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Sovereign Citizens VS. The Police

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posted on Jun, 13 2011 @ 03:52 PM
This thread is in response to a post I made about a sovereign citizen involved in a shootout with police. I expressed my support for the SC and was accused of calling for the death of police officers, I was not. In a perfect world we would be able to turn things around and make this world a better place without the use of any form of violence, but history tells us that is not the case. The civil rights movement of the 50's and 60's, while mostly recognized as a peacefull transition still had to endure spells of violence in order to work. Most of this violence was on the part of the white controlled government of the south that was not willing to give up their power. In a perfect world we could simply ask a drug dealer to turn his life around or a police officer to stop dehumanizing the everyday citizen but its not a perfect world. The government has become too powerfull and no matter how nice we ask them, they are not going to give up this power without a fight.

This brings us to the SC movement, that is in essence an unorganized group of angry men spread out across the country. I don't agree with some of the actions of these men but I do feel that given the state of the world we live in that these men have a human right not a legal one to declare their independence from an openly corrupt government. There was a time i'm sure that no man would have the right to set himself above the law but now is far from that time. Government used to work for the people but more and more seems to work against the common man. One agrees to obey the law out of respect for the law, but everyone knows that respect can be earned and lost. People can not be expected to respect a governments laws if the government does not respect that persons rights. Given the state of our country I would say the the SC's have a right to independence as long as they are not going out looking for cops to kill, now if the cops try to assault, falsely imprison, or threaten deadly force then it would not take a vivid imagination to figure out what might happen.

On the other end of this spectrum you have the police, a mostly hardworking caste of people who for the most part just want a paycheck and to come home safe. This country was founded on checks and balances, that is what set us apart from the rest of the world, a society where one group could not go on oppressing another. The police seem to be one of the, if not the #1 group with power over the ordinary citizen yet they are also the least "checked" of government groups. When a cop does something wrong there is always an Internal investigation....meaning that cops are judging cops, not the people they have hurt. The american people have become way to domesticated to the government and its actions. The reason why cops treat people with such disrespect is because they know they can get away with it. Personally I feel that if someone can work at a convienence store 40 hrs a week for minimum wage and still have a smile on their face then so should cops. People will say "but cops never know who is going to attack them", well if I was going to attack a cop I would sure be less likely to do so if he was a really nice guy and on top of that a convienence store clerk has a MUCH more dangerous job and is far more likely to die on the job. How would you react if the clerk treated you like a thief everytime you come in the store just because people steal stuff all the time, you would probably stop shopping there but with police we dont have that luxury.

I see the SC's as a natural "check" to police powers and I am glad that they exist. Most people do fear the police in one form or another, even that sinking feeling you get when a cop pulls up behind you and you start thinking about any traffic law you might have broken. I would not go so far as to say that cops should fear a citizen but there should be some sort of mutual understanding that if the cop violates ones right or pushes one too far that something bad might come of the situation. Take for instance the last time I was pulled over, I did everything right (turned off the car, hands on the wheel ect.) and made it very clear that I was going to comply. This cop could not have been nicer and left me in a good mood even though I got a ticket. Unfortunatly guys like him are the minority as far as I can tell because to most cops you are guilty from the start and they will use any trick they can to get you to admit to breaking a law.

My question to you is this: What are the rights of the sovereign citizens in todays world and how should cops react to growing displeasure with there job performance

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