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Spoke To A Homeless Man Yesterday: Could We Change Things From The Bottom Up?

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posted on Jun, 16 2011 @ 11:13 AM
Someone who shows up occasionally, on his bicycle, tall bedraggled, a tad thin, but very attractive with his tumble of red curls, and fair, green tinted eyes, was there again yesterday and he wanted to talk. He has a light in him, and had spoken before, though I'm somewhat reserved and due to an abusive relationship in the past that brought a much deeper understanding of black market world, corrupt police, and had to sort it out and tackle this head on, very reluctant to expose my family to any more drama, but when I first met him, he looked very cold, and had a gentle air. I spoke up and asked him how he was doing and he said in a soft, sensitive voice, "I'm a bit cold..."

This time he left his precious belongings, his pack and bicycle, though worried momentarily about them, while he insisted on washing my windshield and I asked him if he was able to stay out of the rain, due to Fukushima, here on the coast, and he mentioned some form of shelter, not going to go too far into details as wouldn't wish to peg him too much.

He shared he was from the east coast a rural remote area with hand pump, and more homesteading type upbringing and had an air of some program on him. Then he said, that they planted Nukes under ocean near Japan to initiate the earthquake and tsunami, and scalar technology obviously involved.

He also mentioned Bin Laden episode, and Libya now, that Canada was forming its own group, to counter cia and mossad. That we have had enough of their involvement in our country.

He knew some of the research done in classified projects where OBE's can only occur for 15 mintues real time, or the body begins substain damage, but in astral time, there is No Time, and spoke of things that Terrence McKenna promoted. And how he had met his HS.

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posted on Jun, 16 2011 @ 11:27 AM
My friend and I understand the mason presence in our town area, and her daughter was lost in a very bad world of drugs and black market lifestyle, and her daughter was very beautiful and she had custody of one of her grandsons, that had taken years and even court battles. How certain ex military, from wealthy mason background was friends with her daughter, just slumming in this black market world at the near bottom, and he would often show up to "recruit" the AB- very psi, and quite aware grandson.

Well, we're not born yesterday or anything and of course understand that the CIA and black ops are running most of the crime and drugs at great profit and for the purpose of making society rest on this trauma and corrupt foundation and to harm and corrupt children who often are escaping from abusive households.

We understand this. So when he showed up, she had a talk with him, and more or less dropped some pretty good hints, as well as telling him under no uncertain terms that not only was this teen off limits but that her daugther was going to be reached.

He looked at her, and across the street at me, and his head fell as he knew, we knew, and he was ever so busted.

When I spoke to this homeless man, I saw in my mind, someone who was involved in their programs. Perhaps he spoke out, got addicted, or in some way became a loose wire, so they relegated him to the bottom level of street management, or just gave him orders to head there because otherwise he or family would be in danger.

Or, he was getting away.

And now I'm thinking, what can be done, for I always see the real movement to change this world coming from the bottom up, from the vulnerable, the poor, the homeless, single mothers, handicapped, natives and those who live in unequal circumstances.

I see forming an awareness counsel and website, even videos where these homeless and vulnerable interview citizens like ATS does on a variety of topics, problem solving groups, ie. those bikes could be modded, with hydrogen and have both power and pull, and then trailers that pop out with layers of fabric for insulation and warmth, semi large to fill up a parking lot space.

Networking to have land donated and eco farms, and the awareness education group to get support for overturning archaic repressive land uses, such as limiting family dwelling on a piece of land or whether you can build yurts an recylced homes for example.

I see a movement across the country.

There are other alternatives to addictions as well.

Why not have some of the homeless building tesla coils with teenagers, and Infared Mods and telescopes, even having shares in a Co-Op to bring in Free Trade, Chocloate and Coffee and Products that are utlizing slave labor, and child labor, even start a Co-Op business with shares so that in this "monied" world that I wish to pass away, into eutopia and freedom, that they could still succeed. Businesses shared to benefit many, profit sharing.

And many of us renters, in such a movement nation wide would show solidarity by joining with them.

These ideas keep on coming.

What does anything think of this? Grass roots solutions, freedom and change from the bottom Up!

posted on Jun, 16 2011 @ 11:31 AM
reply to post by Unity_99

What a great post to take the time to write and share. I am struck again by how the homeless in our society are often anything but 'junkies and bums' but can be some of the most open minded, yet intelligent people we might want to talk to. In a period of my life long ago I was homeless myself and had the opportunity to see how untrue many of the accepted stereotypes are for those living on the street. Some have certainly chosen that life, but in my personal experience, most absolutely didn't choose it and don't much care to stay there if alternatives existed.

