageant and President Obama’s Father’s Day plans.

In other words, business as usual… suggesting that if there is, in fact, going to be a fight for the soul of the country, it’s a long way off, and many more degrees for the boiling frogs who are stuck in the pot.

My assessment of this situation, however controversial it may be, remains very clear: the great faceless enemy that opposes us, irrespective of our country of origin, is the institution of government.
Read more:

And those two articles are all that show up in a News search on Google, one under "James Ball" and one under "Thomas Ball."

Years ago it was a British Father's Rights author who contacted me, personally, to suggest some resources for me to try. They were not legal-- they were merely compassionate resources. Among them, although I had made no suicidal intimations, was an article on "Why not to commit suicide."

A very long article I read then on a web site I can no longer find contained excerpts of suicide notes of throw-away-fathers despairing over their estrangement from their children, followed by the media headlines of the death. In all cases the headlines and articles said only something to the effect of "Troubled man takes own life." No mention of the cause of his trouble-- and many had stated in their suicide notes that they hoped their deaths would help other fathers undergoing the same injustice.

It is, clearly, a situation which the government and the media want silenced. And the government and the media have won.

Did you know that the Federal Government in the US has funded County Judge positions to collect child support but which courts are FORBIDDEN from enforcing custody?

posted on Dec, 10 2011 @ 04:02 AM
This is exactly why I'm a single mom and NEVER ONCE went for child support. I know my son's dad can NOT afford any money. He can not work and I won't go into detail why because it's no one's business why, but I refuse to make his life hell. If he WAS able to work, sure, he'd be helping us out here and there - NO courts needed what so ever. I refuse to screw someone's life over if they can not afford it.

End of story.

Oh, even if I ever get married someday, and divorce, we'll go our own ways with our own stuff. Screw taking half his money and future checks and all his half of stuff. He will deserve to go on with his life just as I do. I would definitely marry someone and have my OWN bank account, for one. Seriously though. People piss me OFF how greedy they get during divorces and with child support. It sickens me.

posted on Oct, 8 2013 @ 04:03 AM

I really sympathize with the guy for being down on his luck. Can't put a man into jail and hope to "G-d" he would pay back what he owes when he gets out, if ever. I'm not familiar with the debtor system but there should be ways to make payments so that it is a "win-win" situation for both parties. Sometimes, I find it heartless for WOMEN would go that far and ruin a man's life further by putting him to jail. I suppose that death was better by his own hands than at the mercy of the kangaroo court and jail time with his new friends.

Oh yes "Women" will do brother is a case in point. Not that he successfully did " the deed", but he was on his way. Thankfully we have a family that will call when things go "south".

posted on Oct, 8 2013 @ 05:32 AM
People have no idea just how bad and damaging the child support system is here in America. It is no longer a matter of "have a child and pay for that child" and it has not been for at least 15 years. Even finding any help through the legal system is a huge challenge in itself.

I often used to wonder what it takes to drive a sane man to his breaking point. What it would take to drive a man to think that grabbing a gun, storming a State House or Court House was a good idea. Just what it takes to drive a man to such an extreme measure. Today, I know and I understand. Let me share with you all MY story. When I am done, feel free to PM me if you have any good advice or legal suggestions cause I sure have not yet found any solution and every attempt has failed.

I currently pay 3 separate child orders, to 3 different States (Kansas, Arizona and Oregon), for the same ONE child.

Now I know, like most do, you are thinking how could this be possible? Well let me open the door to just how screwed up the system is....

First let me begin by saying people in the US have no choice or option when it comes to child support. You are tracked by your social security number and your wages are automatically garnished. You do not get an option to pay or not pay. The only way to stop this from happening is to find an employer who will pay you in cash (which is illegal), work under a false name with false documentation (also illegal), or simply not work at all (which many men do).

Order #1 Kansas : According to Kansas I am paying for "some type of financial assistance the Mother received while she lived there". This order was paid off (more on that later), but I am currently paying it back again anyway, again- no choice. It is all being done through wage garnishment.

Order #2 Arizona : Sent me paperwork saying they are collecting on behalf of the State of Kansas. Of course I contacted Arizona and explained that I was already paying the State of Kansas. Then they changed their story and claimed the letter I received was wrong and that I was paying Arizona for "some type of financial assistance the Mother received while she lived there". Even though the amount they claim I owe is roughly the same amount Kansas claims that I owe. The difference roughly, $200.00. When asked what type of assistance the Mother received, they refuse to give any information about the case by citing "privacy laws". It is my belief that Arizona is actually collecting on the Kansas order, even though that order is already being paid.

Oder #3 Oregon : Is where my current child support is being paid. This is actually the only order I should be paying.

Now here is where it gets crazier....

As I said payment is done through wage garnishment. It is removed from your paycheck by the employer on a Court Order. YOU will never see this money nor touch it. You will only work for it and it is taken out before you ever receive your paycheck. At some point in time a private company called "Support Kids Inc" began collecting my child support payments, overriding the Kansas Court Order. My employer, upon receiving the paperwork to do so, began sending this private company my child support payments for a period of 2 and half years. They collected just short of $10,000 and never reported a dime of it to any State Agency. This is why I am being forced to continue to pay the Kansas order, which is in all actuality paid off. The money "Support Kids" collected and did not report is actually enough money to pay off Kansas and Arizona and then they would still owe me money back.

Of course after finding out what had happened I got all the paperwork together to prove that this money had been collected. I contacted Kansas and after looking over the paperwork I was told that since the payments never went through their payment center, I was still obligated to pay. If I wanted my money back I would have to sue "Support Kids". Of course Kansas then offered to help lower my monthly payment by taking all 3 support orders and consolidating them into one order which would lower my monthly payment. Then turn that consolidated support order over to the State that I reside in (Louisiana). After waiting several months for this to happen, and not seeing any results, I contact Louisiana and was told they know nothing about it. I contacted Kansas who informed me that they had changed their minds and would not be consolidating the 3 support orders. Why? This is the answer I got verbatim..."Why should we do that when you are paying anyway?"

It didnt matter that I could barely feed myself. It did not matter that my wages were being garnished unfairly or that I was paying money I had already paid out and in essence paid off completely. The State saw no reason to stop collections since I was able to pay anyway. They want MY money and that is the way it is.

And that is how it is. Every month I struggle to put food on my table and feed myself. Every month I struggle to pay the bills. Every month I juggle bills and pay what I must pay right away, and put off the rest until it must be paid. I have not even paid my gas bill in 9 months, but I will have to pay it this month or else it will be shut off. So I will have to put off another bill to do it. Chances are, paying this bill will mean I wont be able to eat for a little while or I will have to go on the Ramen Noodle diet....again.

This is actually a very short version of my story, and I even have every document that proves my case. Of course there is no money to get a lawyer. I have been unable to find any "legal aid" in my area. Oh legal aid is advertised, but apparently no one actually provides any. They have to be paid too, but I have no money to pay a lawyer cause every dime I make pays a bill, the rest is collected by 3 States to pay for "child support".

That my friends, is just how screwed up our system is.

For myself, I would never commit suicide, that is just not me. What is me? Well as I said when I started this post, I often wondered what it would take to drive a man to arm himself, storm a State House or Court house and hold people at gunpoint hostage. Today, I understand what it would take. If I lived in Kansas, I would be on the news already. If I even had a way to get to Kansas (No car and a suspended license- although I rode a motorcycle for years illegally until it broke down and of course no money to fix it or replace it), I would be on the news already. Believe me when I say, I finally understand what it takes to drive a sane man to such great lengths and to such a violent act. I understand all too well.
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