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Is LuLz actively looking for a job with the government?

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posted on Jun, 15 2011 @ 08:51 PM
Think about it. Master forgers get picked up by the treasury department and put on the payroll, with restrictions of course. Just to keep them from continuing their craft in an illegal manner and put them to work for whatever agency that needs them. Good hackers have been picked up into government service as well this way. It takes thief to catch a thief so to speak.

I’ve known programmers who had very little formal education in the military who get hired by the various alphabet agencies. They were extremely effective hacking almost anything you put to them. And they do it for fun and the challenge.

Is it possible that they are playing cat and mouse to establish their bona-fides? The economy is in the tank and continuing its downward spiral and companies aren’t paying programmers the wages they once made.

What say you?

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