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Dream Recall in general (and two specific dreams I've decided to share)

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posted on Jun, 16 2011 @ 01:19 PM
Normally I don't really put much stock into my dreams. I'm one of those people who has tons of vivid dreams and remembers most of them for weeks after the fact. And honestly, I wouldn't be surprised if dream recall took up half of my memories. (That's pretty lame to think about... I have more dream memories than real life memories... hah.)

Anyways, I had two dreams last night that I can't really get out of my head. It'd be interesting to find out if others have had similar dreams, or if anyone can provide some insight.

On a more general note: I hear it's odd for people to remember their dreams. And as someone who remembers multiple dreams a night, I'm just curious if it actually is odd. Perhaps more people remember their dreams than others think, or perhaps because of the whole... end (possibly) coming... people have been more receptive to their dreams.

Anyway, these are the two dreams I wanted to share:

1. I was walking back to my car with friends. Apparently it was late because my car was one of the only cars left on the roof of the parking garage (where I happened to park in the dream). As I approached my car, I remember the scene getting darker. My friends had already gotten into the car, and I was about to adjust my seat so I could also get in (I have a two door car, hence the necessary seat adjustment when there are more than two people). I looked up and noticed a group of guys idling near the entrance, they were looking over at us while also trying to walk inconspicuously. I remember feeling a tinge of "somethings wrong" and then I looked up to see one of the guys approaching me with a gun. My friends were safely in the car, so I closed the car door and stayed outside with my purse (as though I knew I was about to be robbed). The guy got close enough with the gun and he said something that I don't remember, although it was something to the effect of: "give me your money."
What's interesting about this dream is my reaction... it is almost exactly how I would react in real life, the only difference is: the robber certainly wouldn't respond the way he did in the dream.
I got my purse and slightly irritated, I looked inside and said, "You're gonna hate me dude, but I only have six bucks."
I reached in and gave him the money, and his reaction was, "Oh damn, I thought you'd have more."
Then we got into an amicable discussion about how no one has money nowadays... then he walked off towards his friends and I got into the car and left.

2. I was at a dance. Similar to the commencement ball that I attended about a month ago at the Sheraton in Boston (pretty damn classy, but ridiculously expensive). Anyway, I was with friends and I remember the crowded dance floor, the obscenely loud mainstream music, and all of the colors of the lights in the dark. At one point, a friend of mine slipped and fell cracking her head on the floor (which would normally mean extreme brain injury or death, but in the dream, she was fine). The problem was that she blamed her fall on me. People started to treat me differently, as though I was an attempted murderer. The dream continued into the following day. I was angry that she would blame me for her own clumsiness, but I was also concerned about the fact that everyone was believing her. So I decided to make a little basket of gifts to give her while she recovered. I drove into town and parked my car with the intention of getting coffee before I went into the store to buy her a gift basket. As I walked to the coffee place, I ran into my friend with a few other people. She acted like nothing was wrong, and introduced me to the girls she was with. After saying my name, the girls gave me a dirty look and decided not to acknowledge my presence. This just solidified my suspicions that she was blaming the accident on me.
After I got her gift basket, I drove to her house to give it to her. She wasn't home and I couldn't find her. Instead, I ran into her mother who started freaking out. I bolted from the house and got into my car. I could see the mother in the second story window and she threw a bottle of wine at my windshield as I reversed out of her driveway. The house my friend lived in happened to be on a hill, so when I reversed into the street... my car kept going backwards. I had already put my foot on the brake and switched it into drive, but my car kept accelerating backwards. I felt the rumble of my car driving through a yard with small trees, then glass shattering as the car went through a house. I eventually ended up in someone's backyard... all of my extremities practically numb. I tried to call the police... I grabbed my cell phone and dialed. Oddly enough I dialed 918 (probably because my hands were going numb). So I had to frustratingly hang up and call again. When I finally dialed it correctly, I had to be put on hold because there was only one police officer working. As I was on hold... I slipped into darkness... then I awoke in bed.

What's odd about the second dream is the fact that the girl who I supposedly wronged was a friend back in elementary school... I've barely seen her since. I get along with guys much better than girls, so most of my friends are male... which was another reason why this dream was so odd to me: I was friends with too many girls.

Anyway, besides specific comments on the two dreams I shared. I'm more interested in hearing other people's experiences and opinions regarding dream recall.

Do you remember dreams often? Every night? Multiple dreams a night?
Lately, have you been having more vivid, and therefore easily recollected, dreams?

posted on Jun, 16 2011 @ 01:40 PM

Originally posted by xFloggingMaryx
Do you remember dreams often? Every night? Multiple dreams a night?
Lately, have you been having more vivid, and therefore easily recollected, dreams?

