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The Tarot - Your Card Of The Day by Woodwytch

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posted on May, 5 2012 @ 01:14 PM
Hey there Woody,

Wow... I'm amazed to see the extent that your thread here has developed. Very admirable of you to continue to serve the ATS community this way. I was away for a while too, and having returned I was planning to take your lead and offer a Tarot thread as well, until I noticed your thread was still going strong. There's no need to clutter the board with two, so, I'm placing in a request for another card when you come to me in the list.

~ Scribe

posted on May, 6 2012 @ 02:41 AM

Originally posted by woodwytch

Originally posted by redrezo
Now I'm quite curious, I'm just another faceless mook on the internet as much as in real life. If you have the time to do a reading after the others what you are able to see regarding a random person like me. That would be appreciated.

Hey there redrezo ... that sounds like a challenge I cannot pass by
so without further ado let me see what I can get for you without knowing anything about you but your username (love it)

The Card Drawn Is - DEATH

Ok as I have said before when this card has been drawn it does not mean physical death unless other cards in a reading indicate it to be so and as this is a single card reading we can take the meaning to be metaphorical ... for example in this case it represents the death of the old to make way for the new. Now that is all very straight forward or so it would seem but it's not quite that easy (is it ever ?) ... the Death card is one of 'inevitable' change ... what this means for you is that whatever the area of your life that this change is to take place at the moment the ball is in your court so to speak and you can make the changes in the way you choose and on your terms ... however ... if you are not good with change and you choose to bury your head in the sand in the vain hope that it will all go away then you will have the upperhand taken away ... in short the changes will still take place but not necessarily in the way you would have preferred.

I feel that you have been blocked in some way ... if life isn't flowing the way you want it to there may be a reason ... there may be some important piece of information you are missing or a vital part of the life lesson you are overlooking ... focus on clear communication to release these blockages and then you will open up to the new phase.

Do not fear change because this is also a time of cleansing and realighnment ... in part it might seem extreme but it is necessary to your new growth and progress ... you will look back at this time and see how much your life has improved because of the experience.


Thank you for the reading, I'm sorry missed I this earlier because I thought I had been skipped over, but in general it does echo the many other readings i've had and they all are very similar so what you've said is generally true. There are some corroborating details such as trauma from childhood etc.. but i'd rather not clog up the thread with messy details.
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posted on May, 6 2012 @ 04:18 AM

Originally posted by woodwytch
Hey there guys as you will have noticed I have had a few days away from the thread just for a little break and to allow a few requests to gather and group ... but after the challange set down by redrezo I feel it's time to start replying a.s.a.p ... beginning with blackmetalmist and working my way through the half dozen or so requests ... and I can't wait to see what comes out as a response to that challange.


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Thank you again for acknowleging my post. Please do not hurry at all on my account, and if you are too busy feel free to drop my request, it really could be a waste of time and the reading wouldn't necessarily benefit me directly either.

I know you and everyone thinks I maybe crazy which is OK with me after all I could be crazy and I could be wrong as well, but for the sake of the reading I do ask that you conduct the reading with an open-mind without looking into too many details of the anomaly that i'm talking about. What I will say is that it lies in the Gulf of Bothnia (Between Sweden and Finland).

I am going to provide all the research and analysis i've compiled on the internet i've made on a separate forum for your perusal, as well as some corroborating sources. I suggest not looking through any of this information until after you are done with the reading, I'm only looking for an honest un-biased reading. However, I'm posting the information here to to let you get some feedback after you are done as it would only be fair.

if you have time to kill:

I suggest looking at the videos 'Charlie' and 'Delta' keep in mind that they aren't being told what it is, and all sessions are conducted double-blind.

posted on May, 6 2012 @ 09:10 AM

Originally posted by pyrodude
Hey Woody, can u draw me another card? Thanks always!!

Hey there pyrodude ... yes I would be happy to draw you another card ... let's see what it is.

