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Dear Women A Message To You from Awakened Conscious Spiritual Men

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posted on Jun, 14 2011 @ 09:02 AM
reply to post by SonofPeleus

Originally posted by SonofPeleus
This is not the way to pick up the woman.

And of course, that's the goal, isn't it? To pick up women.

You speak as if women are possessions that you "pick up" and then use for your satisfaction.
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posted on Jun, 14 2011 @ 09:09 AM

Originally posted by SonofPeleus

Originally posted by Unity_99
reply to post by SonofPeleus

Not really. We don't like the dominating ruthless male that treats us as an exception temporarily. Young women get fooled because that is the norm shoved at them in the media and romance novels all along, but its not truly what makes for a partnership or a caring world. Its actually what makes for divorces.

This is why there is now the metrosexual for women like you.

I'm a woman's woman, very much wired that way, but you don't seem to understand women. Any relationship not based on equality, understanding, communication, friendship, service to others from both sides, is immature, dominating (women can dominate too by the way, I've seen a few relationships the other way as well), and it wont last, or if it endures, just be an empty shell. Intelligence on all sides, awareness of the world and its corruption and programs (war machine!!! pryamid systems!!!) is a real bonus. But people can actually increase their IQ's and intelligence or at least Wisdom, with the right environment and nurturing.

Edit to add, what is a woman's woman is not the cardboard cutout lie that is perpetrated in the media. Its not a submissive brow beaten woman. It means someone hardwired to family and home, nurturing, communication, psychologist for the home, creative, not someone who really likes adventures or outings alot, they can actually make her nerves crash and burn and she gets sick, more agoraphobic. Hard wired to do the home tasks more. Not the hard wired innovator. This has nothing whatsoever to do with submission or to do with playing games, its all work of equal value. Nor should anyone be forced into being what they're not, for everyone's wiring is different, and some have more health, more stamina, more need for the company of others, etc. There is a biology and custom, its learning to separate the two.
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posted on Jun, 14 2011 @ 07:01 PM
reply to post by NorEaster

What a fantastic metaphor - the junkyard attack dog v. the family pet.

I'm glad you clarified that the destructive, aggressive nature of men has its uses - and in spades, I think. A great many of the other posters and society, in general, seem to think that we have evolved beyond our intended purposes. Through whatever happened to our species, we have evolved with purpose, but those purposes are disregarded without thought when we should be identifying and understanding the differences between genders, cultures, etc., and deciding to use each strength to its utmost - which would benefit everyone.

I agree, once again. I think your posts are eloquent and well thought out. As I agree so heartily, I'll hush up now. /applause

posted on Jun, 14 2011 @ 07:40 PM
I love women....

posted on Jun, 14 2011 @ 07:54 PM

Originally posted by purplemer
I love women....

Me too. They're pretty, they feel wonderful and I like the way they smell.

I also like the way the women in my life perceive the world around them. Some women, not so much, but still I've never met a woman whose core essence failed in direct comparison with the guys I've known in my life. There's just something more relaxed and relaxing about the casual company of a woman friend. Guys just end up spazzing me out. It's probably a fault of mine.

posted on Jun, 14 2011 @ 07:59 PM
reply to post by NorEaster

All I ever get is I'm weird.Ask my wife...weird.
I vehemently disagree about our President.Heathcare reform that YOU WILL pay for is in fact illegal not only that the current president is acting like he wants to see WWIII in the middle east How is that "Female"again? in fact these last 3 presidents have put us to a socialist agenda.And bear little resemblance to the word leader,managers maybe.
Don't you feel that tension?Do you think I want any of that?
Which would you want to protect your family an Afghan or a German Shepard?There are times when barking isn't enough.Political correctness places me as the shunned monstrous gun owner.Words are expected to apologize for the nastier part of our culture.Can you see someone demanding to be called "Beige" American because "White" is synonymous with too many negative connotations.Pax Womani isn't going to make matters any better when dealing with the East.2 women have tried as secretaries of state and now look at the mess.
They couldn't do anything because the enemy governments are "Might makes right" Geneva Conventions be damned and we made it worse by supporting corporate and Imperial ambitions of our allies for money in the prior decades.They haven't got the teeth any more and the money bags are tied tight so now we're left holding the bill.
As our warriors are stuck, backing these fools plays, our economy is under assault.
Don't even get me started about upper tier business practices and crypto-banking
Because I am intelligent I very clearly recognize myself as being neither appropriately spiritual or enlightened.
Just different.
I'm going to art school in 3 weeks PRAY please;
yes it is aggressive,like me.
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posted on Jun, 14 2011 @ 11:28 PM

Originally posted by Benevolent Heretic

Originally posted by QueSeraSera
I don't know...this all sounds like some scripted AAA "affirmation" or a kind of 12-step program.

