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Motorcade of Jordanian King Attacked - unharmed.

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posted on Jun, 13 2011 @ 08:01 AM
Motorcade Jordanian King Attacked

AMMAN, Jordan – A Jordanian security official says the motorcade of King Abdullah II has been attacked with empty bottles and stones during a visit to a southern town. The king escaped unharmed.

The attack came Monday hours after Abdullah bowed to popular demands for electing a prime minister from a parliamentary majority, replacing the current method of appointing the Cabinet.

The security official said the king was not hurt.

The story goes on to say that he was on a fact finding mission to hear the damands of his subjects. I'm thinking, that considering the attack and all, he has definately heard them. His head will be one to be chopped by the NWO .. just like Egypt, Syria and Libya.

I'm kinda surprised by this. His people like him.
Or they did, until the NWO folks got in there and started their version of 'change.

Edited to add - can't remember if this is the right forum. MODS please move is necessary. Thanks.
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