This particular man also seemed to have some very valuable insights into what we're watching in the world around us. One of the many 'benefits' of hard life experience to learn from coupled with the time to really examine and think things out, I'd imagine.

posted on Jun, 16 2011 @ 11:47 AM
Not knowing what the situation is in N-America.... but in Europe my reply would be...

Without being too negative you do realize that most of the homeless are having severe psychological issues, often coming from abusive families sexually abused or beaten as kids. Often addicted to drugs like crack or alcohol.

Most of them choose to be homeless if not all with the level of social well-care. If there are no such problems most people that loose their jobs and have no friends to help them out are back on their feet within weeks.

Having that said, I appreciate the fact that you are one of the few that treats these people like...... people. How often do we not try to ignore the misery of others and turn our heads away when a begging hand is presented.... I too am guilty of this.

Anyways liked your story, tnx.

posted on Jun, 16 2011 @ 11:47 AM
reply to post by Wrabbit2000

I couldnt agree more with you and see that this is the start of not forcing, not controlling, allowing others to live with freedom, and perhaps progression within as well, for many do have drug problems due to the truama, and even mental illnesses, again these are often distortions, sometimes M'Kultra program subjects. There is so much more than this, and we have no need to force anyone, yet no right to limit anyone to land and resources and to whatever activites that don't harm others, (not under corporate law but common law which is primarily murder, assault, rape, theft or exhortion, money laundering, more basic principles in our hearts). I know there are those who would never wish to join the slave pens again, though still wish to live with dignity. And I support them and all people doing so.

What keeps us from forming these bonds and frienships with others is often Fear and that is strongly instilled into us, and for good reason. I've experienced what kind of trauma those who engage in various lifestyles, often run by the corrupt law enforcement, as I discovered, can inflict and the years of recovery, of healing it takes.

However being aware and not niave to begin with means you stand in the light squares without fear.

The experiences so far have been that while some may be a threat to your power tools if they're not nailed down, those very same ones are the first on the scene to take the beating of their lives if someone tries to sexually assault you, as has happened with me. We can't trust many things in many people, but we can trust certain things within each one as we open doors to understanding others, for there much light, wisdom and honor to be found from those who are the real troopers of this world.

And I feel within the homeless have much more light than many others have or share even. So much to contribute to this world, and want to find ways, without forcing, just offering some choices, for platforms to do this. I have even wondered may times if we should rig up our vehicles to pull some recycled homes on wheels and all join together in gypsy caravans, growing our food and striving for awareness, and solutions to this world. Though don't want to have rosy glasses on as well.

Also, what better place to relegate someone who knows to much, who listens to the homeless after all? I feel there are many with inside knowledge of how this system works.
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posted on Jun, 16 2011 @ 12:06 PM
reply to post by FriendlyGopher

They don't choose to be homeless. They are relegated to these positions. And many who are "mentally unstable" are their guinea pigs who've they've tossed in various "programs". Also mental illness its a real condition, a chemical imbalance, and not just due to trauma, is actually a physical illness and should have no shame or stigmas attached to it, nor make lesser people out of anyone with these conditions.

And children who have left abusive homes, count very much.

What most don't realize is the true catalysts that show us up for who we are and what needs changing aren"t the gnostic controllers who think they're job is traumatize humanity and run wars, but truly its those in need.

And we are never to force anyone, there cannot forcing. Money and forced labor is slavery and that is such a huge crime against humanity, anyone who wakes up realizes its all about contributing, volunteering and yet allowing differences and equalizing despite it, there never is a need for money or limits, only abundance and high clean technology.

Accepting homelessness or poverty is regressing our souls, for we're meant to see the traps in this world, and overcome bucking the system and progressing love, equality, freedom ,kindness and that nothing else matters, for this is how we pass earth tests.

As for me, I've always had that "one for all and all for one" feeling and wished to join in with anyone tossed aside, and think this would change in a flash with a movment in every region where people went on general strikes, by the millions and camped out with the homeless and lived with them, taking shifts on perhaps, to truly understand and make those changes.

