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When Fire is in the sky Profanity is a MUST !!!!!!

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posted on Jun, 12 2011 @ 09:34 PM


...this thread has turned into a hunt to express profanities in a vain attempt to circumvent the T&C.

To avoid the confusion, here is a heads up from the SkepticOverlord expressed earlier today:

The rules are simple to interpret... no cursing/vulgarities, and no use of creative re-spellings or character-replacement of curse/vulgar words.

Popular acronyms such as "WTF" are often allowed because they have become a popular component of the contemporary lexicon, and appear in mainstream sources with regularity.

The rationale behind the rules are also simple to understand... "conspiracy theories" have enough "credibility" baggage without also having to overcome additional distractions such as cursing.

I often curse like a drunken-sailor with a bad attitude in public (among friends), but doing so only effects me -- my choice of words, in such a setting, have no consequence on anyone else but me.

But if I chose to curse on ATS, doing so effects everyone else who posts here -- my choice of words, in a collaborative text-based setting, will have consequence by association on every other contributor. The incremental repercussions of individual posts certainly may be very slight, but the cumulative ramifications would be significant.


This thread has surreptitiously come at a time when our moderation staff has been discussion the need to increase our action against swearing and the use of swear word (#####) replacements that contain enough letters to ascertain the vulgarity intended. The conclusion has been that increased diligence is required.


Anyone confused by what may or may not be allowed as a curse words is simply playing games. It's our firm belief that anyone with enough intelligence to turn on a computer and obtain a membership on ATS should poses the common-sense needed to know which words, phrases, or epitaphs should not be used either in full-spelling, creative mis-spelling, or character-replacement.


Since that answers that problematic question, let's refrain from traveling further along that road. This thread is starting to resemble Swiss cheese.

Consider this fair warning.

posted on Jun, 12 2011 @ 11:56 PM
reply to post by WordPlayJAy

S & F OP.

Brother does that take the cake; there has got to be something wrong with that family.

A fire tornado is coming up behind your car, do you a.) argue with your son or b.) flee for your lives? I swear that kid sounded like he was about desperate enough to hop out and run for it.

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