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Mr. Obama and What You Would Like To Thank Him For

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posted on Jun, 16 2011 @ 04:21 AM
Thank you Mr President for exposing the corruption and bringing it into the light of day!

posted on Jun, 16 2011 @ 04:26 AM
Thanks for giving HOPE to all the sociopaths out there. Now even they can become the President and CHANGE this great country into #...

posted on Jun, 16 2011 @ 07:03 AM
Thank you Mr Barrack Hussein Obama for making all my favorite radio shows and news sources so much more interesting to follow. Bill Clinton made Rush Limbaugh a star, whom will you catapult to fame, Mr Barrack Hussein Obama?

posted on Jun, 16 2011 @ 07:47 AM

Originally posted by seedofchucky
I like to thank him for being the first "black" president to be in office . So black people can't use that excuse anymore

I would like to thank him for showing me how gullable american voters are

I would like to thank him for showing me how many puppet celebrities are tools of the trade

He isnt the first black president,his mother is white and his dad is a mix of arab and black
he is americas first mixed race president,if black american citizens think he is black then they have been fooled thinking that

posted on Jun, 16 2011 @ 07:48 AM
reply to post by savageheart

"What has Obama done that you, as an individual, would thank him for?"

This isn't something that he's necessarily done for me, but I would thank him for being an elected official. I know many on this site wouldn't like that all too much, but that's it for me. I thank the president for the willingness to be the president.

Politics aside, being the president is a really, really rough job regardless one's political views--always being under stress, always being berated by the opposition, always being in the public eye; anyone who is willing to take that job needs to be thanked just for that. I'm sure that there are other things that the president has to deal with that we're not even privy. It's definitely not a job I'd have at the top of my list.

posted on Jun, 16 2011 @ 09:33 AM
reply to post by guitarplayer

Last time I checked it has been a two party system.
Our government is made up of the legislative, judicial and executive branch. It's a basic system of checks and balances. Here's an explanation of the 2 party system.

A two–party system is a system where two major political parties dominate voting in nearly all elections at every level of government. As a result, all, or nearly all, elected offices are members of one of the two major parties. Under a two-party system, one of the two parties typically holds a majority in the legislature and is usually referred to as the majority party while the other is the minority party.

Read the thread. I answered the thread. Can you deny that the 3 policies I pointed out at the beginning of the thread do not help main stream America? Your hate for Obama totally clouds the basic question of this thread. This thread didn't ask for hateful opinions on Obama. All it asked for if there was any thing you or I would thank Obama for.

You can ignore the basic premise for this thread and use it as a way to politically troll your thoughts about Obama, but I would suggest making a thread in the rant forum.

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