The Car Drawn Is - PRINCE of SWORDS

This card tells me you are intelligent / articulate / and can be impetuous but be careful and remain alert because I feel someone is acting from selfish or ulterior motives ... whilst you are trying your best you may feel vunerable and because of this you are not acting with full awareness / integrity ... as a result you may be feeling bored or like the victim (neither should be the case).

This card suggests radical changes in your lifestyle and routine where boredom / victimhood are not options ... there might be either new people / friends appearing in your life or indeed a whole new life might be about to open up for you ... as this card represents the element of air you could be taking a journey that involves air travel or else you will feel like you are flying high. The totem animal you should draw energy from at this time is the hawk because he is the quicksilver messenger of fate and he can help you to see through the layers of doubt and uncertainty to a problem at the heat of the matter ... be swift and be subtle and above all use your common-sense to progress ... never allow anger or a grudge to hold you back ... let go and fly !


posted on May, 6 2012 @ 09:16 AM

Originally posted by Fylgje
I was wondering if I could please get another card. The first card that you gave me really hit the nail on the head and made me think and look into my life a little deeper. I'd like to see what will come up. This is very interesting.
Thank you

Hey there Fylgie so pleased that you're enjoying the thread and that your previous card was helpful ... happy to draw you another.

The Card Drawn Is - THE MAGICIAN (shaman)

This card speaks of letting the life-force flow / taking the first step / and empowerment ... but how on earth can you feel empowered when your energy is blocked and how can you unblock it ? I feel like you may have distanced yourself from somehing that you believe will disturb you emotionally ... if so this could have a positive or negative effect ... you may even reject an offer of friendship at this time ... either way these are not the right things to do in an effort to get your energy flowing freely again and the Magician (shaman) is telling you that you have all the tools required to move forward successfully but you are either ignoring them or you haven't yet noticed them.

This really is a time for action you cannot ignore or put it off any longer otherwise you will never realize your dreams ... you must use your willpower and focus to take the first steps ... you can't keep holding on to the worries about your life ... look within and allow the eyes of the shaman to take you on your journey he is your teacher which means you are your own teacher and the answers are all inside waiting to be uncovered ... this journey may lead you to study philosophy or esoteric mysteries like the magicians / shamans of old ... they still exist and there energy flows freely with knowledge and wisdom ... yours can too if you allow it to be so ... otherwise you will remain blocked.


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posted on May, 6 2012 @ 09:40 AM
OH almost forgot to mention. Ive been seeing the number 23 over and over again. yesterday alone it appeared over 30 times. and its still happening even today. Ive also been having a feeling that a great eye in the sky would soon appear before me. Sounds crazy, but i have my reasons to believe why this may be true.

But aye, things went down hill with the girl. And I feel like its maybe my time to focus on a certain path. But aye.. I searched what 23 means, but the info i found so far hasnt resonated with me. if you have some information on it that would be awesome to know

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posted on May, 6 2012 @ 10:10 AM

Originally posted by Sigismundus
reply to post by woodwytch

Hey Woodwytch --

Try me again - and see what shows Tarot Wise these days for me !!

When you get a chance...of course !


Hey there Sigismundus yes indeed let's see what's waiting.

The Card Drawn Is - 3 of WANDS

This is a positive card that as the image suggests speaks of looking to a brighter future and I feel those will be welcome words because you may have been struggling with your feelings a little bit lately this may have involved either a certain sense of shame or oppression and how you respond to this is up to you but you will be pleased to hear that you are now emerging from a period of difficuty and you will find yourself in an improving situation ... remind yourself that an exploration of your deepest fears allows you the opportunity for real transformation.

Your hard work (literal or metaphorical) begins to bear fruit and that's why this is a good time for making longterm plans and/or realizing long-term dreams and goals ... this card brings a sense of fulfilment ... and the new inner stillness and focus that you acquire will be apparent and observable by others and that builds the vital sense of trust / confidence / security in those for whom you have a certain responsibility ... the future looks bright so stop worrying.


posted on May, 6 2012 @ 10:14 AM

Originally posted by Darkblade71

Originally posted by woodwytch

Originally posted by Darkblade71

Would it be ok if you drew a card for me please?

ty, great thread.

