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The Last Official Piece of Evidence...

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posted on Jun, 17 2011 @ 08:48 PM

Originally posted by K-PAX-PROT
Witnesses are a important part of all juristic courts of law and their testimony's can condemn a person to freedom or prison, why should it be any different to the testimony's of these military and civilian witnesses who have came forward to date regarding UFO sightings,reports or the knowledge that some of these military witnesses have been privy too and shared;Timothy Good in his books has gathered a wealth of circumstantial evidence from military sources that point to very real phenomenon that is entering and leaving RESTRICTED air space of various nations at will;Now those that are not adherent to the conspiracy of a secret government in any form or perception that could be manipulating various governments and military and using stealth technology in civilian populated areas have a option here , either that this secret government is a reality and that UFOs are stealth technology or if not then the other potion or possibility is that SOME UFOS are ET in origin;

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While witness testimony is always used in court, witness testimony is always the least reliable part of a trial. Unless a witness testimony matches up with the evidence, it is not the thing that will make or break a case. There are numerous studies and tests that show that witness testimony is severely flawed and not very reliable. Many reasons for this....people lie....people make mistakes.....people's imaginations can get the best of them....and so on.

Humans are flawed therefore, it is the one thing I am least likely to believe unless some hard core evidence can corroborate it. Hard cold evidence...that is what makes or breaks a case

With that regards to what the OP says....I can agree with most of it. Day after day I become more disenfranchised with the stuff that is out there being presented as "ufo/alien" evidence. While I believe there are unexplainable and unidentified things up there in the skies....I see nothing that points to some alien origin that we all tend to think of. But I keep reading and watching. Maybe someday something will turn me.....although I tend to lean a bit more towards the supernatural then some little creature from Mars or some other planet (but I think that is a whole 'nother topic in itself)....
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posted on Jun, 17 2011 @ 10:32 PM
If we are all waiting for the US Government to make it all better by making it crystal clear with full disclosure good luck with that . If it is to come from Nasa , good luck with that also . Smudged images , cropped/ filtered videos . Sure they say that they are searching for intelligent life out there . I think they are really saying they are looking for less intelligent life than us , then maybe they will spill the beans . Something they can be controlling of , rather than being controlled .

Since they have found things that they cannot come to terms with themselves because they are more intelligent than us . Certain humans will have a hard time accepting themselves as less powerful than they are . Accepting defeat is something we struggle with . Evolving as a species to embrace the unknown to grow from it is scary . Do we want to be slaves to a more evolved species , hardly worth disclosing the fact that there is a more evolved species out there then .

I,m a slave already to being held back , it sucks but it doesn't stop me from my beliefs . Being all we can be may be a thing of the past .

posted on Jun, 18 2011 @ 12:35 AM
reply to post by TrixXxtaR

Yea no problem, hmm lets see.

This one explains that they could have given us technology.
Egyptian Lightbulb

Heres a video that shows some of the ancient paintings, sculptures, carvings etc.
Ancient Evidence Video

Sorry, its not that much and its getting late. When I get on tomorrow I'll send you a message with whatever else I come up with.
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