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OH Vancouver is on fire tonight

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posted on Jun, 16 2011 @ 08:25 PM
reply to post by Skywatcher2011

Very well said.

And as an English hockey fan with a Bruins supporting girlfriend, both of us were shocked at the sore losers who tarnished the good names of those others who live and work in Vancouver with their immature actions. Especially myself considering it was an Englishman who invented the great sport.

posted on Jun, 16 2011 @ 09:49 PM

Originally posted by amongus

Originally posted by Trillium
And is it for some important new thing NO just a stpuid hocky game

Now this is why a country goes to # when to many hand with nothing good to do

ya canada going downd the # hole fast

Thanks canadians...for making us Americans look civilized.

You, Americans....more civilized than Canadians???

Riot in Madison Square Gardens, New York, boxing riot

2002 Post-Ohio State vs. Michigan Game Riots

2003 University of Minnesota Hockey Riots

1991 Riot: Football Hooligans Dinamo Zagreb & Red star Belgrade

June 2010 Los Angeles NBA Finals Riot

2009 Steelers Riot in Oakland Superbowl XLIII

But with the Vancouver incident, I will say that it takes the riot to number one spot in North America...not something to be proud of sad to say

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