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NATO Plan to divide Libya like Sudan

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posted on Jun, 16 2011 @ 06:31 AM
As the Libyan war moves along, Qaddafi's military and diplomatic approach seems to be causing a headache for the powerful NATO alliance, and CIA pawns (rebels) on the ground.

Cracks are beginning to show, anti-NATO protests in Benghazi, US anger over other NATO member's unwillingness to participate, and internal division within the US government, between the Congress and Obama Administration.

A prediction can be made, that as times moves forward, these cracks get bigger, this is a big blow for what they now call "the Alliance".

This leads to a question, is Qaddafi a genius? Or is this bigger than it looks? Qaddafi's forces, without any air support has managed to stop the rebels from advancing. Every gains by the Alliance has been countered. Helicopters were sent in to help, but reports are coming out that two helicopters have been brought down in the East.

Let's look at what Qaddafi is facing:


The Revolutionary regime of Qaddafi has been bombarded by coordinated propaganda attack from all sides. This looks like a well planned regime change mission gone wrong. The media has intentionally suppressed the crimes of CIA trained and financed rebels, but intentionally and chaotically spread distorted truth, proven lies and some wrong doings of the Libyan regime.

This is clear to be seen in these videos showing how information was clearly distorted, and other facts about the rebels clearly avoided for example a family including the children who were raped then killed (WARNING GRAPHIC):

I mean just look at this video, it shows peaceful ("Pro-Libyan Regime Demonstrators") being shot at, but the media including Al-Jazeera shows half of the video, and claims that Libyan forces were shooting at peaceful anti-Libyan protesters.

This is nothing, let's not forget about the original mass media mis/dis-information, the coordinated attack was planned, if it wasn't, why would the media publish the claims of Mercenaries shooting innocent people excessively without any investigation, and then the media's silence when HR investigation found no Mercenaries.

The war's detailed planning is disgusting, just watch this video, a black Libyan soldier was captured and labeled a Mercenary, brutally beaten then hanged in public. An interview was conducted with the man's family, once again the media was silent, obviously this shows a well planned and coordinated propaganda attack against Libya. Also the video shows brutal torture and confessions under torture. These videos are widely accessible in the Internet, but the media is insanely silent (WARNING GRAPHIC (TORTURE).

This coordinated attack not only helped justify the attack against Libya, but also continually justifies the destruction and stalemate.

The worst thing is, that proven lies are still propagated as facts without any journalist questioning its validity.

This coordinated propaganda attack has turned almost all of the world against Qaddafi. How has Qaddafi managed to hold on to power considering the obvious coordinated propaganda attack against him and the Libyan regime? How has he managed this? Or is there something bigger?


The rebels had direct connection with CIA for as long as 2 decades, and CIA covertly financed and trained the rebels to topple the Revolution regime. This is a known fact but avoided from the media intentionally to make the rebels look as if they are independent of any foreign involvement.

Colonel Haftar was the leader of the Libyan National Army, a group of counter-revolutionaries supported and trained by the United States and operating in Libya. According to the sources cited in the article, anti-government uprisings in Libya were led by Colonel Haftar from the United States (The Washington Post 26 Mar. 1996; see also CSR 19 Dec. 1996)


The question remains, how did Qaddafi managed to destroy the decades of planning to topple his regime? Clearly the rebels were not only supported, but also financed by CIA, not to mention trained. How did America's 2 decade regime change planning end with a stalemate?

Unless it is something bigger?


NATO coordinate attack to help the rebels win has been obvious for all to see. At this moment I don't think I will be able to point to one person who will say NATO went in to this war to protect civilians, I'll lay forward a bullet point just incase.

- NATO bomb Libyan University
- NATO has killed over 700 civilians
- NATO use cluster bombs
- NATO bombs police and anti-corruption agency headquarters
- NATO bombs peace Imam peace delegation

As you can see, NATO is not in Libya to protect civilians, but rather to save the CIA asset (the rebels).

NATO has helped the rebels from the air and sea, and continues to help the rebels right now. The Libyan regime has no air support, but the alliance does, so how has Qaddafi managed to continue its resistance?

Is Qaddafi a genius, or is there something bigger?

How has Qaddafi managed to survive for so long? How has he managed to crack the alliance? How has he managed to foil such a powerful and well organized plan of regime change?

Or is there something bigger?

Is it?

When did NATO, specially US give a damn about the UN, or International law?

It is obvious that supporting one side of a civil war is against International law, that proves that NATO doesn't give a damn about international law, so why isn't NATO sending ground troops to end the stalemate? What are they waiting for?

It seems they want to divide Libya, continue the stalemate until both sides are completely sick of the other. NATO is trying to create a scenario where unity would be impossible, that is why NATO is allowing the rebels to torture, terrorize and kill pro-Qaddafi civilians, so that those who support Qaddafi in the east fear the rebels and destroy any hope for unity and peace.

That's why the peace delegation was bombed, because peace is not the intention, rather fragmentation of Libya. I believe that is the bigger plan.
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posted on Jun, 16 2011 @ 06:56 AM

Originally posted by confreak
Or is there something bigger?

I've always understood the answer to be something smaller - that, despite the media show, there really arent that many rebel fighters, and what few there are mostly come from one area of the country.
And of those, they are (as the following article points out) very poorly equipped...

posted on Jun, 16 2011 @ 07:00 AM
All over a gold backed currency for oil instead of the dollar.

Excellent thread, I may dislike Gaddafi but i sure as # want to see him win this war and stick it to the man.

S+F for you.
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posted on Jun, 16 2011 @ 07:02 AM
reply to post by alfa1

As I said above, NATO and specially US doesn't have a history of giving a damn about International law, so why aren't they sending ground troops? Unless as I said, the plan is much bigger. Why are the rebels continually rejecting any peace agreements? Why did NATO bomb a peace delegation of top Libyan Imams?...

posted on Jun, 16 2011 @ 11:35 AM
reply to post by confreak

Divide and conquer brother.
They will fragment all of the smaller countries and then unite them under a new banner then come after the bigger target.
I myself am not a ghadaffi supporter but, it seems in this case he is the righteous one.
He survives I think because the people want him to, that speaks volumes.
The problem with all of these wars, the wrong people keep dying, if the people ever had a chance to sit down and compare stories I think the real enemy would be found.
These are the people who need to be dying.
Problem we have here is brother is taking up arms against brother, spurred on by higher powers.

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