But there are many possibilities not just one, ideas, platforms, a call forth to contribute to increasing light and awareness and equality should come from the bottom up, and so many ways of doing it, while at the same time, we need to ensure others are fed and warm, and not suffering, and have access to health care, along with dignity, and to start to turn outwards to other nations, such as the homeless children in the Phillipines who are often rounded up in the night and disposed of by the mafia leaders and gangsters running that black op country.
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posted on Jun, 17 2011 @ 07:26 AM
I have to really disagree with the topic of this thread. I can't speak for other countries in the world, but here in America there are more than enough opportunities for any person to get back on their feet. Sometimes circumstances align and people are forced out of their homes. It's terrible, but it happens. Here's where the split occurs, there are those that have the willpower to get back on their feet and will do so without any help from anyone. These people are normal folk that have just become victims of circumstance.

The other group of people are going to stay homeless no matter how hard you try to help them. If you bought one of them a suit and a house and gave him a job, it would all be gone in a year. These people have social issues, gambling issues, substance abuse issues, or mental issues. One way or another, you cannot help them. They can only help themselves. Of this group, only a very small percentage will ever regain control of their lives, no matter how much help is afforded them. The rest will likely die homeless.

This is the way of the world. Someone has to be on the bottom. It's sad but true.

posted on Jun, 17 2011 @ 09:46 AM
reply to post by MrSensible

Canada's economy is bettter than the US's, we held up much better after the recession/depression.

Even amongst healthy people, there is still unemployment and its alot harder getting a job if you cant find one in a few months.

Many homeless people are mentally ill and should be having medical treatment, be on disabilities, and have assisted living, shopping and otherwise.

However, you support a system where its OK to have people live on the strreets for any reason whatsover, in other words, you support social darwinsism, or pyramids.

That's a crime against humanity. Slavery is illegal, we have intrinsic, inalieable to land and resources with no forcing.

And whether 99% agree with the criminal system of believing humans can be owned and managed and used as resources, when they should be free and able to form their own counsels and live their own dreams, and look after all who are vulnerable, its still a crime. And a rather large crime at that. Whether someone ingorant of a crime or not, they're still criminals and co-criminals if they support a crime or follow it. Ignorance of the law is not an excuse and this system is SLAVERY.

We're living in a criminal system, run by fascists and we should not be accepting it, but waking up.

Any planet with wars, starvation, homelessness, slavery, forced labor, that deprives its citizens of its intrinsic rights and doesnt treat all as a loving family will remain a hellish existence and not evolve to a level 1 civilzation, and synchronizes to the dark side, which is actually why, so many of these wars and injustices are done, to synchronize us to their lower realms, and open the stargates. We're run by negatives who support a pyramid system of slavery and have sold out humanity, we who are in the testing grounds.

Humanity hangs in the balance the pinnacle between light and dark, the midway point in frequencies, where murder is a heavy gravity like a black hole and light as a feateher is the greater, progressive frequency of Family, angels wings are light as a feather.

Every institution we follow here is a TRAP, deliberatley crafted by TPTB who follow as minions themselves, for personal power, and are bought off. Some of them have been convinced they're the catalysts serving God, and its going to be a really big surprise to discover they formed their next step here.

We're all here to BECOME, from spirit being to true SOUL, with Infinite Progressed Family

Family doesnt hurt or harm anyone, nor is anyone FORCED, they are unconditonal Love and Kindness: Father, Mother, Yeshua, Uncles, Aunts, Grandfathers, Grandmothers, Brothers and Sisters, like Infnite Fractals.

I denounce all forms of slavery, I denounce all Forcing. I denounce the Money system. I denounce wars. I denounce allowing ohters to starve or be homeless. I denounce harming others and negativity. I denounce control, poisons, weapons of mass destruction, using others as resources, patents, copyrights, gatekeepers of knowledge, not sharing everything with everyone equally and only volunteering for projects.

Above on my second post, Free Trade for chocolate and coffee, was supposed to read, start a FAIR trade co-op for coffee and chocolate.
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posted on Jun, 17 2011 @ 10:20 AM
reply to post by FriendlyGopher

I volunteer at a "food distribution center" (soup kitchen) two days a month.

While five years ago your statement that most homeless people are addicts, mentally unstable and the such, today, in America that is becoming less and less true.

I am seeing each month a steep increase in what was once classified as a middle class family now homeless, jobless or under employed............the American Middle Class is systematically being dismantled on purpose.

Why in sam hell do I say stuff, nobody listens and ten months later someone else posts it on ATS and get a thousand stars............hello out there.

The Statistics for employment are trumped up to make the big shots that run that department look good.

We here in America live on a very thin string that can be cut at any time and this is going global folks, so you Europeans pay attention.

