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my poems

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posted on Aug, 7 2004 @ 06:52 PM
i will explian this poem after i finish it.this is made up but loosely based on a song by tupac.

you converted to the darkside
itd be a lie if i said it wont a long ride.
even though we both came from the same places
are ages and the fightin made us all change places
all the misery that came to pass
the hard hard times make a true friend afraid to ask
what could i do real friends help you get through.
bad things happen and i aint been seein you
you know i did everything i could
in the hood true friends make ya feel good.
i aint flashed a smile in a long while.
the unexpected birth of your brothers child.
how could you do?
all the thing the things that you did after what we been through.
father forgive me for my life of sin
congratulations on your brothers kid
but we dont even keep in touch
i know i dont hang around the house much
basketball got me outta touch.
but its fine you dont miss me.
to tell the truth i dont miss you.
but why....... why did we do the things we do?

posted on Aug, 7 2004 @ 06:57 PM
Nice poem MGj keep it up so whe di we get to know whats its based on or who ? family brother sister?

posted on Aug, 7 2004 @ 06:58 PM
no its about a friend,its hard to explain ill do it later

posted on Aug, 7 2004 @ 07:10 PM

Fantastic poem there machinegunjordan. I have 'Applauded' you, which comes with a nice lil 250 ATS Point bonus

posted on Aug, 7 2004 @ 07:14 PM
Well done MGJ!!

Great piece of work there, Keep up the good work!

posted on Aug, 7 2004 @ 07:17 PM
thanks guys!
and thanks for the applause alien.
and thank you asala and alien

posted on Aug, 8 2004 @ 12:16 PM
good lord thank you for the rain
that showers my pain
and washes it down the drain
how else can i explain?

good lord thank you for the air im breathin
i need someone to believe in
for to long ive been a heathen

posted on Aug, 8 2004 @ 03:00 PM
love the work, keep it up please.
They have touched me alot

posted on Aug, 8 2004 @ 03:03 PM

Originally posted by infinite
love the work, keep it up please.
They have touched me alot
thank you infinite your poems always inspired me to.

posted on Aug, 21 2004 @ 05:25 AM
I just thought I'd let you know what a great poem I think that is.

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