Is there something wrong with that? If a person feels that they have made a positive change in their life and want to continue on a path, I don't see any reason not to have a 12-step program that helps them through the tough times. Millions of alcoholics and drug-abusers are maintaining sobriety because of these programs. I think they are a good thing for those who need them.

Originally posted by QueSeraSera
Why can't men and women simply respect and cooperate with one another in mutual, balanced partnership instead?

You don't just jump from a male-dominated society one day to a balanced and equal society the next day by willing it. This movement by the men in the OP video is a step toward that end.

No one is claiming that women are perfect. But if we look at our history, and see where we have come from, there's a lot of crap that has come down on women at the hands of man, many times literally. Apologizing for the acts of man throughout history does not mean they are taking personal responsibility for other people's action. They feel sorrow and are expressing it. It's more like, "I'm sorry men have hurt you over the centuries." Not, "I'm responsible for everything that all men have ever done to women."

It happens many times that people apologize for something they didn't directly do. For example, I feel sorrow for men who have had to deal with women aborting their children without any input. I also feel sorrow for men who have to deal with some of the manipulative witches that pass as nurturing women until they get what they want and their true colors come out. To men, I am sorry for some of the things women have done. I'm not responsible, but as a woman, I am saddened and embarrassed for some of the actions of other women.

reply to post by Amandla

I communicate with my animals, too.
Just because someone cannot, doesn't mean it can't happen. People do it all the time.
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Well, I strongly believe that women have ultimately failed more than men, because it is traditionally their responsibility as mothers or loved ones to instill compassion as well as self-confidence in their sons and male s/o's. This is a momentous undertaking.
Women are the teachers who influence men to restrain natural ruthlessness, selfishness, and reckless aggressive impulses, and channel those energies into more compassionate and community/socially-benefitting ways of dealing with conflict and opposition. And ideally without emasculating the core nature of "the beast". :~)
Men are "trainable" ( like housebreaking a puppy ), but they require a lot of loving and focused effort. However, the strong, self-confident, moral and true men who can result are more than worth it.
So, step up, ladies.

posted on Jun, 15 2011 @ 06:27 PM
Besides you cheat and use feelings and go to both sides of your cerebellum.while we are stuck on the right side with ego and logic and Testosterone.
Cheating females.

posted on Jun, 16 2011 @ 12:23 AM
I feel like a lot of the male/female issues come down to power. I think power is a great thing to have and to use. But I'm a woman and the kind of power that I'm talking about is the power within- the kind that makes you face your fears and have the willpower to keep at difficult things. Inner power is an important thing to have and to cultivate. It makes us stronger as a people, as a species. Everyone, male, female, transgendered and hermaphrodites (can't forget them!) have the ability and capacity to better themselves.

In my society, we see power as purely the "power over" something else. When you run a powerful company it means you can lobby and evade taxes and buy up weaker companies. Powerful fighters get that way because of their strength in battle, not their strength in avoiding battle. I'd have a tough time believing an argument that says this kind of power betters us as a species.

Does this power-over dominate because it is a male dominated society? I don't feel comfortable saying yes definitely. At the same time, I wonder if we would see a focus on power-within in a female dominated society. Or if leadership were fairly distributed? Don't ask me how, but I'm sure there are ways that everyone could reach their potentials. I know for a fact that there are those of you who have faced women who wield that power-over. And that's a fair thing to bring up. Two things that I'm curious about are 1- if it's just their "coping mechanism" for living in a male-dominated, power-over society and 2- if it's just the manifestation of their "male energies" (while I think that there's more than just male and female energies at play inside us, I do believe that every human has both in different ratios, and when one/some are kept locked up, unable to be expressed, it creates problems).
I'm sure there are loads of explanations for manipulative women, but those are two things I'm curious about.

