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So... here's brief introduction of myself.

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posted on Jun, 15 2011 @ 10:45 AM
Hi folks, name's Dave, here's few words. Think what brought me here mostly on end of the line, was a point in my life, where I realized of overwheelming total control of MSM and worldwide homogenization of it, clearly indicating that something isn't going right about our society.Not that it happened recently though. We reached stage where for majority of people 'tube' is a reality, unquestionable guru of truth and taste in everything. I strongly recommend checking out Charlie Brooker on this subject, look gor 'aspirational tv'.
As for other subjects usually discussed here... Yes, i do believe there's global business octopuss run by small group of families, owning world's monetary system, and dictating politics by means of energy resources. Yes, i do believe that most powerful gov's have technology on their disposal that would quickly solve those issues, but there's just so many reasons not to share it. And, im absolutely certain that TPTB would break any law in order to either cover it's misteps or gain influence.
So... another statistic ATS fan
)). My main area of science: ethnology

Greetings everybody

posted on Jun, 15 2011 @ 10:46 AM
reply to post by stainlesssteelrat

Explanation: Flagged!

Personal Disclosure: Welcome! OL is sure a mod will be along soon to help out with an informative post etc. I also recommend utilizing the green chat voyuer function on the ATS tool bar to the bottom of most ATS webpages [aka the ribbon]! It will enable you to watch who and what is being posted in chat but unfortunately you wont be able to join or chat back until your post count reaches 200 posts or so.

Reply to this post with the reply function up top right of this post and that'll be another post towards your mandatory 20 posts before you can start your own threads

Please message me using the message button on far left ATS tool bar [after you have made at least 20 posts] if you require any further help whatsoever!

Peace and much love!

Sincerely OL [OmegaLogos]

P.S I love Harry Harrison Books. Kudo's on your username!

posted on Jun, 15 2011 @ 10:48 AM
Hello and welcome!

posted on Jun, 15 2011 @ 10:56 AM
Hey Dood !

welcome to the ATS
Shabangie Bang

posted on Jun, 15 2011 @ 10:57 AM
reply to post by stainlesssteelrat

Hey Dave!

Hope ATS treats you well! Theres plenty of good stuff to learn here though you may have to wade through the mire a bit, but the gems are there!

Take it easy!

posted on Jun, 15 2011 @ 11:07 AM
Welcome to ATS!
Loved your intro!!!

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