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Spanish police website hit by Anonymous hackers

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posted on Jun, 13 2011 @ 08:03 AM

In its statement, Anonymous said the DDoS attack was a "direct response to the Friday arrests of three individuals alleged to be associated with acts of cyber civil disobedience attributed to Anonymous."

The group said DDoS attacks were a legitimate form of peaceful protest. Some of its members are thought to have carried out similar attacks on Turkish government websites to protest against net censorship.

Anonymous also denied that the men arrested were part of the "core" of Spanish members of the group.

"They did not arrest any core group, because we don't have a core group," said Anonymous in its statement.

Go anonymous

Like a hydra, every head the authorities remove, ten more spring up in its place. This is a deserved response from the hacker community.

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posted on Jun, 13 2011 @ 08:06 AM

Greetings Spanish Government:

We know you have heard of us; We are Anonymous. It has come to our attention that you deemed it necessary to arrest three of our fellow anons, ... which you claim to be the leaders of Anonymous and for their participation in DDoS attacks against various websites...

First and foremost, DDoSing is an act of peaceful protest on the Internet. The activity is no different than sitting peacefully in front of a shop denying entry. Just as is the case with traditional forms of protest...

Regardless of how many times you are told, you refuse to understand. There are no leaders of Anonymous. Anonymous is not based on personal distinction...

Arresting somebody for taking part in a DDoS attack is exactly like arresting somebody for attending a peaceful demonstration in their hometown. Anonymous believes this right to peacefully protest is one of the fundamental pillars of any democracy...

You have not detained three participants of Anonymous. We have no members and we are not a group of any kind. You have, however, detained three civilians expressing themselves...

You are providing us with the fuel, but now you must expect the fire.

Awaiting your action,


We are Legion.
We do not forgive your attacks on freedom.
We do not forget your ignorance.
Expect Revolution.
Expect us.

posted on Jun, 13 2011 @ 08:10 AM
Given the size of the internet, Anon are nothing but self-replicating nano-bots.

Wot like a bit o' lol.

it's getting insane, you cannot tell people quickly enough that anon is NOT a group, but a concept.

Like HAARP, no sooner you finish explaining how it works to someone, someone else after you starts it up again, and new people just jump on along.

Proves to me that a lot of people here are NOT after answers, but instead after Reasons. Reasons to justify their own thoughts. Despite the science and facts.

Reason: Anon are pretty good at being what they are... They must be CIA.
Facts: Anon are pretty good at being what they are. Anonymous.

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