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The Serial Killer"s Wife Part II.....Of Sound Mind???...

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posted on Jun, 14 2011 @ 05:35 PM
"Of Sound Mind???"

You will remember in the beginning of "The Serial Killer's Wife" that Julie was a professional in law enforcement prior to her involvement with John. She was as far from mentally ill as you could get. Extremely credible and would serve as states witness in court if deemed necessary for a trial. John also was in the same career.

We left off where John was eventually caught, and convicted of murdering numerous women. That he was in fact a real serial killer. The process took many years and for Julie, it was a living hell until the time he was caught. This is Julie's story about her escape from John and the years that followed:

Julie knew that her husband was a killer. John knew she knew. He also knew that Julie was the type of woman who would not keep her mouth shut about such a thing. He knew she would report him to the police.

John paced around the living room trying to figure out what to do when he found out that Julie had talked to the police about him. He spent days in the family room just staring into space, not speaking to anyone. His secret life had been exposed. Finally John decided that the only recourse was to kill his wife Julie. There was no alternative that he could think of.
A hand sized rock as he had described to Julie showed up at their home right next to the front porch. At first Julie didn't even notice it. But then one day, a crow bar as John had described as a weapon too, showed up on the basement stairs with the hand sized rock on the fireplace hearth near by. It had been moved from outside, and there was no reason for it to be there unless...

Julie confronted John about it and he told her that he could kill her at that moment if he wanted to, very smuggly. Then he decided that this was the moment he had been waiting for. He made his attempt on Julie, chasing her through the house and outside toward the woods with the crow bar in hand, but she got away from him. John had been abusive with Julie before this, but never tried to kill her until now. She had bruises on her arms from his grabbing her and shaking her uncontrollably, and screaming at her "I hate you, I hate you!!" She had a large bruise on her stomach where John had hit her at close range with a large vitamin bottle as hard as he could. She was a victim of domestic abuse!

Julie was terrified when she got away from John! She took a deep breath and tried to calm down as she headed toward the domestic abuse shelter in her car. She was so scared of what she had just been through with John but was glad that she got away. Little did she know that gentle John had just called the police to have her arrested, cool and calm as a cucumber.

John told the police that Julie had gone off the deep end, and was "severely mentally ill". How he loved her so, and wanted only the best for her, but that she really needed to be locked up. Of course you will remember that John was well known by the police and very well established in law enforcement himself. No one would EVER question John. Everyone knew him as gentle John who wouldn't hurt a fly! There definitely had to be something wrong with Julie to make the claims that she had about John. They were ridiculous to everyone who knew John!

When Julie was arrested, she was handcuffed because of the things John had told the police about her. While none of it was true, they believed gentle John's story. If Julie was scared when she got away from John, she was terrified when she was arrested!. She had done nothing wrong! She was only trying to get away from her abuser! John was given her car and keys at the scene.

When Julie got to the hospital, she was evaluated on the unit. She told the nurses what had just happened and was told that she would be out in the morning because she exhibited no signs of mental illness which required her to stay. Julie took a deep breath and went to sleep. At least she was in a safe place away from John, and she could move on with her life in the morning. She did have large bruises on her from abuse from John, but no one checked her for them.

The next morning Julie saw the psychiatrist who reassured her that she would be out by noon. Noon came and went. Julie was still there. What had happened? No one came to talk to her about her release. No one would talk to her. What was going on now??

Good Ole John again! This time he wanted the doctors to either give her back to HIM so he could finish her off, or put her in a state mental health hospital for the rest of her life! Yes, can you believe that???? That's what John tried to do to Julie!

John had expressed his "undying love for his poor mentally ill wife" to gain control of the situation with the doctor and nurses on the unit. It worked for him the night before with the police, so he did it again. He made up unbelievable lies about Julie, and they believed them with no supporting documentation, because of his charisma. John had the upper hand. He was in control of the situation once again. He loved the control he had! One of the psych nurses told Julie that she really needed to go back home with her husband. That she had been a psych nurse for 25 years and assured Julie that John would never hurt her in a million years, and how he had professed his love for her! Yeah, right, Julie thought! Wish you had been there last night when he was trying to kill me! Unbelievable! Julie could not believe how easily this nurse had been persuaded by John, but she also knew how easily this man could control people. He had told her many times how it was not what you said, but how you said it that gave you the upper hand with people.

After 72 hours, Julie was released. There was NO WAY Julie was going back home with John, so she requested a ride to the closest domestic abuse facility from the police department. To her shock and amazement, the police told her that "domestic abuse facilities were for victims of abuse, not mentally ill people". OMG!! Are YOU SERIOUS??? What is more abusive than premeditated attempted murder, physical and mental abuse?? She could not believe the nightmare that was unfolding... AGAIN..!!! They refused to help her in any way! They told her that if she wanted a ride that she would have to get one from her husband John!