Hey there Darkblade ... it would be perfectly ok to draw a card for you ... and just to prove the point here it is,

The Card Drawn For You Is - PRINCE of SWORDS

I believe you may have been feeling a little stuck ... unable to move forward ... or there may have been delays in completing something. However, you shouldn't worry be cause inevitably movement and completion will follow this phase of restriction sooner than you might think.

This card tells me that whether you are male or female you are either already ... or have the potential to be intelligent and articulate ... but can sometimes be a little impetuous ... and that may be the reason for the restrictions ... just to slow you down a little and prompt you to think before you act.

Either way there are about to be some radical changes in your lifestyle / routine. New friends may appear or in fact a whole new life may open up for you.


You and 2 others were dead on.
I just thought you should know, the changes are taking place.
Very good job!

Pleased to hear it ... progress and movement is always a good thing


posted on May, 6 2012 @ 02:06 PM

Originally posted by LightWarrior11
Hi, 79 pages later, if you're able, will you see what comes up for me?

Hey there LightWarior11 ... I know I can't believe it either ... there have been a couple of times when it's slowed right back and I thought it was done but no ... another request pops up ... and I'm so pleased because I love this thread and I love doing the cards ... win win for me

The Card Drawn Is - ACE of SWORDS

Ok, this is new but I feel compelled to go with it ... you must do with it as you will ... but all the while I was shuffling the cards and drawing this card for you from the deck I was very aware of the image of a black woman (mid/late 40's) in my minds-eye and she was very insistant on making me aware of what she had to say (to you) ... 'she is your Light Warrior' ... now ... because this was so unexpected and it rarely happens to me nowadays I guess this must be important ... I don't know if you are a black woman in her mid/late 40's and this is your inner-self showing her strength ... or (and I feel the more likely senario of the two) ... this lady has come forward as the spirit-guide who will be your companion for the next leg of your spiritual journey.

Let me explain a little more;

My desk is in the window of my sitting room and in front of my house (maybe 200mtrs) are some woods ... when I shuffle the deck to draw for someone I look at the woods through my window and visualize myself sitting in a clearing beneath the trees with the sun shining through the overhead canopy of new spring leaves and the smell of leaf-litter and bluebells filling my nose ... as I see myself sitting there shuffling the cards I see the figure of the requestee walking through the trees towards me and as they stand in front of me I stop shuffling (the real tarot deck) and take the card from the top (this is the card that I read for the person).

When I was doing this for you I saw your human shape walking towards me in the woods but beside you was the black lady ... who I feel I should call 'Pearl' ... I knew she was a spirit because she had a luminescence about her that only a spirit can and she was carrying a sword in front of her like the one in the card I'd just drawn for you ... and that's when she said that 'she is your Light Warrior'.

Ok now to get to the actual card ... as I have said many times in this thread all the 'Aces' speak of new beginnings ... but maybe of late you have been a little lethargic or disillusioned and of course if you wish to succeed you have to be prepared to put in the groundwork ... there really are no shortcuts to becoming the best that you can be ... I certainly feel from the events of drawing your card that you are about to embark on a spiritual leg of your life journey and by way of physical preparation you need to explore your goals and decide whether further training might be needed in your desired field ?

This card is giving you the opportunity to cut yourself free from outdated and/or negative attachments ... this should be seen as a clean break that heralds your new beginning ... sometimes an unconscious impulse or drive can make you aware of a hidden issue or need ... such issues may appear in dreams often signalling their presence this way because of our lack of attention ... or lack of confidence in our own abilities ... so my advise to you is look out for the little synchronicities that might suggest the presence of your new guide (Pearl).


posted on May, 6 2012 @ 02:21 PM
Well that's it for today I think I should close the thread for the day on a high-note

Tomorrow I shall be back with a card for Worldwatcher who made a request via u2u but said they didn't mind me replying on the thread so that's what I shall be doing otherwise it just complicates things.