One medical issue, one job loss, lay off, outsourcing, insourcing, one issue of having to commit a child for a drug addiction ($500. a day if you are lucky).

We live in a warped society.

People don't care or think it is okay to pay a rock star, basket ball star, actor, tens of millions of dollars a year and yet begrudge the people who do the real work a liveable salary.

Our Senators and Congressmen have medical and retirement packages that the common man can only dream of...........who works for who.

And many Senators and Congress people hook up "deals" with corporations who funded their campaigns and after their (Senate and Congress) duty is over they go on over to running corporatons.

In short, our government is deeply in bed with corporations and particularly the military complex.........we have so many wars because the companies that lobby and pay for our politicians to be placed into office profit handsomely from these wars at the expense of the lives of the common man's sons and daughters that march gallantly off thinking they are fighting a noble cause.

Follow the money.


Wake the frack up.

In speaking with many of these homeless people I serve dinner too, many are ex Vietnam Vets.

Many see our true reality because they are able to look from the outside (where they are) in.

Those that are dumbed down, distracted and divided, too hooked into the system (are on the inside) can only see a portion of what is going on, they do not, cannot see our true reality.

Yes we must start from the ground up.

1) Get rid of the Federal Reserve
2) Go more local. I am involved in my local Village government and the people running our Village are honest, hard working and noble/moral people.
3) Research, turn off those damn ipods, cell phones, video games, romance novels, TV, and connect with your neighbors and community.
4) Rebel...............we must unite and rebel against the tyranny that has overshadowed our planet.
5) Service to others. You are either a me or we person. If you are a me person, you are (IMO) a contributing factor to the degradation of humanity on a whole.

Good post.........starred and flagged.

Anxious to read more about how we can go about making some real radical peaceful changes.

posted on Jun, 17 2011 @ 11:02 AM
There are more means to generate money than working. That's how people make it from the bottom up. If the guy you met was at one time one of the "in" people....he just wasn't very smart...and didn't spend his time studying how America really operates.

There's a big difference in white people...and Latino Americans.

I became friends with an old latino American who told me one of his finance secrets. He owned a vast portion of desert in the middle of nowhere's. I asked him why the heck he owned that worthless land.....

If you steal a new car and burry 7 years you can dig it up and get a title. Statute of Limitations expired for prosecution. .....I always wondered how many freakin cars that guy buried over the years.

He ain't no dummy and he's at the top.......only people who dare to take risk are the ones up there.

posted on Jun, 17 2011 @ 11:31 AM
reply to post by ofhumandescent

Yes we must start from the ground up.

1) Get rid of the Federal Reserve
2) Go more local. I am involved in my local Village government and the people running our Village are honest, hard working and noble/moral people.
3) Research, turn off those damn ipods, cell phones, video games, romance novels, TV, and connect with your neighbors and community.
4) Rebel...............we must unite and rebel against the tyranny that has overshadowed our planet.
5) Service to others. You are either a me or we person. If you are a me person, you are (IMO) a contributing factor to the degradation of humanity on a whole.

Thank you so much for your quality contribution, for having wonderful communication skills, to put this into the perspective that I wanted to see. Although due to having seen the control that certain wealthy individuals who slum in poorer ghettos of humanity seem to do, there a few of us wide awake single mothers, who have lived on the fringe, in the trenches, who see that even at the lower levels, its heavily managed, ie. programs, they work all the levels of the pryamid to their advantage. Someone is actually being paid to further corrupt and associate with my friends very attractive coc aine addicted daughter who has been both a participant and a victim of this usary of humanity.

So I see both street wisdom, and programs.

Joni Mitchell had an album that bombed, at the market, but was one of my favorites aside from her early classics, Dog Eat Dog, and one of the lines was "The watchful ones amongst the slaves", and always knew it to mean that those who don't fit into the middle bubble truly have the wisdom, as if they are walking the path of the kings.

Yet, watching the homeless men I see (and I don't see the women and children) meet up on their bikes at the 7/11, there does seem to be a bit of a black market economy going on, and I can't blame them either, yet, it creates a problem for me in the kind of involvement as I went through nearly a decade with abuse, and black market lifestyle on the side, from my ex and his friends, and woke up 100% to issues I'd never known about, I was handing out bottles of milk, using the last of my milk up for my own babes, to give to his addicted friends baby, and then go pawn myself to ensure we got through the month. Dealing with issues where a father, who usually was hard working, but didn't spend his money on his family (that"s the most common situation), insisting she and 3 children, one a baby could eat on 100 a month while he drank over a 1000 with his freinds and who knows what else, and the milk cost alone in that family should have been more like 150.

