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Nader Doesn't Have Enough Signatures For CA Ballot

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posted on Aug, 8 2004 @ 03:24 PM
Apparently Ralph Nader, who needed more than 150,000 signatures to make it onto the CA ballot, fell short at only 85,000. Nader's campaign spokesman said they had 4 or 5 others ways to get Naders name on the ballot but would not tell what they were.

Bob Mulhollan, an advisor for the California Democratic Party, said, Nader didn't collect enough signatures. "Nader is a failure."

Aug. 8, 2004 LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Consumer advocate Ralph Nader did not collect enough signatures to make the ballot in California as an independent presidential candidate but his spokesman said on Sunday the campaign would keep trying.

Nader had gathered about 85,000 signatures by Friday's deadline and had clearly failed to accumulate the 153,035 signatures needed to place him on the ballot, California Secretary of State spokesman Doug Stone said. Final tallies were not immediately available.

ABC News

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