Julie was dumb founded!! What do I do now, she thought? Finally, Julie decided to call the domestic abuse shelter herself. She explained things from her perspective, and they finally sent a cab to bring her to the facility from the hospital. AT LAST Safety...

John was told by the police that she was there, because, of course to them she didn't belong there. That was a major breach of her safety, because an abuser is NEVER told where the victim is, but they got away with it anyway, because they did not see her as a victim. He spied on her there. Two breaches in two nights. Both times other residence woke her up to ask if she knew who was outside with the barking dogs! They described Julies SUV, and she could hear what sounded like her dogs. But, by the time she got to the window to look outside the car was gone. Julie knew she needed to leave but had no car or keys. They had been given to John. Finally a police officer at the request of the domestic abuse shelter took her home while John was at work, to get her keys, car and clothes. The officer promptly left.

Julie took off as far as she could get. For a short time she stayed at a domestic abuse shelter in another state before getting an apartment. At that shelter she was checked for bruises. The bruises were still there from John on her arms and stomach. The shelter photographed them and helped her get a restraining order against John. He was livid! But, had to live with it for a year. When Julie tried to renew it, it was denied.

Julie moved into her apartment but started to have problems with PTSD from what she had been through at the hands of not only John, but the police and the hospital. She sought help from a psychiatrist. When she told him about what happened, the doctor told her that he would only help her if he could talk to John. Oh, NO! Here We Go Again! Julie knew what would happen if he talked to John. Mr. Charisma, who loves his wife so much. Well, she told him no she didn't want him to talk to John and ended up with a medical diagnosis from this doctor of not only being delusional, but psychotic as well! Are You Kidding Me??? We are talking about JULIE! The professional in LAW ENFORCEMENT! Credible to testify for the state in court a few years before, and now psychotic and delusional?? Calgon, Take Me Away!!!!! Julie said to herself, "Now, I'm Psychotic and Delusional?? and began to cry, and cry.....

For years this went on for Julie,hearing that she was mentally ill. The mental health professionals told her that if John really did do this, he would have been arrested by now so she must be ill. Julie knew they were wrong. She remembered conversations with John where he had said that it was easy to kill people and get away with it if you were smart. She was learning this first hand. And just how easy it really was for a truly smart person with charisma.
Julie tried to move on with her life. She tried to go back to work but no one would hire her. Her new medical diagnosis followed her every where like the plague.

Doctor after Doctor with no evidence, not even psych testing told her that she was crazy because she "thought" her husband was a serial killer. One doctor called the police and told them not to believe anything that Julie said or presented to them because she was delusional and psychotic! He too knew gentle John, and called the police because John was a "nice" guy and would Never be capable of doing such a thing! Or so he thought...

Julie was at her wits end. She now also suffered from depression in addition to her PTSD . Who wouldn't? Her life had been destroyed by a very clever, dangerous man, and assumptions about her that grew more ridiculous by the day, and were not true. All from what she said about John!

Julie decided to make the negatives into a positive. She knew that people were visual, and that if she could only SHOW the police something to support her claims that she might be able to reverse this crazy trend that had made her into something that she was not.

Little by little, Julie was able to piece things together that linked John to different crimes loosely. She put her documentation into a book which eventually created powerful circumstantial evidence against John. The hard part was getting the police to look at it because they had been told not to. The crimes all occurred in different jurisdictions too. That meant numerous police departments, not one. The book contained links to victims, pictures of family members who resembled the victims, e-mails threatening her life and confirming that John was a killer, court documents of John lying under oath, and more...

Eventually a detective after exhausting all other resources decided to look at Julies book. He was shocked! His response was OMG !! This is CREDIBLE STUFF in here! It's NOT the jibberish of a psychotic, delusional nut case as he had been told she was. The information from the book was shared between police jurisdictions. They gathered other information that supported their case against John. His GPS which Julie told them about marked the location of graves for many of the missing women. The police obtained a search warrant and got the GPS. The graves were found, the families got closure for their loved ones, and gentle John was arrested and convicted for these murders and others.

It's human nature to assume there is something wrong with a person like Julie who makes allegations against a person like John. Julie absolutely WAS and IS of SOUND MIND, but at one point was almost driven to suicide because of lies and assumptions about her. Before John was arrested, there was no way to prove that those making the allegations against her were wrong, or that she was right. Doctors make assumptions based on probability. They don't know for anything for sure, yet ruined Julie's life with nothing more than assumptions.

It is assumed by police, and medical professionals that when someone commits a crime that they will be arrested in a short period of time if the claim is valid. It is assumed that professionals, particularly in law enforcement are above reproach, even in their personal life.
The moral of this story is NEVER ASSUME... "YOU CAN'T JUDGE A BOOK, ANY BOOK BY THE COVER"!!!

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