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Lutec: Free Energy Machine Inventors, now claiming they developed an Electricity Amplifier.

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posted on Jun, 13 2011 @ 05:52 PM
The recent post here:

New Steel Tech

About a DIY guy inventing a new process for producing stronger steel got me thinking about Australian's, Lou Brits and John Christie, who in 2001 let it be known that they had invented a magnetic generator that could produce more energy then required to run it. This has been discussed on ATS a number of times the most recent I think was here:

Free Energy Machine

They called this machine “The Lutec 1000.”

Since then the licensing of what was formerly Lutec technology is now being handled by Evergreen Enterprise International, Ldt (EEI) of Hong Kong. They claim "the ability to Amplify Electricity. 1 Kilowatt can now become 4.25 Kilowatts or multiples thereof via the Evergreen Electricity Amplifier (EEA)."

Follow this link to have a look at their website:

Evergreen Enterprise

According to the Lutec website, which is officially closed at the homepage but can be reached by going here:


The new device, they are calling the LEA or Lutec Electricity Amplifier, they claim is derived from the same technology as the Lutec 1000 but is not, they stress, the Lutec 1000. How the LEA or EEA works is described in the above link. However as usual with Lutec there does not appear to be a lot of evidence. In fact the technical data section of this, “in progress” website is empty.

If anyone with a better understanding of electrical principles could interpret what they are saying that would be good.

Failing that someone could always go spend $50 at the Hong Kong subsidiary to buy a souvenir pack containing all the insider details. Lol.

I have to call foul on this one though. It seems like another in a long list of similar cons. It's a shame, when I first learnt about these guys I was hoping they had actually created something that worked.

O well, on the bright side, according to this link:

Hero FTW!

I just qualified to become an LEA Greenhouse Hero! Signed and dated by the inventors
Lucky me.

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posted on Jun, 13 2011 @ 09:09 PM
Magnets can't do much if they are involved. Coils will increase the voltage with
frequency and also amplify static induction if the Tesla theories are correct.
The only infinite power is still radioactivity discovered by Tesla resulting from
Primary Solar Rays denied by the CIA science authorities.
There might be other energy sources from He in Papp Engines and using Lyne
Mono Hydrogen cycles and some Tesla self acting generators.
I feel all the hype from magnets are as bad as CIA alien stories shrouding Tesla

posted on Aug, 8 2011 @ 02:29 PM

Found some more information available with patent and diagram documentation,

We need this free energy, and this could possibly resolve allot of current world problems. logger+Uncover+The+UFO+Truth%29

Well according to the website they require an investment of about 1-2 Million for a demonstration to be performed and to include yourself in the companies profits.

Very good research by the OP thanks, for the thread.

I am going to email them and see if I can make a business proposal for the less wealthy people like myself. Possibly offer my services in the technical aspect of setup and sales to help speed this technology integration.

I will let you know if they accept.


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