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My Dream's that have flodded me from the last few nights...

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posted on Jun, 16 2011 @ 08:43 AM
I realize that i am always in the same city with different Scenarios of days that go with the same people im with in my Awoken state, but i will start explaining the two most vivid i remember. *please keep in mind i am a druid so i believe in multi-dimention and Dream world as is but this seems a little more like i should be here...)

Dream 1: About a month ago i was going to bed when i passed out i was sitting under a tree in a park (Night time raining low orange light from the street lamps, I stood up and walked forward onto the sidewalk on the road and looked around. I dont remember getting here but i was at a video game store that was very dark insdie the store, i bought something and walked outside and a car was out there, i leaned into the window and woke up.

i dont remember much but i was wearing a black coat i didnt feel any different other than i wasnt wearing my typical coat+shoes.

Dream 2: Two nights ago i was asleep and i woke up on the couch of a house, i looked out the window and it was sunny out but it was the same park i woke up in before in my first dream, i saw my Boyfriend and Brother out side the house, i went out and they greeted me, again another flash of getting somewhere, we were at a race in the middle of a area with alot of 2-3 floor brown brick apartment buildings and 1 grey city hall (typical look of a canadian one) and cars were going by and someone started mouthing me and my boyfriend and i told him off and he went away and again another flash and i saw my boyfriend walking down the street as me and my brother stand there and talk and it flashes again and its night time and the guy who was at the race is out front of my house with a gun and 2 people he has the gun pointed at knocking on the door me and my brother and boyfriend run into the kitchen but i woke up after that.

I also have no memory of what i was wearing but i was wearing light cloathing.

I also have little flashes in memory of this city all over the place, but i know i have never left it in any of my dreams.


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