And then I shall be drawing a card for redrezo who wants to see if I can pick anything up about an underwater anomoly being excavated ... and let me tell you I can't wait to see what comes out ... and redrezo I definately DO NOT think you are crazy we are most certainly allies on this subject ... I'll tell you more about that when I draw the card tomorrow (thanks so much for asking me to do it).


posted on May, 6 2012 @ 04:59 PM
reply to post by woodwytch

Thanks Woody -

Thanks for the positive visions -

As it happens, I just got an e-mail to-day with a firm offer of the Job I've been after for more than a year - this after a very very dark & long term un-employement period - which turned out to be for a lot more money and much much closer to home too - so the card you pulled (3 of wands) hopefully reflects the changed situation

i.e. a bright newer future and a brand new beginning I can see very clearly now on the horizon (sure beats the heck out of being out of work for 23 months, during which time both my parents died...and having to sell belongings to buy basic food just feed myself - talk about bleak)

Here's to a brighter future to all of us on this thread - thanks again !

posted on May, 7 2012 @ 06:38 AM
Hey there worldwatcher ... sorry you have had to wait a couple of days but even though you made your request via u2u it's only fair that I add you to the queue of other requestees ... plus it stops me getting confused and forgetting who I've got to (I have to be honest it doesn't take much to confuse me)

The Card Drawn Is - QUEEN of CUPS

This card tells me that you are a kind and highly intuitive person who tends to put other people before yourself ... my 'inner-sense' tells me that you have been through a difficult time and those around you may not have been aware of just how stressed you have been ... but this is a turning point and you are about to emerge from your difficulties ... one thing to understand is this ... if you have a relationship (friend / partner / relative) that has been based on the mutual support as victims of your circumstances the foundations of that relationship could begin to dissolve as things improve ... try to base the relationship on more solid ground if you want it to survive.

One thing I do know from this card is that you are the 'go to' gal/guy when people have a problem and the reason they come to you is because you are so good at being the shoulder to cry on and the voice of reason to offer sound advise ... so much so that you might consider a career in relationship counselling and/or healing ... something I do myself in my working world as a therapist is act in the knowledge that 'soft words calm troubled minds' and you have that gift ... the only downside of this kind of work is that it often involves self-sacrifice ... but trust me the reward in seeing the breakthrough with someone you have helped when they smile is worth the time and energy you have invested in them ... it is priceless.

The queen in this card is deeply caring and kind ... her spirit draws upon the honesty / generosity / self-sacrifice which she sees in you ... she has the ability to bring joy to the darkest places and addresses the most difficult problems with grace and civility ... allow your gift to flow through you with love.


posted on May, 7 2012 @ 06:49 AM
Hey Woody,

Have been following this thread with a lot of interest for a while now, so I guess it's time for me to have a card drawn if you will please. When you can get to it of course.


posted on May, 7 2012 @ 07:32 AM
Thanks Woody! that's a very interesting card to have pulled for me!
I can certainly related to what the queen of cups signifies, so very cool.

posted on May, 7 2012 @ 08:03 AM

I had posted a couple of months back asking about the future prospects of my job. You had replied to await for newer opportunities. True to your words, I found some new clients how have been providing me with regular work to sustain myself. You can find my posts over and your reply over

I am back with another query this time.

I am seeing a girl for the last two years. She has already told her parents about her wish to be with me. However, her parents are somewhat unimpressed because I do not have a college degree and that I am self-employed (I work from home). I attempted electronics engineering but dropped out in the course of years.

I had a long conversation with her a couple of hours back. Although she is interested in being with me, I get the feeling that she does not wish to disappoint her parents too.

Can you do a card reading for me in order to find the future prospects of this relationship? Will I be able to marry her? I am somewhat confused with what to do right now.

Please let me know the findings ..