I will say that I've always felt my society is threatened by woman's power-within. Many times when I've tried to assert my rights/my place/my ideas/my worth I've been called a bitch. I think that's a word that's used to undermine woman's power specifically. It wouldn't be out of line to say someone (man or woman) who is nagging you, being mean, etc is being bitchy (maybe not nice
) but it seems to be a male psyops campaign to undercut woman's power and place in the world.

posted on Jun, 16 2011 @ 12:43 AM
I do look forward to female combat vets stories.Talk about a sacrifice.To go zero on feelings to achieve such a grisly task.
They will definitely help us all understand,why these things are such a bad idea.A Pyrrhic victory but still a victory for women.
Good job.......Sis

posted on Jun, 16 2011 @ 01:09 AM
OP, since you gave up your pants can I have 'em?
Just joking.

Well, the video was odd and didnt sit right with me. I cant put my finger on it.. just smacks of "weird". Just my opinion.. whatever floats your boat.

Im also shocked at the woman falling all over someone just because they say.. I'm sorry for all men who are assholes. IMO.. just weird as hell... and I'm no kid. Id prefer men be men and women be women.. and recognize most of the trouble you find.. you've looked for and ran toward with your eyes open. Just me I guess.. I really don't need a random apology from some stranger with a freaky video to validate my existence as a woman or make me "feel good". Thanks anyway

posted on Jun, 16 2011 @ 01:12 AM
reply to post by MIDNIGHTSUN

I personally love it when my man's a "man." That's his role in my life, after all, to be protector, provider and caregiver of me. To be honest, that's a turn on.

posted on Jun, 16 2011 @ 01:32 AM
reply to post by MIDNIGHTSUN

Nice idea, but, well... For one guy to say: ‘We want to apologize and make amends for those actions today...’

Um... One guy? To make amends? For all men and what all men have done to women in the past? With an apology? Like, that’s going to ‘make it all better’?

Dude, that’s just so MALE!

Great idea but I just kept feeling like I was watching a Saturday Night Live skit.

And really - tell me the one guy who wants to apologize to all women, from all men isn't just the King of male chauvinist pigs everywhere! At least so says my humble womany opinion.

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posted on Jun, 16 2011 @ 01:52 AM
Why are you sorry? What did you do? You should only be sorry if you did something wrong, and to be sorry to that person. Don't get all apologetic and apologize to a whole gender for Living. You're degrading yourself and I can hardly stand typing this as it feels 'icky'.

This coming from a Man.

posted on Jun, 16 2011 @ 01:54 AM
reply to post by queenofsheba

Because you don't want to take responsibility of yourself, that is why it is a turn on. To be free of the control and hand it over to a Man which in effect will backlash you because you handed Him your own self control. Just because you're a woman doesn't mean you shouldn't take some responsibility for yourself.

posted on Jun, 16 2011 @ 01:58 AM
reply to post by OneLife

Completely false, and you don't have the right to make assumptions about me. You don't know me nor understand my perspective. Just because my way is "different" than yours, doesn't make it wrong or right; it's simply different than your way. When I state my opinion on ATS, that is all it is, my opinion. Try seeing, try opening up your perspective, lest you be stuck in one way and one way only. Best part of ATS is the differing viewpoints people express here. Try doing that at the dinner table with your family...

posted on Jun, 16 2011 @ 02:02 AM
reply to post by queenofsheba

Fair enough, I figured you might be open to allowing me to just point out that handing over your own responsibility (taking initiative in your own life) will in time catch up with you if you decide to, but everyone does have their own opinion and we only grow through pain. So have at it.

posted on Jun, 16 2011 @ 02:10 AM
How... super?

As a woman I have to say that this is the kind of thing that irks me.
I'm an American, and I won't speak for anyone else, but I have, over the past decade especially, seen the apologetic feminization of American males.

Guess what guys? We women don't need any more women. We need MEN.

Stop apologizing, running, hiding and flinching. Be MEN.

I don't want any man to apologize for acting in a masculine way. That's nature.

We women aren't so fragile that if you raise your voice we'll break. In fact, if we had more real men willing to stand up to the tyranny we now face instead of cow towing to the women in their lives - we may actually stand a chance.

As it stands most men seem to be in a state of permanent child-like servitude to the women they know.

Is that natural?
And IF that's how society is best run - why is everything falling apart?

C'mon guys. Don't apologize. Be leaders!

Be men!

posted on Jun, 16 2011 @ 02:13 AM
reply to post by OneLife

Taking initiative in my own don't have a clue. Funny stuff, really when a complete stranger has no idea about me yet makes assumptions. Haven't you learned to never assume anything?

posted on Jun, 16 2011 @ 02:13 AM
reply to post by Wanders

So women DO see it that way to. There's more then 'empty barbie dolls' in the world, great.

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