I remember my dreams most every night. I typically have multiple dreams in a night, and sometimes, I'll leave off a dream one night, and finish it the next, or have the same dream with a different outcome. I also experience lucid dreaming, and yes, my dreams are very, very vivid and cinematic, with aromas, sensations, and deep feelings. But, once in a while, they're just nonsense. Case in point - I saw this video the other day and then dreamed that my dog was jumping on the kitchen cabinets in the same way.

It's interesting that your car played a role in both of your dreams. I wonder if there is a part of you that you subconsciously associate with your car?

posted on Jun, 16 2011 @ 01:42 PM
Id say your second dream was about the guilt that you've been harboring for a long time. Maybe some similar situation brought it up for you recently so your subconscious produced this dream for you to work out.

In the first dream you are in control, you diffuse the situation and even become friends with a potential enemy. In the second dream you have no control, you're confused and surrounded by enemies. I'd say you're remembering these because they are two separate ways of dealing with conflicts and problems.

I'm a big believer in dreams, especially confrontations in dreams. If the second dream continues, or you have something similar, try confronting your accusers in your dream. Take control of the situation like in the robbery dream. I used to have a recurring dream with some sort of entity that was always tormenting and chasing me. One dream I decided to confront this person and I had a series of dreams over many years where I became entangled and one with this entity. This confrontation has worked wonders in my dream and waking life

I dont remember many dreams but thats because I smoke marijuana most nights. I find that when I dont use MJ I have vivid, lucid dreams and I remember a lot about them. Your dream recall is extraordinary and I think you should use your dreams as a way to improve your waking life. Whatever you want to do in real life, do in the dream. Its safer and you wont be ostracized for it.

posted on Jun, 16 2011 @ 02:12 PM
reply to post by graceunderpressure

Glad to know I'm not the only one! I'm not too fond of the dreams that continue from one night to the next... I get those occasionally and they are usually rather mundane too. Like I'll be renovating my bedroom and each night in the dream it gets cleaner and more and more altered.

Haha, I clean my room in my dreams... wow I'm exciting. xP

posted on Jun, 17 2011 @ 09:22 AM
reply to post by xFloggingMaryx

Don't feel bad -- I have a friend who has only ever had dreams about the house in which she grew up -- she's dreamt of no other subject for 40 years. Now, that sounds monotonous!

Some psychologists say that your house (or your room in this case) represents you, so I think it's great that you're "cleaning up." If you continue to pay attention to the feelings that your dreams illicit in you, and then look around in your life for similarities, your dreams can be a tremendous guide.

posted on Sep, 15 2011 @ 02:23 AM
Well.. clearly these are junk food induced, psycho-sexual manifestations. A gun, being very phallic, your purse, yonic, and reminiscent of the vagina, and the shortness of cash, the 6 dollars of course representative of your deplorable prudishness.

I'm trying to figure out what squeezing four people into a tight, little, two door might represent, but I already have like 50 so it will be a bit before I get to that stuff..
Very meticulous process, your welcome.


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posted on May, 9 2012 @ 05:24 PM
at least its not weird like mine lols

I got this weird dreams about me wanting to teach my uncle how to fly. so Im walking alongside my uncle and we are going to work. and im asking my uncle if he would want to learn how to fly I can teach him and I got this urge to teach him how to fly. anyway when Im dreaming its totally feels real until I wake up and realize its a dream. and also stress causes weird dreams and if you have the feeling like something is out there manipulating your dreams then there is something with you. at least that's what I feel and most of the time when I know something is out there the dreams turn into nightmares I let this thing take over the dream I used to be afraid when I was little but I noticed there is nothing to be afraid of.

1 day I was sleeping in my car had to rest after riding 15 hours in Germany parked it and went to sleep. I was having a lucid dream it was horrible I could see a hooded thing in front of me I noticed it was the devil and I said I'm not afraid of you and went trough him like the matrix lolz. anyway when i did that I heard and felt vibrating voices and I could see the bushes in front of my car from a higher position and I wasn't afraid and wanted to go further and as I did it got lighter but then my little brother came into my mind and my mom, I got afraid if I went any further I wouldn't get back I thought maybe I got into a car accident because I was in the car and it was tilted, anyway I went back into my body when I did I felt vibrating into my body anyway it was rly weird my hart was pumping crazy. and it never happened again and if it does happen I would like to know from anyone if they ever experienced something like this because the only thing holding me back from doing obe is being afraid of not coming back I got people to take care off.

btw I was searching for music vnv and I couldnt remember the name so had to search the poster of this article^^

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