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posted on May, 7 2012 @ 03:39 PM

Originally posted by redrezo
I've got something of a challenge for you but it isn't for me, within a month to two months a salvage team from sweden is going out to the baltic to look at an anomaly they found back in 2011. I predict based off of my own research and all the source's i've gathered that when they dive down there it's going to turn out to be an ancient sunken UFO and it is going to be a monumental game-changer that will change everything we know.

While I feel I have enough info for myself already, if you could draw up a card and tell me what you see I would definitely appreciate it.

Hey there redrezo ... you have no idea how much I've been looking forward to this request ... I also have my own hyptheses about such things and feel confident that physical evidence has already been discovered 'elsewhere' but has (like many things) been kept from us by TPTB ... however ... I have long held the belief that something would be discovered beneath the planets oceans that could no longer be kept quiet from the people of the world ... I do not believe the anomoly you speak of is that 'something' but I was very excited to read your request and look forward to drawing your card to see if it may be the first step to what I believe will be multiple discoveries of this kind ... it is a known fact that 'we know more about deep space than we do the deep oceans of our home planet' ... maybe this is time for that to change !

I think we both know the direction this draw will take and I don't believe you would have made the request if you had any doubts lol

The Card Drawn Is - THE HANGED MAN

A perfect card to come out for this request in the 'Wildwood Tarot Deck' the Hanged Man is called The Mirror and is ruled by the element of water which of course provides reflection ... in relevence to your specific request I have meditated on the best translation of this card for the given situation and the immediate thing I felt was that there will be a delay / setback in the salvage mission due to financial matters ... once they do proceed and reach the site they will experience some interference with their equipment due to the electromagnetics being emmited from the anomoly but they will find a way to work around this and continue with the mission ... and by the way I'm pretty certain the said anomoly is not a naturally occurring one ... I believe it is a smaller version of the huge anomoly they have discovered beneath Lake Vostok in Antarctica ... and I believe there are more like this smaller one at various locations around the world ... my personal intuition tells me they are dormant monitors that have been in hibernation (like a computer) for a very, very long time and now as our planet is changing they are beginning to reboot for the next stage.

One of the things this card promotes is the experience of deep feelings that have little to do with everyday circumstances ... and if we apply that to this situation the discovery and the admission of such to the public certainly would trigger deep feelings that had nothing to do with the everyday !

Such a discovery (once all the details were made public) will cause a radical reversal of values and attitudes ... this card speaks of hidden knowledge and revealed insights ... this card also says that this hidden knowledge and revealed insights can only come about following some kind of pain / wounding ... now generally this would mean from an emotional point of view but in this case it could imply some kind of accident concerning one or more of the crew and this is the reason that everything becomes public knowledge.

(Direct Quote From The Wildwood Tarot) - "Let the journey commence and awaken afresh and full of energy ... ready to deal with the world and the challenges it raises".

I truly believe that this anomoly is of the same kind they have found beneath Lake Vostok ... I truly believe there will be more discovered in the near future at a variety of underwater locations ... I truly believe they are not of this world.

If you would like to read more about my 'out of the box' hypotheses click the link below ... one thing you should know is that a lot of what I wrote back in 1994 sounded crazy / unlikely / impossible at the time but over the years much of it has become recognized and accepted historically and scientifically ... because of this I have no reason to doubt that the remaining crazy / unlikely / impossible hyptheses and ideas I wrote about back then will also be proven correct in the fullness of time.

THE ATLANTEAN ANALYSIS (Laboratory Earth - Experiment Man)


posted on May, 8 2012 @ 08:05 AM

Originally posted by blackmetalmist
reply to post by woodwytch

Thank you very much Woody ! It was in regards to relationships at the moment. I am currently in one but I feel like something is telling me to maybe see whats out there before continuing to be comitted. He's a great person but I feel like its reaching its maximum in what two people can contribute. In other words, I feel like its in a standstill. I feel like by reading that card, its saying that I need to move forward and see what happens.