My family, I mix whole milk jugs with powdered skim milk, though for drinking we cant really stand the mixed, though it almost tastes like 2%, and with 5 boys, now 4, cereal, tea, coffee, glasses of milk, cooking, mixed in bulk it still costs well over 100 a month for milk, and an enormous amount each month to feed the family.

So we've dealt with issues that were huge, and my heart bleeds for people. None of this should even be illegal, so that everything would be done in a different way to begin with.

But they've worked very hard to destroy families and traumatize children. That is another issue, due to my own experience and disability/5 boys, yet staying home and providing food nonstop, games nonstop to the kids, we've had my household filled with 8 or more boys, some very troubled by foster homes and very affected by the drugs and trauma done, and it was trauma for us, things would go missing, my sons had to be forced to quit smoking, due to bad influences, but you'd surprised at how many corrupted kids just adored my dissarayed, kids camp, where the kids don't go out, they hang in, and stay out of trouble.

Thankfully we moved, and got away from it all, but those years were the most informative ones, like hands on learning, and great trauma.

I know nowadays its more and more middle class that can be affected. Anyone can lose their home, and even those working at good jobs, a nurse for example, a single wage earner, with 3 kids, needs to pay 1200-1500 a month often just for rent for a family size. Its beyond belief that we live in a world like this.

Finding solutions will have to come from the bottom up, for the middle class are too indoctrinated in the system, and live in bubbles, taught to cast blame on others, the divide and conquer techniques used.

I have lots of ideas, always have, but what makes it very difficult for poor, disabled, single moms, or anyone seeing the problems who are not in those bubbles, is they feel unequal, and their opinions unvalued, for most people in a community have respect for the haves, not the have nots, and tend to blame others.

So its very hard to work up the courage to speak out close to home. Yet, have realized that if the platform is down this way, addressing straight off the top, this kind of control of the poor, and that we are now speaking up with dignity, then there is a good chance to make it grow.

It can become a light. Its overcoming the fear of speaking up and facing blame and prejudice and penalities when your poor, though solutions may be evident to some.

Yes, I'm going to work on some of the ideas, I've had and welcome all contributors. Because if we can make that presence, that counsel of citizens who problem solve and educate the greater communities, this year, in communities, this could tip the polarity balance of our planet.

Also, send a message to those mismanaging it.

I've encountered in my dealings with police and professionals, in the past, that there is a lot of guilt there. And I really think if a group is formed and a presence, articles, street journalism, accountability and even fund raising needed, there is Guilt there and it can be tapped, and whenever one sees evidence the person isn't callous it means this someone to work on, if they're in a higher up position or a position to help.
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posted on Jun, 17 2011 @ 11:36 AM
reply to post by Pervius

Very hard to do form those positions. However, for an organization with fund raising, to start co-ops or shared businesses, online, or otherwise, a nonprofit, matching up reciprients to form co-op style businesses, this can help. But the cost of renting is high.

Landlords here in my province will be charged and fined huge amounts if their tenants have drug or criminal behavior. This law was done with INTENT, for who will take a chance on someone, and in truth, many of them will continue to have problems in this area, and so the real solution needs to be land donated, and kind of eco villages with:



even in time earthship homes

and no forcing.

Friends helping friends, not expecting anything but equalizing with understandings of basic common law, and sovereignity, and realizing corporate law is a crime for its fascism.

posted on Jun, 17 2011 @ 11:56 AM
I notice issues like this, that are fundamental to this planets polarity, and a key reason why negatives can continue to have access are overlooked by so many, while they run off to threads that are mainly distractions, to keep them in their boxes.

This is typical of society and the reason for all the conpsiracies, the inequality, the wars, the fasicsm.

Until we see clearly that we're all one family, and strive to progress, equally and free with Kindness, we will not be passing the tests here. We are forming our next step.

Consciousness either progresses or it regresses. Sleeper and John Lear spoke of shredders for souls, well, its not shredders that occurs. It regression or synchronizing, matching up with other channels, some are lower, much less freedom, much less goodness, equality, kindness than here, much less information. You either seek beyond the lies your told since birth, or you inherit it. You either push your love beyond what you see around you, or you inherit it. You inherit this, or worse.

Earth is the testing ground, the point in the balance between light and dark, yet due to our lack of awareness, and tendency to cast blame on others we're tipped into the dark side too much.

