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Why Can't We Evolve

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posted on Jun, 15 2011 @ 09:02 PM
With all these occurrences popping up, like the one with some people arrested for feeding homeless individuals, and another about a man fired because his wife had cancer, I just can't understand..why? At what point have these people lost their way, their connection to other human beings.. There is now a clear distinction between the different types of people living in this world. You have the ones who would kill, lie, steal, and perpetuate others' suffering to further their materialistic and power-hungry endeavors. You have those that are relatively poor and feel since life is hell, they'll strive for the same exact notions of wealth and hurt others in defense of their flawed ambitions. Then you have those who poor or not--- in the midst of a difficult time in life, or not--- who in spite of all the natural and man-made disasters, the inhumane corruption, the insatiable desire of others to supply their egos with the blood of their own species; that care.

I want you all to know I will never transform into a piece of the monster that is corporate America, nor an individual who lacks the capacity for love, kindness, and empathy. And for the human species to evolve, a huge bucket of ideologies will need to be poured out. Without doing so, many millions will continue to starve, die under the grasp of depression and utter despair; all whilst a few of the wealthiest and most powerful incite war and hatred, wasting the only thing that deems who's worthy to live or die. The people of "superior nations" live by the law set forth. And put the thought from their head because there's no bigger buzzkill than thinking of how countless people suffer by the hands of the very government that "protects you". Then they tell you it's ok because we're fighting terrorist; or because religion says it necessary; or that the ruler of the land is worth more than every civilians insignificant life combined. And the very ones that entangle our world are protected by the the system they themselves created, essentially immortals with the will to enact any form of tyranny. The only thing even sadder is that most just accept it.

However, I hope there are others with me that truly feel the same, and are concerned about of these times we're living in. I know many of you are... I hope one day we can evolve.

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posted on Jun, 15 2011 @ 09:08 PM
We have evolved. No one noticed. It is called technology. We have obviously gained more IQ post 2,000 years ago, into the medieval ages and furthermore our industrial revolution.

No one on ATS can transcend humanity, it is not our place. I wish to help Africa and the children over there, guess what! I had to pay 5,000+ to go on a trip to central Africa. I wish to feed a whole village, but I do not have the funds to feed myself

posted on Jun, 15 2011 @ 09:13 PM
reply to post by Raelsatu

I write, I speak, I think, eat, sleep and breath EXACTLY WHAT YOU HAVE SAID & MORE!

Humans are not (nor have never I am beginning to believe) been HUMANE - nor wise, caring, thoughtful or anything on a level that is above any other animal. Fact is: animals (not man) shows more thoughtfulness than we do.

At least the dinosaur that ruled for 100s of millions of years did not destroy it's world. Only man can (and has) done that.

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posted on Jun, 15 2011 @ 09:34 PM
As saddening as it is to observe the people in this world around you, we have to understand it is this way for a reason and for now it is perfect.

Change starts at Home. So you have to live how you desire all people to live. In this way you model the behaviours you desire to see in the world and as more people slowly join in, change starts to take place on a larger scale.

But all of what you do is only seed-planting for a future we will not see ourselves.

In the meantime humanity has to finalise it's preoccupation with the Might is Right mindset, and it must end in a bang for it to be fully completed so that we have no need of it's experience in the future.

Once that current system has died away the seeds planted earlier can grow. It's just like giving birth.. nothing comes into the world without pain.

One other thing you can do is to work on Equanimity.. being able to observe everything around you in the world and yet NOT be effected by it.... not let it take away your focus and power so that you remain Reactionary instead of Choosing Action at the appropriate time.

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