I may be wrong though, do you think that is what the card is saying in regards to relationship?

I think that's exactly what the card was saying ... trust your gut feelings.


posted on May, 8 2012 @ 08:29 AM
reply to post by woodwytch

Excellent work as usual Woody! Getting a new place, getting more educated, blazing new paths. sadly I did let some frustration boil over at one point but I'm back on track with my very exciting changes now. You were 100% correct about the selfish person and I did let it get to me, but in the end it all worked out fine. You really do an awesome job sweetie, keep it up!

posted on May, 8 2012 @ 08:46 AM

Originally posted by RisenAngel77
Thanks woody, any chance for another?

With regards to possible ego death? and future relationships? The girl I mentioned, ended the friendship officially. And now im going through a tough time with heartache.

Hey there RisenAngel ... with regards to the girl situation I think it is best that she has ended the friendship ... you clearly have deeper feelings for her than she for you and you know that you can't make somebody love you so even if it had lingered on you were always going to end up hurting over this girl ... it's a shame the friendship couldn't survive but you risked obsessing over her if it had continued and that isn't healthy. The heartache you are feeling is very similar to the grief felt when someone dies (trust me I've experienced both) and although you can't see it at the moment this painful time is actually a learning curve and when the grief passes (and it will) you will be a stronger person for it ... I know that sounds like rubbish to you at the moment because you are still suffering but a broken heart is part of maturing and growing up (however old you are).

The Card Drawn Is - 5 of SWORDS

This card is all about the frustration of losing the love of your life ... you need to be careful that this frustation doesn't turn into inflexibility or obstinacy ... when this card relates to relationships it says that your need for the security you would have liked from a loving relationship can turn to jealousy and you need to understand that jealousy is the ugliest of emotions that is guaranteed to repulse the person you wished to love you ... I also feel that you are at the stage of grief over this where you fail to truly listen to the advice of others ... maybe you requested another card in the hope that it would tell you she had made a mistake and she would realize that she loved you too ... sadly that is not going to happen my friend and whilst that might sound harsh it is no good trying to be flowery about it or give you false hope ... and this is what she has done by ending the friendship ... it is important that you work through the pain.

You may feel that you have been humiliated or that you have been the victim of gossip and you are likely blaming everyone and everything for this end result ... do not let jealousy and envy bubble up if you live in the same area and see her with someone else ... in this case the card is trying to remind you that sometimes things need to get worse in order to get better ... regain some control because unfocused energy and/or anger will make you waste valuable resources required to get yourself back on track. Take some quiet time to compose your self-control and stillness ... take a deep breath and steady your mind ... you may not feel like smiling at the moment but humour can defuse and deflect your heartache and the effects of your frustration.

Know one thing as a certainty ... you will come out of this (most of us have been there at least once in our lives ... often more) just give yourself time to heal.


posted on May, 8 2012 @ 08:55 AM

Originally posted by HerrLuge
reply to post by woodwytch

Just wanted to let you know that your reading was spot on. I deliberately didn't give you any clue what I was asking about and you hit the proverbial nail on the head. Your insight definitely works too as I have been carrying much more than my usual load recently.

As for my "war of the roses" jibe that was just my litle joke. Like most wars that was two peoples getting to know each other better but in the worst possible way. A bit like two lovers who should have forgone the fighting and just gone straight to the making up

Glad you mentioned Pendle Hill though as I last went as a small boy when my Aunt took me along when she took a class of schoolgirls up there. A great day out for a young chap in a mini bus full of young ladies

So now you've put the idea in my head I think I might have a visit there myself. Despite it being touristy the spirit of the place will still be there, albeit probably somewhat hidden. If nothing else it sounds like a good excuse for a day out on the bike to me !

Thanks again for the card, and for giving up your time for everyone in the thread.

So, so pleased that my mention of Pendle Hill has promted a possible visit on your bike ... if you make it don't forget to take pictures and share ... I'll be with you in spirit

Thanks for the positive feedback on the card too.


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