Wisdom looks up from the bottom of the well.

posted on Jun, 17 2011 @ 01:57 PM
While I want to get organized, like a local group/counsel, that works to educate, solve problems and does ACTION steps, hands on, experiments till they start to get it right, kind of thing, I want to just find ways to help them have the freedom they need and stay out of the rain. While at the same time, this does pose a security risk for their own things getting stolen, even traded, intentionally on the black market, so if its just going to down a hole then all the effort a group could do to raise some funds would be lost.

But I thought of him and this, just as a temporal starting grounds:

Want to stick a motor onto your bicycle?

Hydrogen Fuel Cell Bicycle

pop out trailers on bikes modded for hauling. Hydrogen has enormous hauling ability, its also almost overunity and use in black op projects which is why its downplayed a lot.

trailers for bikes

I've thought of home owners, donating land for use for homes on wheels.

Anything that can be done with paper mache its strong and light weight, even furniture.

Like this:
Creating cardboard furniture
pvc pipe trailers

base for the home on wheels?? Much larger though, one idea.
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posted on Jun, 17 2011 @ 02:16 PM
Even if they control the land usage, a piece of rural land with one buidling for storage a communal kitchen, laundry, several bathrooms, gatherings, etc,

and then numerous tent trailers that turn into yurts, all designed for temporary shelter, with small studios erected alongside each one, in a similar fashion can really extend floor space, and even provide for families. In addition good alarm system, not too fierce dogs and pets, mainly for deterrents and warning (NO HARM) and many living with them, ie. sort of mixed communities, would get many of them back on disabilities where they belong, with full medical and dental.

Also, getting community involvement so there are some health care workers who donate pro bono, what is needed should they still be falling below the cracks.

Greenhouse, trout farms, aquaponics. Shared businesses.

These are amongst my ideas so far.

posted on Jul, 15 2011 @ 08:11 PM
Just got out of the hospital from a surgery that went well, and I want to thank some who were sending prayers and love. There was calm and peace yesterday, my last day there. And when I got out, a family get together occurred, so those prayers really helped, apparently some deep thinking was going on, with a breakthrough in focus.

Now I've been thinking along the lines of this:
We Need To Create Our Own Media Outlets, Our Own Local Newspapers!

And more, a community effort, to communicate, understand everyone, no forcing anyone, but inviting.

So the things that were mentioned today had to do with family businesses, and also a soup kitchen outrage program using produce and donations, healhty, emphasis on healthy nutrition, organic, cancer fighters, diets for diabetics too. And encouraging donations of land, where you live for free with care takers, volunteering and keeping on eye on things, and encouragement for everyone benefitting, to shine their lights, to help others, to learn some skills, to help in the food production, music, building things, workshops, street journalism, that being unemployed or even into "alternative" lifestyles is nothing wrong, no one forcing, the only thing is, we never harm, never steal from others, no matter where we are, we can always find a way to develop our gifts to help others, and ecncourage caring, sharing and problem solving.

It was a wonderful meeting today, the things brought up were along the lines that I've been posting and writing for some time, and what a goal, especially for the boys to get involved in to.

I think every community can benefit from this team effort and a real attempt to make a difference and encourage and welcome the contributions of all sort of people, no closed doors, only open doors, and as possibilities.

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posted on Jul, 15 2011 @ 09:00 PM
If there were an active counsel in every community meeting up to solve problems, how many would get involved? How many care about others?

Why would anyone want to topple the bloodlines or pyramid systems, when they've indoctrinated themselves with their values already? Clear your minds from the programming and open your eyes, this world doesnt have to be like this.

posted on Jul, 15 2011 @ 09:18 PM
reply to post by Unity_99

Sorry Unity_99 .. but you entire post completely lost me .. you went from a homeless man to CIA to Black market and I I can't find my way back.. can you break it down a bit .. ?

posted on Jul, 15 2011 @ 09:27 PM
reply to post by Komodo

What black market? This thread is about talking with a homeless man, and solutions to homelessness, or community counsels to solve problems such as donations of lands ,yurts, basically no forcing. Just grass roots movements for change from the bottom up.

Perhaps you're confusing a moneyless or resource contribution, trading, and volunteering with black market.

Though with the conversation we had, I did speculate at how many people at the bottom levels may be black ops, or even M'kultra, some of what he discussed with me was akin to the kind of experiments they did with consciousness. Though that isn't the only possibility. A lot of knowledge about the way the world is, who is running it, even mention operations and Mossad/Cia and middle east.
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