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the neverending poem

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posted on Aug, 8 2004 @ 09:49 AM
okay think three word story here except, its a poem each person contributes 2 lines, those two lines have to rhyme whith eachother the second set also has to rhyme with eachoter but not with the first set etc.ill start.

perhaps i was in love with the darkside
something in my childhood that made my heart die.

posted on Aug, 8 2004 @ 01:07 PM
Maybe I was a part of a system
And within my soul got no reply

posted on Aug, 8 2004 @ 01:08 PM
just wait until the end of time
when i can fly

posted on Aug, 8 2004 @ 01:14 PM
I cant help these thoughts,
That filter through my mind.

posted on Aug, 8 2004 @ 01:24 PM
even when i die
ill always be alive

posted on Aug, 8 2004 @ 01:47 PM
Cruising through the universe
I'll rise above the mortal curse.

posted on Aug, 8 2004 @ 02:32 PM
"You sold me your soul, when you didn't say no
Just let a nigga go, and give me what you owe"

posted on Aug, 8 2004 @ 02:42 PM
give me freedom
i feel like im locked up on death row

posted on Aug, 8 2004 @ 02:57 PM
your Apathy killed my soul,
Since you left me i never felt whole,

posted on Aug, 8 2004 @ 03:00 PM
freemason needs to set a new goal
to stop being the boards biggest troll

just messin with you freemason you are one of ats's most intelligent members.

posted on Aug, 8 2004 @ 03:05 PM
I can catch you in the very building that you live in
Wait until you get right at your door then start spittin

posted on Aug, 8 2004 @ 03:07 PM
rounds from my mac 10
on the ground clutchin your stomach beggin for me to let you keep livin.

posted on Aug, 8 2004 @ 03:15 PM
Go ahead and shoot you cretin goon
I'd rather die than take mercy from you.

posted on Aug, 8 2004 @ 03:18 PM
retalliation is a must
if you want compensation.

posted on Aug, 8 2004 @ 03:19 PM
my only fear of death is reincarnation, heart of a soldier
with the brain to teach a whole nation

posted on Aug, 8 2004 @ 03:27 PM
I feel lost, like the almighty forgotten soldier,
still waiting for my eternal salvation,

[edit on 8-8-2004 by infinite]

posted on Aug, 8 2004 @ 04:53 PM
But you don't hear me, ignorance is blisning and so on
Sometimes it's better to be taught dumb

posted on Aug, 8 2004 @ 04:55 PM
Deep inside my broken soul i feel so numb,
Life has taken its toll and its hard to breathe

posted on Aug, 8 2004 @ 05:01 PM
This is ridiculous.

A poem is not just a collection of words its something that comes from within to express a feeling or a situation. This is just word association. The very composition and choice of a single world can completely flip a poem and you seek to lump lines together to form a "neverending" poem when length means nothing.

A dark day for the fiction forum

posted on Aug, 8 2004 @ 07:32 PM
no one ever asked you anyways,
why did you post here anyways?

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