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Aliens UFO in Kazakhstan in MSM!

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posted on Jun, 13 2011 @ 08:45 PM
reply to post by Nola213

Thanks Nola,

It's all good

Glad to have been of help, and yes, there is some room for further investigation, but, imo, I find it useless, having all of the facts present which are all pointing towards this being something completely explainable.

Though I agree the explanation part could do a little more work - we, for example, could find out whether the TV station was involved in the viral advertisting, or if this was a result from the viral advertising. We could also find out what the object was, in the first place, because, IMO there was something in the air, but having the facts that we managed to gather, and in addition - having Almaty being a city of 15 million... There's no doubt for me that this was something pretty mundane, since there is zero discussion through the Kazakhstan websites and forums about this newscast (unlike the other video that caused all the comotion in the first place).


posted on Jun, 13 2011 @ 09:27 PM
Any video of a UFO that is shorter then 5 minutes is a complete and utter farse. But then again EVERY VIDEO OF A UFO THIS FAR HAS BEEN UNDER 5MINUTES!!!. Anyone care to prove me wrong? Please show me a video of a UFO, that is moving, and longer then even 2mins. Thanks. 5min is the cap for me.

posted on Jun, 13 2011 @ 09:34 PM
Eight pages on a thread that was started by only a You Tube video?

What is ATS coming to?

And on top of that the OP did not even use one of the many translation tools available so we could hear or read the broadcast in English.

posted on Jun, 14 2011 @ 10:35 AM

Originally posted by ch1n1t0
reply to post by Logical one

Hi yet again, thread.

First of all, I don't even consider this CCTV footage to be connected with the NEWS REPORT footage at all and I think we should discount it.

The problem arises though when the OP provides all 3 videos and says they are of the same event to support the original video.
My previous post is to suggest that the CCTV is fake and can't be used to support the original video.

The original video had big red flags from the beginning, even though some here choose to look past those red flags and that's why I guess this thread has gone on for so long......even though everything points to fake UFO event.

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