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The Heavens, Earth & Man On Collision Course! WHY?

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posted on Aug, 7 2004 @ 08:58 PM
Why are celestial “anomalies” occurring? Why is the Earth revolting against man and will yet vomit him from its surface? Why does man consider himself sane even as he reaches down the throat of another and rips his heart out for a supposed evil?

There are known and unknown laws of creation, yet whether known or unknown they execute according to their nature, thus much of what is going on in the heavens, the Earth and among men is the fulfilling of law. We see the effect, may know the cause, but may not know the laws they are predicated upon.

When men think ill thoughts, speak contemptibly, are contentious, in ill moods, upset and angry, and do harm, even to the shedding of innocent blood, they violate laws of creation ( “spiritual” laws). These violations have consequences that men do not associate with their thoughts, words and deeds. These consequences are equal to their doings, producing a like manner in nature, thus the heavens, Earth and man are, in a manner of speaking, contemptuous, contentious, ill in moods, upset, angry and harmful, even to the shedding of “innocent” blood.

The articles discuss the conflict between man and his environment in a spiritual manner. I'm not sure it belongs in "Conspiracies in Religion", as it seems to be about environment, the machinery of God, conspiring against man because of the actions of man rather than some sinister religion conspiring against man. However it strikes me as closer to the truth than a sinister religious or other conspiracy of men.


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