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Investigation about E.T. Bilu

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posted on Jun, 11 2011 @ 07:42 PM
reply to post by nerdskamikaze

Wel,l Im close to get my first EXTREME manners & decorum here in ATS.

I really hope this farce dont continues, because I will expose this (word not allowed) in an embarrassing way for you.

Question: Why are you puting vids here in another language? Whats the point?
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posted on Jun, 30 2011 @ 11:58 AM
ET Bilu reappeared as he had promissed 60 days ago for his first revelation to humankind. It was on the night of june 11th on Projeto Portal farm in Corguinho, MS – Brazil where the information was recorded during a conversation with the president of Projeto Portal Association, ufologist and researcher Urandir Fernandes de Oliveira. It will certainly cause fierce controversy regarding earth's shape and geography.

ET Bilú states that our Earth is not round neither looks like a potato nor geoid but it is convex on its continents with leveled out oceans around its whole ice covered edges. And there is more: our terrestrial geography is different from the model we know specially when it comes to the position of the continents. The Earth's shape we see is nothing but an optical illusion.

Projeto Portal researchers along with other scientists in the field will perform the tests given by the ET Bilú and will divulge them as they are completed. Bilú will come back with new information, not only about the shape of the earth but also on the origins of man, Jesus Christ, God – the Architect of the Universe and much more.

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posted on Feb, 23 2012 @ 01:23 AM
You know what frustrates me. A reporter spending months investigating an Alien contact, coming onto ATS and posting videos in a foreign language some with translations to another foreign language still and some not translated at all. Asking people to give the case a chance without dismissing it straight away but not putting an extra 2 hours in to translate the videos to English, the official language of the site. Months investigation and 0 minutes translating video. People show links to cases of the original shows producer committing fraud multiple times in UFO related scenarios. Then the investigator posting another video which he says shows a phone call of rival TV show admitting they are responsible and out to discredit the original shows producer. Again not translated into English, why because he is busy translating unknown unposted video's into English but he can "answer everyone's concerns".

In contrast I get just as frustrated when people dismiss a video as a hoes in minutes without knowing the whole case or the compelling parts. If you dismiss a video because it is night or low quality or because the alien doesn't look like an alien should look then you are jumping the gun. Also claiming the OP just wants YouTube hits is mighty rude and counter-productive in encouraging anyone to share anything lest you be called a spammer.

I had the benefit of seeing the rivals TV show debunking the original shows videos in English with a video expert that doesn't know night vision UV cameras make eyes reflect back brightly and claims a man wore a motorbike helmet with 2 lights attached as eyes. LOL. Another expert with a shady criminal past and another expert that has more problems.

I also have had the benefit of seeing the Alien transportation as the first video I saw. In the bush with dozens of reporters around making that effect live is quite a feat. A debunkers explanation (I think it was the guy who shot the video) claims he just crouches down and backs up into a bush which is ridiculous when watched in HD. Clearly a light dissolves the figure from head to toe while he stands and the final part of his legs just "poof" disappear. The reporters also talk about how the Alien appeared in 3 distant areas in a matter of seconds from one to the next. More info please lol. Many people claim to have talked with the Alien including many of the reporters that spent most of their time trying to debunk the encounters, unsuccessfully.

I personally have never been convinced it is real but I still want to know how the Teleportation effect was done. Sadly even after all this time only the 1st video and 2 more videos are translated to English out of many. So now I am left with many questions and no answers regardless of this cases authenticity it was famous and important in Brazil's UFO history and that alone makes it worth my investigation.

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