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High-Level American Officials Admit that the United States Uses False Flag Terror

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posted on Jun, 19 2011 @ 07:27 AM
I'm tired, but figured I would throw out a quick comment, and maybe another after I get good and rested.

First, I really don't see the significance of the document in the OP, in relations to how things are today.

No one has ever denied that false flags have happened in the past, but that doesn't mean they are happening now or in the future. Yes, common sense says that it is a possibility obviously, but just because it is possible, you can't jump to the conclusion that it happens on a regular basis. By the same token, it goes without saying that you can't jump to the conclusion that it doesn't happen at all anymore.

Just the idea of there being proof of it in the past, that doesn't dictate anything currently.

Secondly, Ted Gunderson ranks really high on the sleezeball factor. Not quite a reliable source. He has multiple questionable acts and charges for countless scams over the years.

One quick example:
Him and a man named Victor Hancock claimed that a cop asked Victor to break into his own safe, where a map containing directions to $2.5 billion of gold buried in a cave in Nevada. This gold was supposedly belonging to the President of the Philippines, Fernando Marco. Further, they claimed that they took $60 million of that and bought land in Mexico, then dumped the rest of the $2.5 billion onto a reef in the ocean. Gunderson then made a promotional video, looking for investors to help them raise $200,000 so they could later recover the gold from the reef. Las Vegas' attorney general charged them with fraud, but then the case was thrown out due to a technicality.

Incidentally, who else has be closely been linked to? A family with the last name Bush.

If I'm bored later, I'll list other scams he has ran and other various claims against him.

In summary: Just him being involved makes the whole situation suspect.

posted on Jun, 21 2011 @ 01:54 PM
Military/Security/Intelligence/Industrial Complex (aka Shadow Government) = The Global Banking Mafia controlled nazi inspired government agencies NASA, NSA, DIA, CIA, FBI, FEMA, etc., and Military subcontractors Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, Raytheon, etc. All U.S. War Products Manufacturers need continuous wars to make a PROFIT. Many "Alphabet Agencies" have been caught red handed starting, promoting and participating in False Flag Operations. They work like this: The NSA, CIA, FBI, etc. stage a terror attack to scare the public and Congress (Gulf of Tonkin, 911) then blame somebody else (Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan) that has something they (Global Banking Mafia) want (Rubber Plants, Oil, Opium, etc.), so they (Military/CIA) can go get it and make money for the subcontractors (Halliburton, G.E., DynCorp, etc.) and hopefully fool everybody (Mainstream Media) into thinking it's necessary (War on Terror/Communism) to keep us frightened and in perpetual wars!


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posted on Jun, 24 2011 @ 11:18 AM
Sorry to bump this but it fits in here so there's no point in making a new thread about it.

Here is some speculation that the recently exposed Operation Fast and Furious was a false flag operation to help curb our rights to bear arms.

It coincides with Obama's recent and mysterious comments about working 'under the radar' concerning gun control:

Obama Administration Caught Running False Flag Against Second Amendment

posted on Aug, 3 2011 @ 07:19 PM

Originally posted by tooo many pills
reply to post by Observor

I am not sure where the distinction comes from. I understand Westerners consider it acceptable to murder and plunder "others", but not "one's own", why do you think they consider everyone in the country "their own"? Why should they? They treat everyone that isn't one of them the same way as Westerners treat the rest of the world: that it is OK to lie to, cheat, murder or plunder for the benefit of the privileged.

Sorry, I wasn't really trying to say either was okay because really stepping up a false flag in, let's say, Germany just so the U.S. and NATO can pin something on Iran isn't legit either. That is wrong too. I was just trying to point out that when we sacrifice our own to have a reason to kill on the other side of the world is just bloody insane.

It's like they are all saying, "What's a 1000 Americans when we could take the entire country of Iran and improve the future lives of all 300 million Americans and their oil needs?" Yeah, but you killed the people you are supposed to be protecting so you could kill more people...

Its exactly the way they think. HOWEVER I am not sure its about getting us the oil. It might be that the people who pull the strings want to be the one in total control and profit from the oil. There is a difference. The oil and gas out of the caspian sea would have been just as good if Afghanistan would have done a deal with an Argentinian oil company.

Unless somebody can show me, how the Taliban doing buisness with Argentinia instead of America negatively impacts Millions, rather than just negatively impacting those who dont get to be the ones doing the selling of the oil and gas there, I am not sold on the sacrifice a few to benefit millions. More like shock those bastards into submission, so they dont go all Anti-War on us when we want to make money.

posted on Jan, 6 2012 @ 10:14 PM

Originally posted by Lynda101.....
Its time for us to use these successful tactics back by demanding as taxpayers (our money) to have laws passed regulating against acts of treason. Thereby it is against the law for false flag operations, and other little tricks like those played on us by the bankers and letting huge corporations working here pay their tax bill elsewhere, these types of acts deliberately damage the wellbeing of the people of the State. We must have some form of protection against groups or idividuals who commit these acts.

And just how is this going to happen when the perpetrators own the very politicians we depend on to pass these laws you speak about?? I think it's too late as The US Supreme Court has proclaimed that corporations are now citizens in the USA and their money now equals 'free speech'. Corporations now have a license to legally buy every election and legally corrupt any politician.

America is no longer a country governed "by the people, for the people..." and few people seem to even care.

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